‘The more Wenger spends, the worse Arsenal get’

Date published: Tuesday 23rd May 2017 5:00

Man Utd fans doubt whether Antoine Griezmann is strong enough and quick enough to play in the Premier League and even Lionel Messi and Neymar could not lift Arsenal, all in our forum.

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Messi and Neymar couldn’t fire Arsenal…

Wenger reckons we only need a couple more players to challenge. I agree with him, but Messi and Neymar could be those two new players and it wouldn’t matter – not if he’s still manager.

Thing is, if he is still manager, he won’t get the right players in anyway. In the last four seasons, he’s spent well north of £200m and the one player you could say has been an undoubted success is Sanchez – but he’s almost certainly off anyway.

If nothing else, you’d hope Kroenke and co have noticed that the more Wenger spends, the worse we get and little suggests that’ll change if he remains.

That said, if Wenger does the decent thing and f**ks off, I really don’t believe much needs doing to this squad. Obviously the more improvements that are made, the better but when you look at the Spuds and see what a top manager can do with a decent squad and just a couple of top players, it just makes it that much more painful to look at us and know where we could be with the right manager.

Al The Gooner


‘If Ozil and Sanchez leave, we have a major rebuilding job’

AL: I hope Wenger f**ks off too regardless of the cup outcome. I disagree though about the squad. We need a replacement for Cazorla, a replacement for Kos who TBH is getting on a bit, a striker who will bang 20+ goals among others.

We also need someone who will ruthlessly assess the quality of our squad, and move on the deadwood. Jenkinson, Gibbs, Wilshere, Per, and maybe even Walcott need to be moved on. As Souness said, we are a number of players away from having a squad good enough to challenge.

If Ozil and Sanchez leave, then we have a major rebuilding job which I feel is now beyond Wenger.



Chelsea win was only high point

Arsenal: Tipped to challenge by Nicholas

High point – our 3-0 win over chelski.Might have to argue that was the only high point,atleast in the PL.

Low point of the season – Too many to pick one but our aggregate 10-1 loss to bayern has to be it.We were suppose to be on the same level as them but look what kronke,gazidis and wenger have done to our club.

POTS – Alexis,no one even comes close.

Player we can’t wait to see more of – Xhaka.Honestly.Has been criticized a lot this season but an exceptional talent with fantastic passing ability.

Also,Holding has done nothing outstanding.Yes,hes been decent but he’s made quite a few mistakes where the opposition hasn’t capitalized on it.I’m worried to play him in the fa CUP final.Feel he’s still too young and inexperienced.

Most disappointing player – Hector bellerin by a mile.He’s been terrible for most parts of the season.Ever since ehe grew his hair and that stupid head band.He has fantastic ability and I’ll still say the most potential in that position but he needs the right team and right manager to guide him to become the best.

Kos and Ozil are also not behind.As for giroud you’re having a laugh.Pathetic how yet again you bough out his name.Go check out his stats and contribution son.For not even being a regular started to even mention him is the perfect example of a scapegoat.

One thing to smile about – Well,I don’t really think we should smile at Spurs shortcomings.Yes,at gooners we should be finding any excuse to take the mick but if anything they’ve overachieved.They’re so far above us we should be ashamed.

I would say the only thing to smile about is that we’re lucky to have seen a player like alexis sanchez play for us this season.


the specialone


Trust in Conte

Over all of the years that I have contributed to TeamTalk I have never wavered in my certain knowledge that coaches earning their living BT coaching football teams know ore about football than I ever will. I do feel that approaching 70 years of study has invested me with some understanding of the game but I do it for love….not to give me a living.

This preamble is to try and justify why I would question Antonio Conte if reports are true regarding possible signings. True, these are press reports and we all know about them! And events may yet show that our coach and I are at one. But, can it really be true that we may go for Lukaku rather than (say) Morata or Bellotti?

I have said elsewhere that I believe Lukaku is an outstanding PL striker; few, if any, better. But we need a front player who can score against superior defenders in the CL. I have considerable doubt that this describes Lukaku. Much the same with Babayoko.

A fellow poster recently said that this is a very good player. If, like me, he saw some Ligue 1 games I would agree. But did he see this player in the Monaco v. Juventus ties? Frankly, he had a terrible time. Even in the first leg, at home, he was ineffective and was substituted. Wondering if this was a “one-off” I watched the return in Turin.

If anything it was worse. I just wonder if he might have found his “level of incompetence” and will forever be a very good league player but struggle at levels above that. Like everyone else I defer to Conte….a league winning coach who has also coached his national team.

Maybe he sees attributes he can build on quite beyond my ability. But, these days, you can spend an awful lot of money on your judgement and be dealing with an unreceptive “other person”. It does seem odd that Conte would do this when players he knows so well (in both positions) have been said to be on our “shopping list”. But, then again, maybe that knowledge is why he is said to prefer the two players mentioned above. Time will tell.


Chelsea kitty should go on a striker

I hope Costa will stay. But it’s not a secret that he does not enjoy living in London. For me the transfer kitty mostly should go to buy a striker, whether Costa stays or not.

There’s Batshuayi but remember we have Champions League too. That comes Alexis Sanchez: he can play striker, he can play winger, he can play playmaker. For me most of our transfer effort must be allocated for Sanchez. Arsenal don’t qualify for the CL. We have chances here. The question would be the price.



Can Batshuayi cut it at Chelsea?

