Man Utd fans hammer club’s transfer window; Klopp’s strategy questioned

Date published: Friday 9th August 2019 1:39

Harry Maguire TEAMtalk

Manchester United fans believe this has been one of their worst transfer windows ever, while Jurgen Klopp’s inactivity in the market has lead to some questioning the German’s decision to rely on Liverpool’s youth, all in Your Says of the Day.


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Not the window Man Utd fans wanted

Woodward Man Utd

If we don’t get anyone else in then there’s no point in selling anyone from squad because that can only weaken us.

What a tragedy this window is looking like… we’ve strengthened our defence but have actually weakened our midfield and now also our attack, when we came last in the Top 6 league and actually needed to catch up.

Unbelievable – here’s to hoping some major miracles happen in the next hour.

What if Pogba and/or Rashford get long-term injuries? I don’t even want to think about it…

Sympathy For TheDevils


Anyone trying to dress that window up as being anything other than fucking pathetic is severely deluded. Yet again Woodward has failed to deliver what was required, and he is as clueless after 13 attempts at it as he was on his very first one.
Basically, unless Ole has been told he is unsackable irrespective of results he won’t be ‘at the wheel’ for very long because they have thrown him under his own bus. Quite how he is supposed to compete for anything other than a Europa place with this shower of shit god only knows, and it is downwards we are looking now towards the likes of Wolves, Everton and Leicester rather than upwards.

Added to the misery is the fact that Rojo, Darmian, Jones and co are still here stinking out the shirt, deary fucking me it’s just so depressing.



Can you believe this guy? Happy,say after me;Glazers out!

This can be a very bad season and Ole leaving early.
The teams behind us have strengthen so we better look behind us than top4.


Solskjaer Man Utd


Net spend 70M and some are happy with spending.



Have to agree with @Sympathy for the Devils. I applaud Ole’s attempts to restore Manchester United’s principles and pick hungry players who want to fight for the badge. However, while youth can’t break into the first team if there’s a player who’s picked simply by reputation blocking their path, it’s also unfair for a club of Man Utd’s stature to place so much pressure on so many youngsters.

Personally, given the circumstances, I think once it was apparent this morning that Lukaku would be leaving today, Man Utd should have made a bid to loan Gareth Bale for the season. A proven winner with something to prove and capable of shouldering the heavy expectations from the fans while the likes of Greenwood, Gomes, Garner, Tuanzebe, and Chong were phased into the first team throughout the season.

Messi had Ronaldihno and Eto’o before he assumed more responsibility, Ronaldo had Van Nistlerooy, Keane, Scholes, Giggs before he became our talisman, and Mbappe has Neymar, Di Maria and Cavani.

In the short term (this season), unless Sanchez finally steps into that experienced role to support Rashford and Martial in what is also a somewhat defining season for them both, as well as guide our youngsters through, then this could prove to be a tough season for our new batch of fledglings.

Long term though, this season’s steep learning curve may be the foundations of a new and dynamic team being formed. But will Ole get to see that through if United miss out on qualifying for the Champion’s League again?

Given that Ed only gave Ole £65m to spend (net), I’d wager that Ed is only trusting Ole so much to be a success and is keeping the money back for a big name manager like Pochettino or Allegri to spend next summer.



“Doucoure, Tielemans, Fernandes, Rodri, Lo Celso, Ndombele, Maddison, Rabiot and Gueye were all available this summer. United ended up with none of them”


Lo Celso Tottenham


Needed a midfielder at the very least (quality RW would have been great).

Too reliant on Rashford.

Wan-Bissaka and Maguire are great additions for us though. Hopefully we can add a midfielder in January.



Laughable window, laughing stock of a club I’m afraid. Shameful! We’re going backwards.



Doucoure & Tielemans should have been signed by all means.And how the fuck do we have Darmian still @ the club?



Klopp foolish to rely on what he has?


As i said a few weeks ago.. its been a shit window



Klopp uses silly excuses and nobody beleives him!



redsforever, it was always going to be a crappy window… If Milner would have left for Leeds, I would have imagined us buying a replacement but since he is still here we dont have to… If Lovren would have gone to Italy we would have bought a replacement but he is still here… Brewster comes in for Sturridge and the only spot left to fill then is the leftback position but it seems like Klopp is going to use Larouci there.



Well that’s the window closed for the summer. Other European clubs can still do business for a coupla weeks yet. Who knows who could become available.
Have to say I’m disappointed that we havnt signing another forward closer in quality to our usual front 3.
With the amount of games we have to play and at the level of performance we need to play at we really could have done with an addition.
I really hope we havnt failed to capitalise on our CL success and great league performances last season. We have history of this.

