Man Utd missed major opportunity; why Liverpool do better away

Date published: Friday 6th September 2019 1:53

One Liverpool fan thinks a run of away games could help them, while Manchester United supporters debate why they didn’t go for Bruno Fernandes – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Away games play to Liverpool’s strengths

Aprt from Napoli/Chelsea all those games look winnable…Sometimes its easier when we play away as we know the other team will open up their defence a little allowing our front free space to expolit. Im more bothered about Chelsea match more than Napoli as we proved last season that you can lose 3 away games and still quality in the CL. We need to go to Chelsea and get those points, Chelseas will be up for it for sure but when all is said and done I think we are the better team, especially in attack and defence.

PS – Ginger I think we’re at home to Leicester. In fact I beleive 5 of our CL games are followed by a home game at Anfield 🙂



You’re right, home to Leicester. Still a tricky game. They’re my tip for breaking into top 6 this season.
I don’t think there’s a lot to fear from Chelsea. They’re far removed from the team they were just a few yrs ago.
Draw away to Napoli would still be a decent result.
As I said there will be plenty of rotation for this block of games. Can see Shaq, Gomez, Milner, Ox, Origi and maybe even Lovren being used much more and saving players for important/tougher games.


For me it will always be one game at a time, beat Newcastle and focus on the next game, and repeat the process. I wouldn’t bother looking too far ahead.

But of course that doesn’t mean that Klopp will not plan ahead, for example aiming to start our subs in the easier cup games.

This season the focus has to be on the Premier League above all else



I can see us blowing Newcastle away. Bar the result against a poor Spurs team they’ve been a shambles so far. Anything other than a defeat in a Naples would be a decent result and I fully expect us to play out a boring game there. Chelsea are all over the place right now and we had the luxury of playing them in the Super Cup when we were barely fit. Doubt we’ll have the same issues there. MK-Dons would be a deadwood game. Klopp has frequently complained about the fixture list so he’ll probably rest everyone for Sheffield and with a week’s rest I think we’ll be too much for them. Anything other than a win against Salzburg is unacceptable. Leicester could be a banana skin but it would depend on whether they’re still in good form at that point. After our performance last December I’m not concerned at all about our upcoming games.



Henderson absent from FIFPro list

Where’s Hendo? Shock! Horror!

I can’t believe this great player wasn’t voted by thousands of his fellow peers as one of the best 55 players, or at least one of the top 15 midfielders…I could probably name another 5 midfielders that are also better than him, which would mean he’s probably not even in the top 20 midfielders around…and you guys want to argue he’s top quality?


So you think there are only 55 top quality players in the world, must be tough on number 56, so close yet so far…



Hendo is a defensive-ish type midfielder. Typically those lists are mainly populated and dominated by attacking style or easy-on-the-eye type midfileders, not always (Kante etc), but you get the drift.



How many of the midfielders on this list, in their careers, will captain their team to a Champions League title win, shining throughout the campaign, and playing a major part in the semis and final?



Man Utd missed Matic opportunity

Nemanja Matic TEAMtalk

to be honest I didn’t think he was atrocious last season (though not as good as the previous season, he was still performing better than Fred for example).

With that said, it was clear from pre-season that his legs had gone and we should have taken the opportunity to cash in on him and maybe get him somebody younger. Another missed opportunity.

Sympathy for the Devils


Main risk with Fernandes pursuit

After a little thought I’m guessing that we’re not in for Fernandes due to his difficulty in settling in Italy, Ok he was younger but plenty of players struggle to settle in Manchester and he would represent a massive risk in that respect. We currently cannot afford to sign players that don’t work out, we’ve had enough of those recently!
Also, I have a feeling that Maddison is our target for the #10 role. Pretty sure Leicester wouldn’t sell us Maguire and Maddison in the same summer/window so Slabhead was prioritised. He fits Oles ‘vision’ more than Fernandes does anyway.


Fernandes and Maddison can play in the same team,like Pogba and Maddison could.Should have sold Pogba this summer and have gone in for both of them.But what on earth is going on with Fred???



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