‘Liverpool’s Salah slog shows why Roma are tough negotiators’

Date published: Thursday 15th June 2017 11:58

Manchester United fans aren’t impressed with links to Eric Dier and Nemanja Matic, while England youngster Dominic Solanke, Juventus’ lack of interest in Mohamed Salah and the “spend, spend and spend again” approach are also discussed.

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Dier and Matic aren’t cast-offs- but would they be right for us?

I think Manchester United need a decent holding player, that allows Herrera and Pogba to play further forward. Pogba was fantastic on Tuesday night being played slightly further forward and his best form for us came in that role too.

It’s not about having other clubs cast offs (I’m not sure key players could be called that anyway), think of it more it terms of do we need that type of player or would that player improve on what we have.

Spurs and Chelsea both finished above us, so technically we could sign players from their first teams and improve us at the same time as weakening those better than us.

But it’s more about would we get more from that player in our system than what we currently have.

I’d also wait and see who we sign before getting hopes up or getting upset. A lot of paper nonsense will go on before we actually sign someone.



If rumours are to be believed that Jose Mourinho is no longer in for Fabinho and looking at Matic and/or Dier instead, then we can kiss goodbye to any hopes of Mourinho playing any sort of attractive style of football next season.

We are looking to be better than the likes of Chelsea and Spurs next season who both finished above us in the league, so why would he want their cast offs?


Don’t write off Solanke just yet – look at Harry Kane

There’s nothing wrong with taking a chance with a highly rated young player (solanke), he may turn out to be a world beater.

Nobody knew about Harry Kane before he started scoring goals either, I am sure we’ll do plenty of business at the top end of the transfer market.


I’d take Lacazette at Arsenal, but he’s not my first choice!

I have always defended Giroud when I can because ultimately, what you see is what you get with him. He was a cheap option when we signed him and he is limited but his record is also pretty good.

He also has a good track record with the national team and I can see the appeal of picking him. He might leave yet because at the age of 30, he will need to be playing more often than not and I don’t see Wenger being able to offer him assurances.

I watched a ‘gunnerblog’ video about the links to Lacazette earlier and apparently he was absolutely nailed on to go to Atletico Madrid before their transfer ban came into play.

Apparently he had been to the stadium, training ground etc – it was all in place. Perhaps there was little interest due to that but who knows?

As much as I would like Lacazette to join, I admit he wouldn’t be my ideal first choice but at the same time, our ability to attract those options perhaps in the next level up has faded slightly.

When you consider our budget of 150 million, if we somehow managed to get an Mbappe or Lukaku, the majority of that will be gone and would see the club saying we can’t afford to buy in other areas.

We know that’s not true but that’s the story they will push. I don’t see Wenger having the nerve to spend that kind of money either.


England have had plenty of sub-par goalkeepers

Ian Walker, David James, Richard Wright, Paul Robinson, Robert Green, Chris Kirkland, Scott Carson. England have had some really dire keepers down the years, never really replaced Seaman all those years ago.


Mourinho could get Perisic on the cheap 

Financial fair play is still an issue for the Milan clubs despite the money from their new owners. Inter need to bring in £30m or so before 30th June to balance the books hence why Manchester United feel they can push for Perisic and get him cheaper than Inter would like.

That’s why the opening bid was £30m, as that’s the minimum Inter need to raise by selling player(s).

Both Milan clubs are also hampered financially by the fact that they are renting the San Siro from the city of Milan, although it might not be as much of an issue with the wealth of their new owners.

Juventus were similarly constrained until they built their own stadium, now all gate receipts go directly to them and not the city, it’s one of the reasons they’ve seemed so much wealthier than other Italian clubs. They are one of the few to own and operate their own stadium.


Van Dijk could move once a Southampton takeover is completed

Southampton are in the process of a takeover by a Chinese investment company, which is possibly being blocked by the Premier league.

Perhaps they don’t want to sell, or be seen to be selling their highest value asset in order to keep the clubs value as high as possible.

It could be possible that the deal for Van Dijk is resurrected if and when the takeover is finalised.


Should we be worried that Juve didn’t move for Salah?

Juventus will have played against him, whilst seeing him week in and out too. Instead, they’ve decided to go for a player who has never got double figures for goals in a season (Douglas Costa).

I’m not saying that Juventus know better than  Jurgen Klopp but I would love to know why they didn’t go after Mohamed Salah.

We (Liverpool) have been linked to Ruben Neves again. Whatever happened to the move for Naby Keita? It couldn’t have gone quieter there.



Maybe Juventus know Roma are difficult when it comes to transfers (as Liverpool are finding out now) because they don’t want to sell their players.

On the other hand, Bayern Munich want to get sell Douglas Costa.


Newcastle fans discuss their fixtures and players

Chancel Mbemba: Relishing playing under Rafael Benitez

I’m happy with the fixtures, we should be top of the league after 5 games!

I was thinking about Chancel Mbemba, does anybody think he would be better suited at right back rather than centre back? Maybe we should look at deploying him there.

Also whats people thoughts on Freddie Woodman, should he be given a chance this year? Maybe he should be the number 2 goalkeeper and be played in cup games. Or, should he be loaned out?

He is clearly a quality keeper, I’m worried he wont get a chance and then look to leave in order to get regular games.


If Maguire’s worth £17m, then Evans is worth £25m!

Jonny Evans: Defender linked with Arsenal switch

So Leicester are having a big laugh. They are prepared to pay £17m for Harry Maguire, but they think Jonny Evans is only worth £10m.

Do me a big favour Craig Shakespeare, come back with an offer of £25m and we can talk. No, Jonny Evans isn’t worth £25m in the real world, but in the stupid Premier League market that we have today, he is easily worth £25m.

It’s a joke. I thought we (West Brom) were bad.


Throwing money at it is the only way to be competitive

I understand where you are coming from, that the billionaire investors are pretty much throwing money at clubs and gaining a somewhat unfair advantage (compared to other clubs that aren’t part of the historically elite).

However, I have to say that in the end it’s pretty much the only option for any club that wants to bridge the gap between themselves and the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Manchester United.

As MacGuffin (another user) has alluded to, I reckon the new oil money clubs are good for the interest of competitiveness in football.


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