‘Manchester United have four players who could play for a top team’

Date published: Tuesday 28th November 2017 1:28

Manchester United fans discuss Jose Mourinho’s rebuilding, Liverpool fans think their board is too negative and Granit Xhaka “is not good enough”, all in our forum…

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‘When you sell a player out of the team, you will always weaken the team…’

There are a few here that wait for players to f**k up, there is no hiding from that, its often like the majority here would rather slate the lads than praise them.
So far this season I´ve seen two appreciation threads. Both for Salah but I could not give a fair guess at how many threads have been posted to slate the lads.

The funny thing about that is that we who appreciate the game and look for the positives do not have the need to discuss things over and over again. If a player is doing good we just appreciate it but the haters somehow think that things will change depending on how much they bitch and moan about things.

When in fact no matter how you put it, when you sell a player out of the team, no matter what form said player is. You will always weaken the team…



‘Sturridge needs to go at the end of the season’

Everyone does it with different players, this is not something new and people will commend players they like and criticise players they feel aren’t good enough. I think Migs in particular gets s very hard time on here.

I have said it before and will say it again, whilst he isn’t in the top 3 or 4 keepers in the epl he is in the second tier of quality keepers and I often wonder how much more consistent he would be with a stronger defence in front of him. Moreno does as well and whilst I think he’s generally played well this season I must admit I see some issues with his game, which I am not sure he can overcome on a regular basis in the hustle and bustle of the epl. But happy to be proved wrong come end of season.

But let’s be honest some high profile players get it big time on here as well. Sturridge has had it on a regular basis and people will defend others first. I’m not bothered if people think he’s finished, that’s an opinion that people are entitled too but I’m talking about the character asssasination he gets. Now for the record I’ve said come end of season Sturridge should go, if I was him I would have gone last season.

Now he isn’t ever going to be that player that he was when he an Suárez ripped teams to shreds for fun (although he doesn’t often get the credit and some will cite Suárez contribution and down play the impact Sturridge had). However I also think he has something to offer and I would go to a mid table team to get his confidence and mojo back (somewhere he would play more regular and not have stop start intros). He’s clearly never going to get over his injury record but he’s generally been ready this season to play when called upon.

Other players for me should think about similar moves for their own careers eg the likes of Lovren.

So unfortunately whilst it isn’t right, we all do it.



‘Sturridge wasn’t happy with Suarez being the main man’

Sturridge had a big impact that season, he managed to get the goals that we needed when Suarez was missing and visa versa. I still maintain that it was Luis who got the best out of him, no other player has riled Daniel up as much.

Suarez would always have a go at him if he squandered a change and I always got the feeling that Sturridge was never happy about Luis being the main man.

He had something to prove back then, after he got the big contract that element of his game disappeared, IMHO it wasn´t just the injuries that took him back. He has been in a cocoon since back then, in a comfort zone as the best striker at the club or the most natural one. He still got that reputation.



‘We are sometimes to quick to judge young players’

I too feel people are to ready to have a go, and are very reluctant to change their opinion on a player, but I suppose that is human nature, I have a mate that was still having a go at Lucas every game even after he got LFC player of the season 2 seasons in a row, he just could not change his early opinion of him.

For me we are sometimes to quick to judge young players, these players have the time to improve and will have more chance if they are being supported. Look at Bale, it was about 18 months before we was on a winning Spurs side, at one point it looked like he might be heading back to Southampton, a couple of years on he is going to Madrid for a world record fee.



Criticism amnesty? 

Seems to me that’s half the side who get a regular mauling for the short comings of our side. Perhaps it’s the supporters who need to change to get the best out of the side. How about an amnesty for the rest of the season. No criticism lose or draw for the rest of the season. Instead search for positives in each performance & see whether that transmits in some way to the feeling around the club & helps in some way. Lets try it ?



‘Xhaka is not good enough’

Anyone thinking Burnley would be easy doesn’t understand football. It was always going to be a tough game and one I didnt expect us to win. We didnt deserve to win but we did so that can only be classed as a good result. For once our defending was the best part of our game, the rest of our game was poor.

The side that finished the game was better than the side that started the game, Lacazette was again substituted but to be honest he play well, why Iwobi for Ozil when we need to be playing Wilshere otherwise we will lose him. And finally Xhaka was again poor, when will Wenger and some fans wake up to the fact this guy just isnt good enough.

