Expectations rising at Leeds – could this finally be their year?

Date published: Wednesday 13th September 2017 4:12

Liverpool fans debate whether they should be concerned after their hammering at City, while Man Utd and Chelsea readers reflect on Champions League wins.

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Job done for United

I thought the game was routine enough with the gulf in class between the two sides as obvious as Fellaini’s mop. Defensively we looked a bit shaky but that’s to be expected with a makeshift backline. So Lukaku has now scored 10 goals for club and country in the middle of September – he looks a brilliant purchase.

Seeing the devastating attacking of Barcelona and PSG does have me feeling we are bit short in this competition though, I feel we could be in real trouble when we play teams of this calibre but I guess that’s something to worry about next year assuming we cruise through this group.

All in all, it’s a “business as usual” type performance which will continue to build the confidence of this outfit. Big negative is Pogba’s injury though.


Good result and performance, to win 3-0 against any opposition is a good result and I was pleased with the chances we created; if Mhkitaryan was sharper we could’ve bagged a couple more. Gutted about the Pogba injury; hope he’s back by mid-October as we have a couple of tough clashes were we will need all our players fit and on form to get out with some good results. Thought Lindelof did OK however you can tell that he isn’t a top level defender just yet – he’d have a nightmare playing against someone like Sanchez.

Sympathy for the Devils


Should Chelsea drop Cahill?

Cahill played one game and 13 minutes, and he has already taken 1 red card and 1 yellow card he is turning out to be a liability. I hope he doesn’t start on Sunday as we will be overrun if he does. Both Rudiger and Christensen are better than him. I hope Christensen starts against Arsenal. Plus Bakayoko looks the real deal. Zapacosta gives us an other optionbin attack. And his crosses are better than Moses. Willian does all the hardwork but have no end product. Its pitty that he played 90 unproductive mi utes. Masounda would have been given a run once we were 4 up. Pedro deserved that goal. But still i’m still concerned about Michy and what might happen if Morata is injured or suspended or is out of form. Fabregas is miles ahead the rest. I think we made the right decision in keeping him over Matic.



Cause for concern at Liverpool?

Seen it all now, we take a beating away at City after going down to 10 men early in the second half, and suddenly just one game after beating Arsenal 4-0 we are suddenly not fit for purpose, we are 3 points off the top after already playing City and Arsenal in the first 4 games. Personally I don’t think we are in a bad position, yes we lose Mane for a few games, but even if he misses 3 that will be Burnley and 2 against Leicester, games he may have been rested for due to CL involvement, he will be nice and fresh for the Utd game. Most teams will lose games when they go down to 10, especially in the first half, sorry but I don’t see the need for all the negativity.


You don’t see the need for negativity, pax? I must have been watching different games to you. Watford bullied the sh*t out of us, we held on for a 1-0 win home to Palace which was anything but comfortable, Arsenal would have been hammered by anyone the day we played them and we have just been handed our biggest battering in years at City. Actually you’re right mate, get all your money on us for the title this year.



Hazard back for Arsenal?

Hopefully with Chelsea playing their CL game on the Tuesday v Qarabag and Arsenal playing their EL game v Cologne on the Thursday the extra two days rest will be a bit of an advantage as we owe Arsenal one.?

Hazard on the bench v Qarabag suggests he might start v Arsenal?

nine nine nine


Was it a red?

What I’ve noticed with this red is if you’re a striker, current or old, they are saying no red

If you’re a keeper, current or old, they say red card.

Defenders are saying red card also.

Ex Utd players are saying no red as well

Strange that eh?



Is this the year?

It is early in the season and we must not jump to too many conclusions. However, it is quite right that we should all savour the glory of being top of the pile even though being there in September is actually neither here nor there. The great thing is that I would rather be where we are and risk getting a nose bleed than at the other end, as we have been in seasons past wondering where the next point is coming from and if the Owner is going to stick with the Head Coach or not!

This was a backs to the wall victory against a Birmingham side that, whilst their season start has not been great, is showing a potential to end up in the promotion shake up at the end of the season. Birmingham City could easily have got at least a point if not more. The main thing is that we put up a damn good fight, carried a threat throughout the match and, proof of the pudding, stuck the ball in the net twice whilst also keeping them out. I don’t reckon we would have fared so well last season and definitely caved in and lost in recent past seasons.

Thomas Christianson is looking impressive. Expectations are rising!

Another 28 points and we can forget about the “R” word!

Bring on Milwall – it will be another tough match.


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