Man Utd fans float ideal of signing free agent; Liverpool fans discuss prolific striker

Date published: Monday 9th September 2019 2:37

Claudio Marchisio TEAMtalk

 Manchester United fans debate the idea of signing Claudio Marchisio, while Liverpool supporters discuss Teemu Pukki as a target, all in our Your Says of the Day.


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Pukki worth a punt for Klopp?

Norwich city player Pukki just scored against Italy… Never heard of this guy till this season. How good is he and should we be making a bid for him in the summer or January even?

From the little that I’ve seen he comes across like a less skillful version of Firmino but with better finishing. Certainly has an eye for the goal and looks like he didn’t mind working hard. Would hate rivals to get him from what I have seen, but I might be wrong.



Pukki is 29 he’s been around awhile, even played at Celtic for a bit. He’s currently in the form of his life and it’s great to see him doing the business and enjoying his football at Norwich…… And hopefully he stays with them.
We shouldn’t be going anywhere near him. A transfer like that would have Rickie Lambert (minus the sentimentality) written all over it. He’d likely never kick a ball in anger for any of the bigger teams. Taking nothing away from him, like I say, he is enjoyable to watch and has been playing out of his skin for two seasons, would even love to see him take the golden boot, but he’d never work in our setup.

Can’t see us sign a forward over 26 anytime soon. Our game is built on running and our forwards need pace. Besides we have no need for stop gap signings anymore.

The Fulcrum


Owen fit to be a Liverpool ambassador?

Michael Owen

The very fact that Owen remains as ambassador for our Football club is a f**king joke. A few years back, he referred to the Scum as ‘we’. Now in his new book, he accused us of trying to get rid of Gerrard 2 years before his eventual departure. The guy’s a bloody disgrace to LFC.



Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a tiny sliver of truth to it. But wildly exaggerated.

How much of these books do the players even write anyway? It’s somebody else who writes it, and they deliberately try to make it as sensationalised and controversial as possible. Just to get media coverage and sell more copies.

Best thing to do, is don’t give them any attention.

j c


Never took to Owen like I did Fowler.

Read some of his quotes while commentating lol. Absolutely laughable.

Some player because of his speed. Was over played and done by 2005.

Chap is a tw*t and I’d have him no we’re near the club. He doesn’t understand why fans are losses off he played for utd. That’s tells me everything

Sean the sailor


Other fans surprised by Liverpool’s ‘basic’ midfield

Fabinho TEAMtalk

I don’t think anyone really doubts what our midfieders do, they work their socks off including Gini.

The issue that some have is the perceived lack of creative contribution between Hendo, Milner, Gini and Fabinho. For those players is it due to lack of technique or is this because of klopp’s tactics? I think it’s a bit of both. We all know that when these players are on the pitch that we don’t expect much creativity from the midfield but this appears to be by design.

When I speak to other fans they can’t believe that our midfi;ed is soo ‘basic’ and that it doesn’t affect our ability to achieve success, but Klopp isn’t stuoid it’s an effective systems, and we should take it as a compliment when teams like Arsenal try to mimic what we do. Arsenal lined up at home to Spurs last week with three central midfieders.

Thankfully, we do have Ox, Shaq, Keita and Lallana so there is scope to add some dynamism into our midfield but for now we can’t complain too much as we are top of the league and current cl holders 😊



Fabhino is a very good passer of the ball

Absolute beast of a player. Another snip
At 43m

Sean the sailor 


Marchisio worth a try at United?

Just wondering if it would be worth getting Claudio Marchisio in for 18 months. Quality player, better than Matic on a bad day and having been at Juve, knows how to get the best from Pogba. I knows he’s old but would he worth a punt? Or would he be another Schweinsteiger?



killyboye, I think you just answered your own question there
I’m happy to bring in a player like Longstaff/McGinn but we also need a top quality no. 6 if we are serious about moving up to the next level we need a player like Saul Niguez. He wouldn’t come cheap but that’s the price of playing catch up



Goalkeeper with DDG going next summer.
Left back with Shaw unable to defend.
2 central midfielders as McTominay and Fred are not good enuf and Matic is finished.
A striker who craves scoring goals.

With our spending expect 1 or 2 max holes to be plugged per window.
This window we filled 2 holes and dug 1 hole deeper selling Lukaku.



Shaw here to stay

Luke Shaw TEAMtalk

Unfortunately somebody at OT seems to really rate Shaw. I can’t see him being sold (who’d even match his 200k wages?). I think our best hope for LB is for us to sign a young player as backup to Shaw who can hopefully take his place in a couple years
As for the rumors of Oblak replacing de Gea (assuming he doesn’t renew which i think is more likely), don’t be surprised if we stick with Henderson and Romero



Van Der Sar to be appointed DoF?



As VDS has said himself, he’s not a director of football. He’s been the marketing director at Ajax and has been promoted to CEO. Overmars is the DOF at Ajax. I can’t see Ed replacing himself with VDS



why would oblak leave athletico for us? as for selling lukaku, i like it, just as i would if we sold lingard and martial. mctominay and matic. in fact since de gea’s decline im not sure i wouldnt want ot sell them all. none of them including the overhyped pogba woudl have gotten into the very good (not great, as we never really had a truly great side as measured against european elite) united sides.



Predictions based on goal averages

Also made some predictions based around goal averages regards how this seasons table will shape up and will be interesting to compare with table after all 38 games:

Only one team had achieved an average higher than 4 before pool and city both did it last season. At this stage I see no reason why they will not come very close if not repeating it.

My Prediction, Champs will have goal average of 4+

Top 4

I think with leicester and everton in particular in the mix with utd, chelsea, and maybe even arsenal and spurs, these teams are going to eat each other up and reduce the average possibly required to finish top 4.

My Prediction, every top 4 team will have an average of 1.4+

Top 6

Similar logic as top 4 reasoning, I dont think this average will be as high as in some previous seasons.

My Prediction, Every top 6 team will have an average of 1.2+ (would not be too surprised if slightly lower but will go with 1.2)

Top 10

My prediction, Every team in top 10 will have an average of 0.9+


I will make two predictions for teams in this range;

1) No team in this range will average higher than 1
2) No team in this range will average lower than 0.5


I will make two predictions here also;

1)Any team with an average of 0.5 or less will be relegated
2)None of the 3 relegated teams will have an average higher than 0.65

Lucky destiny


Interesting that the Arsenal team of 03/04 only finished 10th in the list above yet were tagged the invincibles. Now this must reflect on the quality of the opposition compared to other champions, the lack of goals scored by Arsenal – only 73, and drawing 12 games which is in effect the points value of 8 losses yet they still accumulated 90 points to beat the runners up Chelsea by 11 points. Interesting reading. Thanks Lucky. 🙂


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