Man Utd fans pick from 26 bargain deals; best Chelsea XI debated

Date published: Tuesday 15th October 2019 3:00

Raphael Guerreiro TEAMtalk

Arsenal fans name their team for Monday night, Chelsea’s supporters debate their best XI and Man Utd’s suffering faithful look ahead to the Liverpool game and pick out the bargain transfers they could sign up, all in our forum.


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Team for Sheff Utd

Bellerin, Holding, Luiz, Tierney
Guendozi Xhaka
Pepe Ozil Ceballos

Yes, Ozil has not been playing well but he is undoubtedly our most talented player and the manager should be getting more out of him. Depending on the match I would be tempted to swap Wilcock for xhaka and put Lacazette up top and Aubameyang on the left in Ceballos or Ozils place. Chambers also deserves a chance but the best is as above. 4231



Bellerin, Holding, The greek, Tierney
Luiz (DM)
Guendozi, cabellos
pepe, laca, auba

and with so many options for the kids to freshen things up….



Three or four at the back?

Unai Emery TEAMtalk

The fact is he is not getting the best out of this team what ever formation he plays but he seems to have decided that he is definitely going to play 4 at the back. I actually liked 3 at the back with AMN and Hulk as wingbacks. I think this could work again especially with Luiz. But if we stick with 4 at the back my best team assuming all fit and on form is

Bellerin, Luiz, Sok, Hulk/Tierney

Tor Gwen

Pepe Laca Aube.

I don’t think Bellerin will be fit for a while so Chambers should play and Tierney has not played Premier league whilst Hulk has got a lot better defensively although not offering as much going forward. Although I like Xhaka I think we need legs in the midfield and very tempted to play Willock instead of Tor as he will add more of a goal threat but we would lose some defensive stability.



stev – He’s unable to get the best of the current team because they’re incapable.There’s a lot of inexperience and there is also a lack of balance.
I was against the system I have laid our the 5/3/2 or 3/5/2 basically depends on teams we play but purely judging by the players we have I think Emery should try out the system.There’s no harm in trying.It can’t be much worse than facing criticism almost everyother game.

Also,pepe laca auba lack balance.I too would have that but realistically it dosen’t work in the long run.I also would pick tierney over hulk but hulk is probably the best “wing back” espescially in that system in the league.

Mop – If we were to play a 4 at the back system,you’re not far off.But ozil has to go.When are people going to realise that he simply isn’t reliable.He has the talent,but he dosen’t showcase it consistent enough.Nothing to do with emery,don’t kid yourself.He has only himself to blame.

If we’re playing a 4 at the back mine would be

We need to get more control in midfield and we have to play them.Again,some of them are easily replacable.I could use willock,nelson in there.

the specialone


Chelsea’s best XI

When every one is fit this is a really tough call.

This was a much easier conundrum at the start of the season when I had less belief and trust in Jorginho, at that time I would have gone with this team from my “Systems And Selections” thread:


I would accept any arguments for Willian and Azpi over Pulisic and James, but long term I want to see the younger two obviously. The biggest problem with this selection now though is the omission of Jorginho and at this point I do think he needs to be played, imo this means Ruben and Mount would be competing for the same spot and that is not a scenario I want either.

There is a way to avoid this and still maintain a balance though. If we look at how CHO has played for us last few games he is very wide and hugs the touchline providing an outball and I think he could do twice the job on the left for us as Moses could do on the right for us in a 3421 formation like below without his game having to change too much:


I really think this is our best starting 11, James gets in purely because of how good his delivery is already and how high his potential seems to be, Kante and Tomori are perfectly capable of assisting CHO defensively but offensively this team could be exceptional, James and CHO stretching the opposition, and a midfield 4 of Kante, Jorginho, RLC and Mount that could compete with any midfield in the world. This team would be lethal on the break when you look at the 5 players that would be breaking forward, and would be very comfortable playing a patient possession game too.



I would pick Alonso ahead of Emerson if we play with back 3 (like Conte, very advanced full backs). I think he has more to offer in attack than Emerson. Look at the number of goals he scored under Conte. I did not like Jorginho but he put a very good performance lately and it seems that FL’s system suits him even more than Sarri’s. So I would put him ahead of Kovacic. Willian shows a good form but still I think CHO overall would be a better player than him. Younger, quicker, more efficient. I leave Christensen out, not consistent enough.

