‘Arsenal should not be held to ransom by Alexis Sanchez’

Date published: Friday 7th July 2017 6:21

Why didn’t Liverpool go for Alexandre Lacazette? And Manchester United “are about to get taken to the cleaners” in their striker pursuit, all in our forum.

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‘Sanchez cannot hold a gun to our head’

Have to say i agree with you guys if this is true.sanchez cannot hold a gun to our head and demand such a greedy wage.i’m all for keeping him,but not at any cost.if citeh or anyone else wants to pay this then we might as well cut our losses right now.he’s our best player but he’s knowhere near the level of ronaldo & messi.

275/300k is a fantastic offer from afc,and while the board and wenger have a lot to do,i back them on this.mahrez would be a good replacement even if he aint as good as sanchez.
mahrez was the best player in the prem lge only 2 years ago, and his game can get to that level at our club.

really hope wenger does go all out for carvalho.we need that type of player IMO.



‘£50m not enough for Alexis Sanchez’

I’d be surprised if Arsenal would be willing to pay him £300k or more.And as much as I love the player and know we’ll be having no chance whatsoever should he leave, he can go if he dosen’t want to. No player should hold the club to ransom, no player should be made to feel bigger than the club.

My only hope here is, that should he go we get the correct figure for him.Today’s transfer fees are ridiculous.And if we can’t get an expected fee for a player like him then forget it.

Even £50m is not enough.If an official date collection agency(CIES) values him at 95meuros then we’d be the biggest idiots to let him go for less.Mind you they do take the standing contract into consideration, and in sanchez’s case I very well know as them it’s one year left.

If an official source can rate him at that much, then either transfer negotiators of chelsea,spurs,man united,Liverpool all of them would get even more than that.All I want is that he should go for the correct fee.

The specialone


‘400k a week wage is a lie put out by the club to soften the Sanchez blow’

How do we know Sanchez has asked for that weekly wage?

There is an alternative view, put forward by Le Grove, which might have a grain of truth in it. “The £400k a week wage is a lie put out by the club to soften the blow of selling him.”

Did the club not put out something similar when VP left? Apparently he was asking for astronomic wages which we would not entertain.

In reality, if we had had a chance of winning a major trophy, we would have kept him. But as we have seen for many seasons now, any player of any real ability will not tolerate countless seasons of inept displays with colleagues who are not up to standard.

And Ahmad, I would not hold out any hope of mad Jens knocking sense into anyone. At the end of last season, he came out with lots of statements about how Wenger was the manager for us, deserved another contract to set things right etc. Surprise, surprise, he’s landed a job here! Next it will be Pires…



Chelsea fans getting worried

I think if I have to describe myself as a supporter it would be optimisitic, however, if the stories doing the rounds are believed to be true then I am having similar concerns as many of the the other posters as well

I have backed the Club in its transfer dealings (or lack of them) to date firmly believing/hoping that deals were already done or close to fruition but as BORT mentions, the ones deemed as “done” are still dragging on

I am away for 2 weeks and will not contribute during that time but on my return I am (as ever) hopeful that deals will be concluded and that we will have improved the squad. I provide my apologies in advance if this does not happen and will be prepared to eat as much humble pie as those wish to throw at me…!!

Here’s hoping with everything crossed that I can muster. KTBFFH



Chelsea ‘need to get a wriggle on’ with transfers

Antonio Conte: Saw Chelsea put in dominant display

mtal, as I said in my previous post mate we do need to get a wriggle on now with our transfers.

Personally I’m not bothered by the loss of Lukaku I have always been unsure about bringing him back and paying circa £50m more to do so having sold him but three years previously but if Conte wanted him and there are differing reports as to whether he did or didn’t but if he wanted him then we should have got him.

More problematical now would be not getting the Bakayoko deal over the line which has been rumbling on far to long now and not getting Rudiger signed up.

I can see Roman getting involved now and bending a few ears in respect of getting our deals done before anyone else can come in and out manouver us, Conte will be back at Cobham on Sunday and you would hope that we are moving ahead post haste now with the signing of Morata.

I will be both surprised and massively disappointed if things don’t look significantly more positive by the time 1905 returns from his holiday. ? Cheers 999

nine nine nine


Bakayoko worries

Surely the bakayoko story cant be true. For one theres no way we would now sell united matic now.

