‘What do Liverpool do if Firmino gets injured?’

Date published: Tuesday 4th July 2017 12:08

Name your Manchester United dream, preferred and acceptable signings this summer in the forum, meanwhile Alexandre Lacazette continues to stir debate as do the comments of John Terry.

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‘Fans have had enough of the inflated prices’

A third of the premiere league fans admit to using illegal streams online!

Is that not a sign that we the fans have had enough of inflated prices, inflated transfer fees and inflated wages?



‘He is clearly an upgrade on what we have’

I’m a big lacazette fan, watched a fair few times and he is mustard. Only one person I have seen slate the imminent signing and that’s TSO. His reasoning is rediculous as well.

I’m not buying into he isn’t in the French team so can’t be better than giroud. France have a wealth of talent on the wings and through the middle, he doesn’t suit what deschamps wants. Simple as that.

He is clearly an upgrade on what we have. Stats are the makings of a striker as goals are what count. For us to be getting a player who has the best conversion rate in Europe yes that’s right better than messi, Ronald o etc for just shy of 50 mil is a great signing. +20 goals in last 3 seasons, ibrahimovic couldn’t even do that! So this whole he only scored because it’s in the French league is absolutely nonsense.

Only 4 maybe 5 strikers I’d rather have than him, all of them are either not available or wouldn’t join us. Messi, Ronaldo, aubamayang, aguero and greizman. Belotti – I have good friend who lives in Torino and said himself he ain’t worth the money being touted.

Morata couldnt start in juve team let alone madrids, lukaku whilst I am a fan isnt worth anywhere near the 90+ mil everton want for him, and in the big games he always goes missing. so overall we getting a big upgrade on the options we currently have.

Not sold on the idea of mahrez either, although I’m pretty sure his signing would be to replace Sanchez and if we sell Sanchez to city I hope there is riots at the emirates.



‘I’m sure Lacazette will score bundles of goals…’

Ok so interesting comments and thought I would add my two bob, firstly who comes in depends on who I see going out. If Sanchez is leaving would the possible signings of Mahrez and lacazette be suffice as a replacement for the one player I would say yes if Sanchez is sold to city would I be happy that’s a big No.

I would prefer mnappe as our no1 target but if we are signing lacazette then the mnappe deal is a no go as wenger loves that kid. On lacazette himself I think regardless of what ppl are saying he would Be a very good acquisition to the team and let me tell you why, ok so he don’t get into the national team but international football is a different ball game. You can’t compare him to giroud as they are 2 different players.

One is a static target Man whilst the other on is more a no.9 now lacazette and giroud would make a good partnership but think giroud would Be shipped off. Anyway on there comparison, one is pacy the other slow, one is willing to run in behind one can’t, one can play on the shoulder of the defense one can’t, one is good at set pieces the other ones good, one knows where the goal is the other misses way too many easy chances, one has strength to hold defenders the other one considering his size like to flick the ball or let the def get it, on can run with the ball and Is a genuine goal threat the other a good plan B.

You know who can do what so even tho lacazette has Brenna plying his trade in a pretty poor league he knows where the goal is, the main thing is and the bigger picture then just this transfer is how will we line up next season and who else comes in because last year for maybe the first time we went away from being the team in the league which plays the best football and makes chances for fun, if we can play the brand of football we have in years gone by I’m sure lacazette will score bundles of goals, is he worth 50 million?

Should we of bought him a few seasons ago for 30? Or even possibly 40 million last year that’s a question for another’s day.



‘He has not played anywhere else than in Lyon…’

No one is doubting he can score goals I’m sure he can but you do not know he is a big step up because he has not played anywhere else than in Lyon. Nor do I know how he will do here. 1 goal in 11 games for France I would not call that banging in goals.

He might do better here or he might do worse who knows time will tell and if he signs he deserves a change and I will give him that.

But for that price tag can he handle that pressure? Im not convinced yet. He doesn’t lite the fire for me as he apparently does for you so we can agree to disagree.

I will say though that I have seen players bang in goals left and right in one place and fail in a new club in a different country so its a gamble that can be a success or a big waste of money.


No panic at Chelsea

I think that once Conte officially signs then we will see some movement. I am not particularly worried at all about the lack of movement ands apart from Everton very few signings have taken place at all in our major competitors

Everton have bought so many, and assuming they lose Lukaku, then they will have a major operation in integrating them all in time for the EPL to start so really do not see them doing any more than last season

My only wish/concern is that we are well prepared for the pre season and that all, or at least the majority, of our new purchases will be on board as playing with 3 at the back (and assuming we stick with that) can be challenging for players not used to that formation and then of course settling into a new club and country. KTBFFH


‘Still gutted to see JT go’

I really didn’t want to look at the pictures of JT in villa’s colours yesterday… I hope that he can cope with the speed of the championship because there are some very pacy players in the division. I think it would have been easier to see him in the US or something but mark of the player he still wants competitive league football.

