Man Utd fans downbeat after CL draw; Liverpool supporters rejoice

Date published: Friday 15th March 2019 12:55

Liverpool and Manchester United fans debate the Champions League draw and their respective weekend fixtures, all in our forum.


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Great draw for Liverpool

So Porto it is. All due respects but can’t ask for a better draw.



Excellent draw for once in the cups this season.

However any complacency and we’ll be knocked out, as Porto are a top team



Can’t be complacent and I’m sure Klopp will tell the players this but lets be honest we’d taken this or Ajax every time before the draw was made.

City v LFC final? 😀



Fulham clash

Fulham are basically gone.
They’ve only won 4 at home all season.
We win, we go top as City don’t play this weekend and their game in hand is against Utd.
Hendo is out.
Kieta likely to be out.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lovren start this game as he’s out only back up centreback at the min and probably needs game time. I’d be reluctant to start him.
Perhaps a team such as…

TAA, Matip, VVD, Robbo
Fabinho, Wij, Lallana
Salah, Firmino, Mané

International break after this so hopefully a bit of a break for lads and no new injuries when they’re away.



All games in the Premiership are tricky, even this one, so we have to try and secure the result as soon as possible and calm down the nerves.

I can see a return for Shaqiri in this one, although whether he starts is another matter. Our full squad should also get a run-out e.g. some of Lallana, Milner, Origi, Sturridge



Man City to get transfer ban?

Difference this time being that UEFA have already been taken to court over the legality of FFP and the court backed UEFA. The decision on the legality of FFP has been made and City will have trouble to get this in court as they would have to show some fundamental difference or new piece of evidence which would make the judge give a different decision to that of the earlier case.

Key here is that City are not denying the allegations, just saying that the evidence is due to hacking (which makes no difference in the eyes of the law – look at the recent cases for tax avoidance which came as a result of hacking and leaked Panama papers), or that it has been taken out of context.

UEFA are facing heavy pressure, not least by the Liverpool owners (who brought Liverpool partly due to FFP which they thought allowed them to compete fairly), to take action against teams who breach FFP. The PSG chairman is a ECA representative on the UEFA executive board, he will be removed by the ECA if he interferes. Worth noting that UEFA have a separate committee for FFP too.



United in trouble

Well that was a complete f*ck up. Bad enough to get Barca but then having to play at home first despite being drawn out second, because City are playing away first, is a monumental f*cking injustice. Still, to be honest, I don’t think it matters a f*ck where we play them.


Worst possible draw for United

Worst possible draw that for me. Still don’t talk to half her family after the games years ago. There’s not many worse than the swing when your winning sanctimonious pr*cks that follow Barca.

I’ll need to keep my head down or i’ll get myself in trouble for sure this time. The scousers in the semis as well just to make things better



Can’t wait until we beat them. Then we’ll find they are washed up!

Just got to go for it and play for the 180 mins.



Not really, although it doesn’t bother me. If we can’t beat them now why do you think we would be them (or whoever beat them) in the final.

My preference would be to avoid English teams, have Barca in the final and get revenge, and in this round Juventus.



PSG juve Barca Chelsea arsenal etc if you don’t want us in the competitions just say. What next f*cking Real Madrid away in the semi final of the FA Cup ?sorry but we don’t know how they got into the draw but they were there.



@macguffin. I’m sure you’re very happy we drew Barcelona (if they are still any good in your eyes).

In any case I didn’t get to responding to your condescending post about my “spiritual enlightenment”. Being incorrect or inconsistent when speaking about football is not a crime and I will not allow you to crucify me for it as you have to happyhurling – I was wrong, so what?

I have to be consistent and correct at all times while working but I am not obligated to be that in leisure – it’s a football forum mate, not a court of law.

Also, saying I “disappear” when things go wrong is simply untrue.



Wolves next for United

The PL game at OT earlier in the season was a funny old game, typical Utd under Jose. Lots of ball but no end product, Wolves hit us on the counter.

If we play on the counter on Saturday that will limit Wolves, but I expect us to push on a bit more than that and try to dictate the tempo and the match, relying on that extra bit of quality to see us through. What we need is a strong ref and hope Wolves don’t get the luck in the match.

Lukaku with a late fitness test. Lingard and Hererra back in training this week – not sure they will start though. Martial has had the extra week. Jones is back in training but can’t see him dislodging Smalling of Lindelof and Greenwood has been ill this week but should make the bench, if required.

Might see a youngster take the RW slot, especially if Lukaku doesn’t make it.

3-1 us.




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