RDP – I actually feel that Conte simply did not have enough faith in Michy but through his coaching and training has wanted to see if there was any improvement

Cannot say that I have been duly impressed with what I have seen until the last few games and even then I think he is still making mistakes but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt as he had not played much so was bound to be a bit ring rusty

What has impressed me is the comraderie of the squad when he has scored so it would appear he is well liked and the squad wanted him to do well. And I do like that he seems happy to get in the box and pick up the scraps if they are there as well as getting his last goal on Sunday which was a good strike from outside of the box

So, I am still not totally convinced but must admit that I think there is a great deal of potential there and something as a Club we should look to nurture considering he cost north of 30m

If I was him I would be working tirelessly through the Summer to be ready for the pre season. If he could be our no.2 striker then I think a massive saving for Chelsea to use elsewhere to bolster the squad. KTBFFH



Klopp to keep Sturridge?

If I was Sturridge, and Klopp offered me the chance, I would stay at Liverpool for at least one more season. But Klopp must use him only as a backup/impact striker, not the main striker whom we plan to sign – Timo Werner?

In the past 2 seasons, Sturridge has played 25 games and 26 games respectively, so will most likely play the same amount again next season, due to injuries.

So why not just stay at Liverpool for the following reasons:
– Chance to win silverware at a big club
– Chance to play in the CL against the world’s best players
– Playing as a backup striker means more freshness and possibly less injuries
– There are more than enough games to keep him hungry. I would start him in FA Cup and League Cup, and use him as an impact sub in Premiership and CL.

Of course he may disagree and want to go to a club where he is the main man, but unless he goes to a smaller team, that will not happen. And if he goes to a CL team, I can’t see us selling to our Premiership rivals, so he would have to go abroad.

Let’s see what happens



Two new forwards required

I doubt Sturridge gets to decide on his future himself, we got two injury prone strikers at the club, something is about to give.

The way I see it is that if the club decides to offload Ings, Sturridge might stay but the only way I would be confident of a title challenge is if we got two new forwards in.



Mignolet is most improved Liverpool player

Most improved player…Migs, who I predicted would be our No 1 pre season.

Best Player. Coutinho, closely followed by Mane,

Disappointing, Clyne, he is still good , but has stagnated.

Special award. Milner.

Best poster, There can only be one winner, although not a big poster, it’s me, I have been superb.

Prediction for next season.It will be hard !!! We will have to get some excellent signing, as a few of our players while skillful are not consistent enough & to win things we cannot have too many inconsistent players.



Stoke was a big turning point

Player: Mane
Signing: Mane
Improved: Lalanna
Young player: Can
Moment of the year:Firmino at stoke. big turning point for me
Goal of the season: Can

Poster: to many to mention. Some very good debates this year. Heated at times but we all just forgive and forget lol.
on a personal note, i am going to try and be more positive. Plenty to be positive about. I was scepitcal about klopp as well but i just want to see us attack and play good footbal and 80% of the time we do that. We will go anywhere and attack.

Sean the Sailor


‘Win on Wednesday and Griezmann is out first signing’

Asked out of 10 what the chances of him joining Utd are, Griezmann answered “6”.
The reporter then asked if he understood what his answer meant to which he replied “yes”.

Then he said that he doesn’t want to follow David Beckhams path but forge his own.
Read into that as you will but I reckon that means win on Wednesday night and Griezmann is our first signing.

The Legend


‘Not sure Griezmann is quick or strong enough for PL’

Or he gets a bumper new deal to stay at Atletico with a bigger buy out clause inserted. I saw him twice on Spanish TV slating English weather and food.

Stating clearly that he needs the Spanish lifestyle to be happy. Win or lose on Wednesday and i’m not so sure he will be coming. And to be honest, i am not sure he is quick or strong enough to be a hit in the PL. Could see another Ozil type signing.

Undoubtedly a talented player who has his moments, but when all is said and done, doesn’t have a major impact in the league.



All down to one game…

Okay, success this season and the next is dependant on a single game on Wednesday.

Win, and it’s a relatively successful season in terms of trophies (not performance). It enables automatic qualification into the Champions League proper, not to mention winning the Europa League constitutes as a european trophy. Fantastic.

Now, to discuss the nightmare I’m sure we’ve all had since we have reached the final…defeat to a young, hungry Ajax team that have lost the Dutch League.

Losing this game would be disasterous. No Champions League means no chance of recruiting the elite players we all dream of having.

The ONLY positive I can see (and I’m looking through an electon microscope) is that with NO european football, we could have a season like Chelsea and Leicester before have had. Focus soley on the league and domestic cups.

So to summarise;

Defeat – No european football,no elite summer signings. However, focus on the league and the youth players like Harrop, Gomes could get a chance to shine.

Victory – Champions League proper, elite summer signings, strong squad to fight on all fronts.

So, the team to win;









Fellaini to start in Europa League final

We already know Romero is playing in goal so:
Valencia Jones Smalling/Blind Darmian
Pogba Herrera Fellaini
Miki Rashford Lingard

Subs: DDG/Pereira, Smalling/Blind, TFM, Mata, Carrick, Rooney, Martial

Fellaini does an obstruction job in midfield I think, he’s big, awkward (in both good and bad ways) and is generally a tough operator so I think he’ll start. He’s good for what Jose wants at the moment. I think Mata will be used for impact, as will Martial potentially even if Ajax are more open than most of the teams we’ve played against.

Bear in mind also that Blind will at least be aware of many of these players and will have played with some of them. If Jose’s not talking to him about Ajax then he’s a muppet.
If we lose this we’re in the EL again next year so if that’s not a carrot or a stick then I don’t know what is…



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