Best of luck to the leader and legend… still gutted that he and lamps had to retire…

Romansdirty pants


‘We have got better players at Chelsea’

John Terry said this in his Aston villa unveiling. “Monaco have a couple of youngsters and everybody is saying how good they are.Believe me, we have got better players at Chelsea.”

Even JT feels we should give our young players a better chance rather than go after expensive oldies. but still there will be some who will disagree with JT. and i respect their opinion after all. but once the legend who has been there and done it is saying this.

Then i see no reason why the club should pursue the lines of Bonucci and Nainggolan. full stop there.


Interesting comments from JT

Interesting comments from JT and undoubtedly Chelsea do have a whole crop of exciting youngsters.

Its easy to say what JT said from the sidelines re the Monaco young players with the inference that Chelsea youngsters should be playing in the first team one or two maybe should but as Roman has pointed when given their opportunity they don’t always take their chances Loftus Cheek being a perfect example.

The pressure is on Chelsea Managers to deliver trophies and regular CL football and if they don’t rightly or wrongly they lose their jobs and playing in the PL is tougher for young players than it is in Ligue 1 or La Liga.

The last few weeks on here have been critical of the club not supporting the Manager in the transfer market seemingly the club are doing that now are we to criticise the club again for supporting the Manager in the transfer market because it prevents young Chelsea players coming through that’s a no win situation for the club.

The most successful club at bringing young players through is Southampton but when was the last time they won a trophy?

We’ve danced around this situation so many times on here and despite everyone wanting to see an Osgood a Hudson or a Wilkins coming through its still no easy task as JT himself might find out one day.

nine nine nine


‘I can’t remember a transfer window like this’

I have to admit I have to chuckle at some of the comments on here over the past few days, not because there is anything wrong with them just that the phrase “you can’t make everyone happy” comes to mind more so than any other time. We have spent £36million on one player, we are rumoured to be spending £70million on keita, £70million rumoured for VVD to.

That is £176million on three players, three players that will walk into our first eleven and improve it, which means improving the squad and the bench. Now assuming we bring these players in and right now it is a big assumption i can’t remember a transfer window like this, if they are delivered it also puts to bed the FSG investment argument.

Bofa, are my eyes deceiving me or did you just ask for more squad players rather than quality?. We have complained and moaned for as long as i can remember about buying our second and third choices, for once we are going after the big fish which can define our season. As for the striker comments, can i ask what our biggest problem last season was? We leaked far to many goals, we got over run in midfield numerous times.

We need to stop leaking goals like we did, we will not win the league conceding 40-50 goals no matter how many we score. The other issue we had was pace in the side, without mane we lacked the ability to break teams down with his turn of pace and we have brought salah in to do that. So keita to fix the midfield issues, great engine and can get up and down the pitch, VVD to strengthen us defensively and maybe pop up with a goal or to.

The way we play Klopp likes the front three to interchange, firmino is a great player, scores goals and his link up play is fantastic. If as expected coutinho drops into midfield i think that could be really good for him and us.

Worth remembering that for every player we bring in to the first eleven means an instant improvement to our bench assuming we don’t sell the player being replaced. If we can bring in these three players i will be extremely happy, in fact the only other position i want strengthened is leftback.



‘What if Firmino gets injured?’

Guys I think the issue here is more if Firmino gets injured and it’s serious what do we do …..

Now if Sturridge could stay fit I wouldn’t be saying this. A lot of you will realise I rate him highly and In fact if he could stay fit (and I mean fit e.g. a run of consistent games without picking up an injury) there is an argument for him actually starting ahead of Firmino (at minimum in some games).

Now where I do agree with the likes of Bofa, will it happen …. I’m not convinced. I’m coming round to that. Especially as the football we play is even more taxing on our players. Add to that Ings is just coming back from a serious injury and it’s s big risk (especially if Origi has to play a number of games as I don’t think his all round game is good enough). We saw the difference in opening up play and having someone with intelligent movement and the impact it had in allowing us to get CL football for the last couple of games (Sturridge).

Of course we now have Solanke as well but I must admit I’ll reserve judgement on him as I’ve not seen him play enough.



‘We still have Mane, Salah…’

So what if Firmino gets injured?!

We still have Mane, who I believe can hit 20 goals, on one side and Salah who hit 19 goals last season on the other side with Coutinho in there too who we know can contribute to goals too.

That’s even without considering who could step in for Firmino while out injured.



Man Utd dream/preferred/acceptable signings…

Change of pace on this thread – want to know everyone’s Dream / Preferred / Acceptable signings for the positions we still have to sign (CM, ST, Winger) in that order:

Central Midfielder:
Dream- Verratti
Preferred – Fabregas
Acceptable – Renato Sanches / Matic

Dream – Ronaldo
Preferred – Morata / Lukaku
Acceptable – Dembele

Dream – Bale
Preferred – Douglas Costa / Lucas Moura
Acceptable – Mahrez / Perisic

Reports coming in that Morata will sign on Thursday – if this is finally true I’d say it’s a good signing, still hoping we’ll get better quality in central midfield and out on the wings than what is being quoted though.

Sympathy for the Devils



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