‘He’s not going to win Ballon d’Or handing penalties to others’

Date published: Friday 22nd September 2017 1:34

Man Utd fans have refined their Romelu Lukaku song and is Jurgen Klopp losing it? Some Liverpool fans think the under-pressure boss is feeling the heat, all in our forum.

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‘Sterling, a more expensive version of Walcott’

So the gutter press is now suggesting that a swap deal involving Sanchez and the wonderful Raheem could still be on in January- why?!

Wenger thought the initial bid that Liverpool made to get him from QPR was too high- think it was less than a £1m, rising to £5m, depending on appearances and now supposedly wants to bid for him. Aside from why any player with ambition would want to sign for us with this manager in charge, this player is not worth the constant hype.

He’s just a more expensive version of Walcott, the same speed that is rarely used, the same poor decision making and the familiar inability to finish well. So no thanks City keep your very costly flop, we don’t need another to come into our fold, we’ve got enough with Walcott, Ozil etc already!



The audacity of Neymar

On another note can you fathom the audacity of Neymar wanting PSG to get rid of Cavanni because of a disagreement over who takes the penalties and free kicks. Wonderful player but an awful human being.



Trouble ahead at PSG

Stuilse, check out the youtube video of the spats. When neymar won penalties at barca messi would give ball to neymar to take penalty, it seems that when neymar won his first penalty cavani collected ball and refused to let neymar take it.

It led to neymar refusing to let cavani take the next penalty they won and escalated in to arguments between them every time they win direct free kicks too. Even saw footage of dani alves snatching ball from cavani to give to neymar to take the free kick.

If neymar thinks he has the power to demand his club sell a player he has issues with then either he is stupid or the club are weak as p*ss and heading for some trouble



‘He’s not going to win  Ballon d’Or handing penalties to others’

I personally can understand neymar’s point of view(Although he was an absolute scum for not shaking hands with that celtic fella).

The whole reason he moved from barca to psg was to get out of messi’s shadow and win the ballon’d’or.He wants to be the centre point of the team,the player who you build your team around.

Let’s be honest he’s not going to win the ballon’dor by handing penalties to others.He needs the goals, he needs the assists he needs to give the performances and most importantly he needs the CL trophy.

I actually really do rate cavani,If I had to choose one striker(target man) in the world it would be between lewandowski and cavani.

I also have never really understood why players argue like fools on the football pitch about who should take the set piece or penalty.I mean what the hell is training there for?Whoever performs well there should be the designated taker.

If cavani shoots better penalties than neymar,then he should shut his ego and let him take it.And if neymar is a better free kick taker which would seem so then cavani should also should shut his trap.It really ain’t rocket science.

What’s cool about all this is the kid mbappe is just on the side quietly going about him job probably laughing at all of this.

the specialone


Man City’s Girona ‘B Team’

If anyone is interested there is a very good article today on why City have bought a stake in Girona in Spain

Nothing to do with marketing this time but based on the experience of Pep and many his elite Barca squad and how they actually progressed. As something similar simply does not exist in the EPL, City appear to have decided to invest in Girona to effectively create a “B” team and allow their promising youngsters to play competitive football in the Spanish “B” league (effectively the Championship here)

Very good read and provides a decent background as to how players like Pep, Messi and Iniesta for example really progressed as they took this same route

Not sure if our investment in Vitesse is to try and simulate something similar or not but I have to say I hope our hierarchy read this and give the idea some serious consideration as it does sound as though it benefits all parties involved. KTBFFH



Chelsea team for Stoke

While this game will be a litmus test for us. i have say i’m optimistic about getting all 3 points. since Zouma who is one of their better defenders will not be facing us.
my team for that game is 3-5-2, Courtois, Azpi – Christensen – Rudiger, Moses – Bakayoko-Kante- Alonso, Fabregas, Morata – Hazard.

Fellow Chelsea fans you can also give your individual opinions.



Stoke will miss Zouma

Stoke is historically a tough place to go and anyone who comes away with 3 points has done well. Feel certain that they will miss Zouma at the back and overall they are not doing as well as I am sure MH would have hoped for

Arsenal was tough and disappointing but in general I think we are playing well and moving in the right direction and with Hazard back this should also provide some extra momentum and confidence throughout the team

I would definitely start with Bakayoko and Kante in the middle and must admit that I feel quietly confident about this game. KTBFFH



Hazard, Morata and Pedro needed at Stoke

This is the kind of game in which creativity will be the winning factor.

