‘Liverpool should sign Bayern star as well as Mohamed Salah’

Date published: Tuesday 13th June 2017 11:50

Man Utd fans fear Real Madrid will force the club to pay more than the market value for Alvaro Morata, while Liverpool’s aims for next season and whether Joe Hart is England’s worst-ever keeper are also debated.

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United will get their pants pulled down over Morata deal

Alvaro Morata is undoubtedly a good player that will improve our forward line but I really hope we don’t allow Madrid to take out trousers down yet again over the fee.

It seems since the Beckham deal we have been getting the **** taken out of us every time we deal with these f******. Talk of a fee of €80m for a player that has never looked like remotely being a regular is insanity.

In effect we are funding their Mbappe signing. To think we were a fax away from offloading De Gea for £30m while paying them combined fees of at least £125m for both Di Maria and Morata!

It’s absolutely f****** ridiculous.



Liverpool should consider Douglas Costa swoop

Apart from Mohamed Salah, Liverpool need another player like him. Douglas Costa is perfect for us – he’d be a much better and cheaper than Oxlade-Chamberlain who, at £40m, is just too expensive.



Busy summer of ins and outs at Tottenham


Using strongest rumours:

Out: Sissoko 22m – Marseille, Walker 40-45m Man City, Min Total: 62m
Ins: Voetman 8m – Ajax, Lemar 35-40m – Monaco, Sessegnon c.15m – Fulham, Max Total: 63m/break even

Youth Promotions: K.Sterling, K.Walker-Peters, K.Bennetts, L.Amos

Not sure what is happening with Bentaleb hence the lack of inclusion in this list, rumours of his return since the Schalke permanent transfer mess up in January.

Adding youth with title winning and Champions League experience with the first two. With Janssen or Son to be subs/cup replacements for Kane and Sterling given chances in league cup games as a second striker or regular sub. Walker-Peters to complete with Voetman and Trippier with starting appearances in league cup game following his fantastic performances in the England Under 20’s games.

Sounds like great business to me!




Man Utd have become transfer market hypocrites

During the Premier League era under Fergie we spent a total of £543.85m on players (£228.20m net), however since he retired we’ve spent £465.80m (£341.55m net) on new players and are looking like spending circa £200m this summer.

Now, granted, the cost of players has sky rocketed in recent years but historically we’ve been able to hold the moral high ground when it came to clubs like City and Chelsea spending silly money on player after player all the while ourselves staying reasonably competitive, albeit still on budgets that exceeded most Premier League clubs at the time.

My question now though is are we hypocrites given our recent spending? Have we become what we once criticised?


We have become a buying club yes. This has happened because our two managers had no idea what they were doing and spent crazy amount of money on crappy players, just because the money was available to them. Mourinho is also spending a lot not only because it’s his style but also because he needs to repair the squad to bring it back to standard.

Once our playing level is back to a level high enough to compete for Premier League and Champions League titles then the spending will drop to that of other normal clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal (as it was during Fergie era) and we’ll only sign in positions we really need to (unlike City and Chelsea who spend money just because their owners like big shiny new signings).

Sympathy for the Devils


We’ve always tried to buy the best players mate – Keane, Stam, RVN, Veron, then there’s the ones that got away like Shearer. We just got overtaken and now we’ve come to the realisation that to compete, you’ve got to throw money at it. We just bought badly. Tell me, what’s the alternative, and please don’t tell me it’s the youth team. We had one good crop in 92 and only 3 or 4 of them were the real deal.




Next season too soon for Liverpool to challenge for Premier League title

If we build a squad that covers each position in the team (i.e. proper left back, another decent CB, winger (hopefully Salah) midfield enforcer and a potential 20 goal a season striker) then there is no reason we cannot hit top four again, reach knockout in CL and, as others say, we simply must start lifting trophies again so one of LC or FA cup. That would be major progress.



We all hope to improve on 4th place next season but one major thing of note is that 4th place goes right into the group stages of the CL from next season on. So, although I’m tempted to say we’d need 3rd to show progress, we really wouldn’t and as most people are saying here, it’s about how we do in these competitions that show that we’re moving forward.