For 4-3-3, my strongest team would be as follows: Kepa – Azpi,Rudiger,Tomori,Emerson – Kanté,Jorginho,RLC – CHO,Abraham,Mount.

For 3-4-3: Kepa – Azpi,Tomori,Rudiger – James,Kanté,Jorginho,Alonso – CHO,Abraham,Mount

It pains me to leave Kovacic and especially Barkley out (he scored 2 goals for England!!) but I have hard time to see how Barkley can displace Mount at Chelsea.






Man Utd v Liverpool

Don’t be surprised if we win.



Actually I’d be very very surprised if we win…

Going for a 0-2 loss, team is totally demoralized, Liverpool are on an incredible run, we have injuries galore and they are fully fit.

Nothing here has the vibe of a home win.

Sympathy for the Devils 


Head say’s 3-0 Liverpool, but then we usually play better against teams who don’t sit back so we might perform better on Sunday than our recent form indicates. Wouldn’t be surprised if we get a draw, 2-2 will be my prediction. Largely based on hope.



Also going for a 2-0 home loss,even though it seems some players might be back but who are not match fit.



Utd will park the bus

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk

I don’t think they’ll hammer us. Most of our defensive weaknesses are exposed when teams counter attack us and expose gaps. We’ll park the bus against Liverpool, it’s the best way to play against them.

Pogba’s in Dubai getting growth hormone injected into his toes, whilst AWB should be back from his sore throat.

If Pogba’s back we’ll have an out ball to James and Rashford, if he’s not there will be plenty of punts over the top in hope, and it will be a long game.

I don’t think Klopp will go all out, as he’s knows we’re only dangerous on the counter.

Maybe 1-1, with Ashley Young man of the match as usual.



Cheap options for Man Utd



@steveosnakeeye – I’d take:

– Kurzawa (back-up & challenge Shaw for LB)
– Eriksen
– Modric
– Gotze
– Mertens

Sympathy for the Devils


Guerreiro worth a punt

Of the 26 listed there I wouldn’t be rushing to sign many, Savic did well at Atletico for a while under Simeone but has fallen out of favour. He’d be better than Phil Jones but that wouldn’t be hard to be fair. I’d get Guerreiro from Dortmund as he can also play left back, he’s only 25 so would fit into the younger player bracket. Don’t know anything about the guy from Lyon, the midfielder so he might be worth a punt. Apart from that, they’re all either over the hill physically or just too old.

I think we have to look at the Glazers as the cause of all our problems. Even if they hadn’t leveraged their buyout with a load of debt, they’ve systematically mismanaged the club since the day they took over. They then lumped Ed Woodward into the job which was fine at the time, however time has not been a kind mistress to Ed. Time has shown that Ed hasn’t a fucking clue what he’s doing from a football perspective. Perhaps he deserved a shot, but to leave him in situ and not get rid of him when he’s obviously out of his depth is criminal. He’s a fantastic commercial director, getting sponsors and money into the club, he’s probably second to none but he needs to have football affairs (transfers included) taken off his remit. The fact that the Glazers have allowed this situation to continue is unforgiveable.

To add to this, the Glazers and Ed have overseen a period of managerial changes which have all started reasonably, apart from from Moyes who seemed doomed to failure, but ended in ignominy. Again, Ed and the Glazers have not covered themselves in glory. OGS was given the permanent job too soon, why not wait until the end of the season? If still temporary the players might have kept trying harder, they might have tried harder to buy into his concepts and the good times may have rolled a bit longer and the start of this season might not have been so important. Life is full of if’s and buts though.
We have continually seen underperforming players awarded new and more lucrative contracts, Mata, Lingard, Jones and now (arguably) De Gea.

Now, and worst of all, the club is stagnating, the stadium is ageing badly, it was once the envy of every Premier League club, would it now be in the top 5? The top 10?
Worse about the stagnation is on the pitch. We’re like Liverpool were 20 years ago. Living on past glories and convinced that those achievements gave us a god given right to be successful now. Since when is success a guarantee? Since when does Fergie’s achievements make this squad great or entitled to greatness?

The club needs to be renergised from top to bottom and, being honest, I can’t see the Glazer’s being the one’s with the appetite or the wallet to do it.



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