Stoke will sitback and have 10 men behind the ball. And since their defence will keep it tight at the back, that said i expect Morata to struggle once again.

We may need thos who can run behind the defence.

Give Hazard a start, also Pedro as he is the only one who is capable of running behind the defence. I don’t know why on heaven’s sake would we want two defensive mind players in our midfield.

This is Stoke not City. We need to attack not sitback.

I want a front 3 of Hazard, Morata and Pedro. That is the only way we can ease the load from Morata.



‘Is Klopp losing it?’

Is Klopp losing it? He is saying some weird sh*t in his recent press conferences. T

he test of a great manager is when the chips are down being a Liverpool manager is a huge job the Fans expect you to be challenging for the league at some point.

Is Klopp coping with the pressure that comes with what is his biggest job so far?



Klopp ‘finally under pressure’

Klopp hasn’t had a lot of pressure because he can do no wrong in some people’s minds, treated like he had just won us multiple league titles as soon as he signed for us, now he is finally under pressure so hopefully he can turn this season around up until the transfer window then do what should’ve been done in the summer and sign defenders that can defend.

Anything below fifth and he position will be under huge pressure.

When a manager refuses to address major issues with the team is it any wonder people start to get p*ssed off?

If I refused to address issues with my work and carried on doing things wrong I would get sacked.



‘No bad players in the Premier League’

I love the way people on here label players as dog muck, and useless, or clueless, there was a great point made on one of the football podcasts this week, that in fact no player that you see playing football at a professional level is in fact a bad player.

Some have some low points, some drops in form, or even some clubs where it just doesn’t quite come together, but there are no bad players in the Prem and the level between Prem players and even some in League 1, 2 and some amateur players is not that great.

I think the reason it was bought up was because Ryan Babel scored at the weekend and he is back in the Holland squad, yet most people had forgotten about him. The fact still remains, none of these are bad players.



‘Hendo’s level is sub-standard’

Paxman, I suppose these terms are somewhat relative, mainly in terms of your aspirations for your team. If you are a team with just a desire to stay in the Prem, then maybe players at Hendo’s level are ok. They can probably get you the 40 points you need to stay up.

But if you have title ambitions, or at least top 4 and are in the CL, Hendo’s level is sub-standard. He wouldn’t get into any of the other top 6 teams as a regular starter.

His abilities as a footballer and esp as captain are just not good enough. I have no issue with him in the squad to fill in for injuries/suspensions or to use up injury time at the end of the game. But he shouldn’t be starting. He actually makes things harder for us to be successful….Peace



Hendo stats worrying

On the main LFC website you can look at player stats.

Can and Hendo have similar minutes played but Can has FAR better stats than Hendo ( avoid comparing by % though as Hendo has fewer numbers in his stats so % are misleading)

Hendo is way down for no. duels, Tackles won, etc. Trouble is Gini Winaldum is even lower than Hendo! The Ox also has better stats than Hendo



Refined Lukaku song…

Yep, there’s a more refined version now anyway!

He’s big, he’s bad, he’s Romelu,
He’s now a red, but once a blue,
He plays with skill and flare,
Sing about his kn*b if ya dare.



‘Shaw built like Rooney’

Wayne Rooney: Where to next?

Shaw is built like Rooney. Both are built like bulldogs.

They peak early and fade early. Rooney scored goals galore and Shaw is a leftback with defensive difficulties.

He is good going forward but useless in defending and his height makes him even more useless when defending corners and freekicks. No,he is not a United fullback.
30 M spent on him is a disaster.



‘Shaw doesn’t have what it takes’

Tbh I was expecting Shaw to be sold the summer just gone,alongside the likes of Darmian and Fellaini.

Just like Tommy I too have this feeling that Shaw just doesn`t have what it takes to be the player we were hoping he is/will be.Hope to be proved wrong tho.It just seems that the likes of West Ham,Southampton,Everton,Newcastle, are the level he should be playing at.


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