Aussie, I think you’re right in that we probably need another season before we can hope for a title challenge. I say that from our current position though, so I’ll re-asses that if we have a good window. I don’t want to rule anything out with Klopp in charge though. We had 3 special signings last summer that had us leading the PL almost half way in. Could 3 more have us shocking everyone once again by going further with it?



I hope we have a good window and qualify for the CL group stages.. I am confident we will do well in the CL (if we get in) but you never know how tough the group is going to be… If we drop into Europa then I would want us to take it seriously as it is a European trophy we can win with CL qualification being the icing on the cake

As for the league.. It’s going to be a tough one, we are playing catch up with the rest of the big boys in terms of squad strength and quality, hopefully we close the gap in this window and get top 4( although I am pretty confident about us winning it next year?)



Is Joe Hart England’s worst-ever goalkeeper?

I think Joe Hart has been a decent club goalkeeper for a number of years, but I am struggling to think of a worse goalkeeper that has worn the England jersey. (maybe only Rob Green comes close) The bloke is hopeless when it comes to wearing 3 lions on his shirt.

Following his disastrous European Championships last year one of the most distinguished managers in the world looked at Joe Hart and said “No not for me”. Should this have set the alarm bells ringing for the England manager> NO the FA’s own Mr yes man – Gareth Southgate clearly oblivious to his flaws decides he is still the best goalkeeper England has to offer which in my mind says he simply hasn’t watched the other English goalkeepers in the Premiership this season of his judgement is seriously flawed. Either way its a very concerning state of affairs.

Let’s be clear, whilst both of Scotland’s goals were decently taken free kicks, neither were in the corner, and both were at a decent height for a goalkeeper. Joe Hart got his starting position wrong on both occasions. Once is bad but to do it twice in 3 minutes is simply criminal. I was at the game, behind the goal and our group called both goals before they hit the net basically saying Hart had left such a gap and if Leigh Griffiths could hit it, which he duly did the Hart was giving himself no chance.

Mr Southgate is a very lucky man, because Harry Kane saved his job, which Joe Hart very nearly cost.



Southampton’s Van Dijk complaint could come back to haunt them

Will be surprised if Chelsea lodge a complaint over Liverpool’s signing of Dominic Solanke. City and Barcelona were linked to Sterling and Suarez long before a contract was signed but the club did not try to get them punished. If we had reported Barca would we have been able to play a friendly against them recently?

I would guess Southampton are in danger of getting somewhat isolated as the have been busy reporting other teams as a well informed poster pointed out in the transfer thread. Guess they will find it difficult to approach us or Arsenal should they need players on loan if they are faced with an injury crisis.

The big clubs normally don’t bother about making complaints because they know it’s counterproductive to try to hold on to a player who wants to leave at the cost of souring relationships with clubs that they are going to meet in the big tournaments such as the CL.




The time has come for Mike Ashley to sell Newcastle

Small whispers about Newcastle and a new Chineese owner, what do you think? I think it will be pretty clear in the near future if this is going to happen, since I doubt money will be spent on transfers out of Ashley’s pocket if a imminent sale is coming up? I really think this is an excellent time to cash out for Ashley.

We have a positive vibe around the club, a great manager, a sound wealthy club and of course a huge fanbase! Did see the dropping television numbers for last season in the premiership and the hope that it will be restored with us in it again. Last time we were up for sale it was alot different, negative club and fanbase, clearly on a downhill, hostile environment club vs owner vs fans.

Super Jonas


Very few players leave West Brom and go on to a higher level

Shane Long: Southampton striker

As those of us who continue to voice our opinions on this website spin our wheels, it’s worth considering how many of the players that have left over the past ten years have fared. And, not counting Lukaku who was only at Albion on loan from Chelsea, I cannot think of one who has gone on to do better elsewhere.

Whether it was Koumas, Chester, Pocognoli, Berahino or any number of instantly forgetable players, there were times when the faithful got all bent out of shape by Dylan Roofe at Oxford….one that got away, apparently. But where are they now and would any of them get into the current Albion team? Maybe Shane Long…but precious few.

And this time I think its time to say goodbye to quite a few more….interesting times, indeed. My only untouchables are Foster, Dawson, Evans, Livermore, Chadli, Leko and Phillips. Everyone else is either over-the-hill or dispensable at the right price.


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