Nothing can be changed now so it’s on to the Norwich game.



Songman you are still, despite numerous attempts to explain, missing the point. I would love us to sign a player of Mane or Salah,s class to compete with them, but you know what? They wont come! If it’s not sinking in scroll back and read the bit I pasted in from France Football and Pepe and his reservations about playing time.

Top players wont come to be back up, and every player on the planet bar Messi, Ronaldo and maybe Mbappe would be back up to Mane and Salah.

I find it unbelievable you still dont get it!

And if they will come, why haven’t they? Without wanting to sound like ome who like to tell people I told you so, but I did tell you so didnt I?!




Feeling a bit better about our lack of transfer window activity now that it’s clear that our top 6 rivals haven’t pulled off any spectacular deals either. Yes, would have liked to have seen the arrival of a creative midfielder such as Dybala, Coutinho, Fernandes or Eriksen; but second best result is that none of our rivals have picked them up either. (OK, Spurs still have Eriksen, but I suspect that he will be gone by the time that the continental window closes. So, it is what it is, so please step forward (from last season’s regulars) Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lallana, Shaqiri, Origi and Brewster.

Red Herring


Chelsea solve Arsenal’s problem

Luiz confirmed then. Congratulations Arsenal, one of the deals of the summer, you have replaced an unsettled 33 yr old with a superior 32 yr old who is going to be raring to go a his new club, all for just 8m, merry xmas, love chelsea football club x x x

I can understand us selling him if he is not happy, but why bend over and give him and Arsenal exactly what they want for 8m? That needs explaining and I am a little pissed off with this. Surely we could have rejected all offers from Arsenal and then told him if you want to go then get your agent to find you a european club by sept 1st. Why were we compelled to accept this?




David Luiz went for the same price as Kalas. It’s a terrible deal for us no one in the team can replace him.


David Luiz Arsenal


Yeah Bort I noticed that as I read your post, it really is bonkers mate and I am gutted.

One positive on the whole from this window is the 140m net profit we have to go with next years budget though



We save money from his salary though. But in footballing aspect: it’s a really bad deal for us. He was our 2nd most creative players after Hazard IMO last season. We have other CB but none has Luiz’s passing ability. It’s really disappointing. Arsenal have a great chance to finish above us this season, really impressed with the quality of their additions (at least on paper): Pépé, Ceballos, Tierney and now Luiz. If Luiz is proved to be the missing link in their defense, I won’t be surprised. With all his flaws, he is still better than Mustafi or other Arsenal CBs.



Completely agree Aindro, he is better than any other cb at Arsenal. Auba, Pepe and Lacazzette will love having him in the side, and I think you and Bort are right, we dont have another defender who can do what Luiz does for us.



yeah Luckydestiny. Anyway we can’t cry over spoilt milk. It’s a done deal. I hope we can compete with other big six team plus with Everton Leicester and Wolves who invested more or less big. My aim is still top 6. Below top 6 is a really bad result for us. I already rectified, I had wanted top 4 before, but I lowered my expectation not to be too disappointed later on



Personally I am prepared for a finish as low as 9th, but also believe we can finish as high as 4th.



Arsenal sold the wrong winger?

Iwobi Mkhitaryan Arsenal

Apparently we have accepted to sell Iwobi



Brilliant news to see that that Iwobi has now gone. A player who always made the wrong decision, shot when he should have passed and vice versa. In most matches he could not shoot either, always tried to side foot the ball into the net. One who never lived up to his early promise and had loads of chances but wasted them. Finally, a good bit of business, well done AFC.



I still think Miki should have been first out the door.

I also think we could have asked for more as EFC were desperate



I’m really really dissapointed we’ve sold Iwobi when clearly he’s more valuable to the squad than both miki and ozil who are on higher wages than him.Not to mention,pepe reamins our only natural winger now.
Stupid decision,my whole excitement of the transfer window is gone.I’m not one who was going to say it was a brilliant window even if we’d kept iwobi but this is really pathetic.

Again,to anyone who actually noticed iwobi’s contribution instead of Jumping on the clueless bandwagon.Also,we could’ve gotten more for him.EFC were ready to pay more than 70m for zaha.Iwobi’s goals+assists ratio per minutes is actually better than zaha’s.His creativity is also better.We could’ve gotten atleast 50-55m for him.

the specialone


Personally I’m gutted Iwobi has been sold. I know he was hit and miss, but he is still so young and so much potential, 28£m isn’t that much this day and age either



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