‘If Wenger stays, it doesn’t matter which players stay or go’

Date published: Wednesday 12th April 2017 12:04

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal future still up in the air

Manchester United fans on our forum debate the contribution of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, while Liverpool fans ponder the possibility of a Jordan Henderson upgrade.

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Tottenham man ‘academy graduate of the year’?

Our readers have been discussing who has had the best breakout season from a Premier League’s academy this season…

Harry Winks looks an outstanding prospect. I normally only get the pleasure of seeing him on TV, but this year I got to see him play live and rip my team apart in the FA Cup QF’s.


Or was it this Toffees star?

Personally I like Tom Davies at Everton – one for the future.

Sympathy for the Devils

Jordan Pickford: Given first England senior call-up

And plenty of nominations, and sympathy, for Sunderland’s Jordan Pickford… 

Pickford given the team he is in. Has shone for Sunderland in what has to be a heap of ***** otherwise with Dithering Dave at the helm. He’s been immense and an ever present which Davies and Winks haven’t quite managed yet though I’m sure they will given time.


How can Arsenal move forward?

Right so given that we can all be more sure on wenger staying than leaving, how do we move forward as a club. Who ideally needs to be shipped out and who do we need to bring in.

I think we need to appoint a director of football, ideally DD but that wont happen so maybe someone like Bergkamp would be ideal.

Outs: Ox, Xhaka, Coq, Monreal, Ramsey, Perez (he simply doesnt play). Gabriel, Mustafi, and BFG

In: Mendy, Guaye, Van Dijk, Lacazette, Dembele (dortmund), Pickford or Butland, Ryan Bertrand.

The Hulk


The counter-view… 

Problem is mate, if Wenger stays, I really don’t think it matters which players stay and which ones go – or who comes in as replacements.

He could have the Chelski squad and we’d still be where we are now – or lower. The players – much like with Ranieri at Leicester and Moanio at Chelski – don’t want to play for their manager.

If you look at our goals scored vs goals conceded (or just the three goals we’ve conceded in each of our last four defeats), it’s blatantly obvious that despite our poor performances right across the team, the biggest issue is our defensive play. Apart from Mustafi (replacing BFG), it’s the same personnel as we had last season, when we had a decent defensive record but scoring was the problem.

Every time Wenger fixes an issue (and it’s invariably by accident when it happens ie playing Sanchez up front instead of Giroud or, a couple of seasons ago, bringing Coq back from loan) another one invariably pops up.

There’s always room for improvement and even the likes of Madrid and Bayern could make improvements on the players they have but personally, I just don’t see changes to the squad making any difference unless the manager changes as well.

Besides which, what decent replacements, with any ambition, would want to come and play for Arsenal right now anyway?

Al the Gooner


Do Liverpool need a Henderson upgrade?

Jordan Henderson: Remains on the sidelines for Liverpool

It must be a long term goal to replace Hendo but this summer we have many other fish to catch. last summer was a big overhaul of the squad something similar but not as major will happen again this summer. We have already speculated on who would leave & who we would like to come in. Maybe a long term replacement for Hendo will come in which should give him more of a rest threw out next season.



Is Zlatan holding Manchester United back?

I see no reason not to believe that any top striker would have scored the goals and maybe more than Ibra. His lack of contribution in the other areas of the game i.e movement and pace far outweighs the goals for me. A 36 year old striker next season will not take the club very far and I suspect he’d score very few in the CL if we qualify. He and Fellaini are 2 of the main reasons why there is a lack of fluency in the team. I would also not be surprised if Martial was sold in the summer before his addons start to kickin. Just don’t think he is a Jose type player.


How many top sides bring in a 35 year old striker and have him as the main focal point. Top sides have strikers at a peak age or a development age i.e Kane, Costa, Suarez. Although Zlatan has done well, he is a short term option, that is not the United way.



Did West Ham sell themselves short?

I was listening to maestro Claudio Ranieri on MNF last night and he was talking about Frank Lampard. He said that when he signed him from West Ham, he also wanted to sign Michael Carrick. It got me thinking about all those great players that came out of the West Ham production line at the time.

What if they would have been able to hold on to Lampard, Carrick, Joe Cole, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry (he was a youth team player at West Ham) and I’m probably forgetting somebody as well. That would have been a hell of a team that would probably have won the Hammers a few titles.

Adrian Smooth

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