I dont think we would sell him anyway i think we would offload chalobah and keep matic. However i have no idea what is holding up the bakayoko transfer!!! Think most supporters would settle a bit if we had both him and rudgier in the door.

Someone could literally offer 35million and persuade bakayoko to come right under our noses UNLESS there has been a contract agreed?



‘Why didn’t Liverpool go for Lacazette?’

I don’t think there was much competition for Lacazette. Arsenal pretty much had a clear run at him. Lacazette flirted with Athletico Madrid but once that door shut because of the transfer ban Arsenal had a clear run.

Why didn’t we go for Lacazette?

I think it is because of two things: Loyalty that Klopp wants to show to players and the wages structure. Lacazette will be on some big wages at Arsenal. I’m not sure we could have afforded Lacazette wages wise without moving Sturridge on.

Also, Klopp is also known to be loyal to players. It’s possible that Sturridge’s attitude in training (and the West Ham game) might have given Klopp reason to give him another chance this season. I might be wrong on those issues but someone please correct me if I’m wrong.



Sakho is a ‘hot head’

Sakho is a top class defender, he is a hot head though, his only fault.

He also endured one of the most difficult seasons any defender or player has had at the club. The ban, drug charges, etc.

I still state that it is a mark of a trully great manager to be able to settle differences. So I would like to see Sakho back in the team.

Imagine seeing all your hard work going down the drain, losing out your spot in a final, losing out on playing for your country on your homeground, losing millions in sponorship.

If he comes back and him and Klopp are able to work things out, we will have a much better player in the team than he was. It takes a extreme effort to overcome all that, the haters etc. If he had been playing for us, played in the final, had a good Euro, his going price would be around 50 million.

Having said that I do understand Klopp making an example of him, the ill discipline at the club has been rampant for the last decades, players have gotten away with much more in the past and its about time te manager put his foot down!

Notorious Bingo


‘We are about to get taken to the cleaners in our striker pursuit’

@jm1502. I have the same fear that we’re being taken for a ride here. With Real Madrid unwilling to forget the fax machine episode for Morata; and Chelsea sniffing around Lukaku, we could see ourselves having to offer upwards of 90 million quid for either one or the other. We are about to get taken to the cleaners in our striker pursuit and unfortunately, it has to be blamed on the club for buying so badly in the striker department (during SAF’s last few years, Moyes and van Gaal’s years) for so long. The Zlatan injury was much more damaging than we thought.

We are in quite a quandary either way now. As soon as Zlatan was announced on the free transfer list with everyone else our bargaining position changed heavily. We would have wanted to wrap up a striker before then but the market is tough to say the least. Besides Morata and Lukaku, we are looking at players like Aubameyang (not a target man like we need), Belotti (same price as Morata), and basically unknowns after that.



‘United’ movie ‘heartbreaking to watch’

Last night I watched the TV movie “United” from 2011. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_(2011_film) I did not know about the movie until recently.

It was well made, well acted but it’s hard to say a good movie given it’s so heartbreaking to watch. The aspect I enjoyed was the insight into football in those days. Duncan Edwards was smoking a pipe in the dressing room and tunnel. Note: Busby son complained about that to the Daily Mail. The role of Jimmy Murphy was good but Busby was portrayed sour and machiavellian as if he were a cold war spy. The movie centered on Charlton.

Anyhow, if anybody wants, I can upload it somewhere.



Barca-style front three at City

How can you not like the penalty king?? Only joking. I also believe Pep sees a Barca style three -Aguero, Sanchez and Jesus.
But who would play behind?
We have -at the moment – Ferna, Fernando, Yaya, Delph, Gundogan, KDB, Silva, new Silva, Sane, Sterling thats 10! Even if we get rid of Fernando and Delph thats 8!

Defence if it all comes of:
Ederson and Bravo
Walker and Alves
Kompany, Stones, Otemendi
Mendy, Kolarov
Clearly we still would need a top class defender. Three cbs that we have is a weakness



‘I’d rather have two full-backs and a cenre-back than Sanchez…’

Sanchez…not totally convinced but he is a good player, similar to Tevez for me. I will be happier when we sign two full backs and a class CB.

Also, Wenger has always had money to spend but right/wrong he has his principles and does not splash the cash.

That has always been his choice. I also note he almost also buys French players not so much global ones although Sanchez was an exception I think

Brain blue

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