The Oracle

Arsenal ‘should be better’

Andy, really hope that wasn’t addressed to me – nowhere did I say it should have been an easy three points. What I said is that “they’re not a bad team” should not be any kind of excuse. It’s true, they aren’t a bad team, but we should be better – don’t you agree?

Al The Gooner


Personally no i dont think we should be doing better. 10-15 years ago then yes, against ‘smaller’ teams like Burnley . Now though the prem is far more competitive those so called ‘smaller’teams are competing. They are flying high, and excelling. I would say the opposite if we struggled to beat West Ham, Everton, Newcastle, swansea or palace because at the moment we really should be battering them.

Anyway i wasnt aiming it at yourself Al, more to the majority on here who seem to think everything is a given for us against teams like Burnley who are doing really well. Its this way of thinking that wenger appears to have which fans berate him and the team for.



‘Arsenal squad is not as strong as people think’

I said it before and I’ll say it again,our squad is not as strong as people think and is certainly not good enough in the long run for this current system wenger is using.I’m not criticising the system at all,chelsea won the league with it and we won the FA cup.I’m saying we’ve been getting lucky with a lot of results and overall the way we use thisystem is depressing and boring.We hardly entertain.

There’s no real back up for bellerin,who himself is not performing well.There’s no real back up for Kolasinac either.Apart from our current back three I don’t trust any other defender.The whole reason we use this system is to impress our defense right.But we probably kept more clean sheets with four at the back than this current system.Results will catch up with the performances(if they already haven’t) sooner rather than later.

the specialone


‘Watford break with skill and pace’

Gonna be a very tricky game. Watford play quite narrow, crowd midfield and break with skill and pace. I expect either Fellaini or possibly Herrera (to do a marking job on Richarlison) will come in to the team. I’m going 1-2 for United. Martial and Lukaku to score for us. One of their midfielders to score for them.

Team: DdG
Valencia, Smalling, Rojo, Young
Lingard, Herrera, Matic, Pogba, Martial



Ryan Sessegnon

Has anyone seen this guy close up? Heard lots of good things about him and he scored a hat trick at the weekend which is pretty impressive for a left back.

It’s becoming clearer by the week that Jose just isn’t going to give Luke Shaw a chance at United, so we may as well get a left back in ASAP. Danny Rose has been linked but I’m not a huge fan of him, maybe this Sessegnon is worth a go?



Change in tactics required…

Mourinho has already brought in 7 players, that’s slightly above 63% for that rate should we still call it rebuilding? when do we actually stop looking at the players and start to think maybe Mourinho needs to change his tactics too? should we just chop and change players until we miraculously find an answer?

i love Mourinho and i actually want him around mainly because of his mentality and his ability to run a club as big as ours but if we want to be where we want to be we really really need to change our tactics.

This idea of going all out attack for 4 games then going all defensive the next three is something i will never understand..i remember a certain manager going to liverpool away and city away and bossing it for 90 minutes 😀 it’s really frustrating tho sometimes when we actually come in a game and settle for a draw before the kick-off, what kind of message does it send to the other teams?



@libanski – I agree with some of your points about tactics. Against Newcastle when Pogba came back, it seemed like the team had forgotten how to attack for a while, we’d been defensive for so long, Lukaku also dipped after being isolated for those games.

I think the lack of a settled, quality back four results in Mourinho making sure the defence is always protected, so playing at least one defensive fullback and sometimes two defensive midfielders away or against top half teams. Sometimes wingers instructed to track back on top of that.

It’s a particularly difficult mentality for the fans to understand. We’ve come from a prolonged period under Fergie where most of the time we had a well balanced and much better quality eleven on the pitch than the other team, when that happens, you can take more risks, knowing you will usually score more, and your defenders can get you out of trouble if you make a mistake. In the past you had to get past Keane, Stam and Schmeichel!

This squad is still very unbalanced, whichever formation you pick leaves us with square pegs in the team or good players on the bench, any injuries magnify the problems.

Given that we’ve changed manager, playing style and formation I think that Mourinho needs another transfer window to call this his team.



Mourinho needs three summer windows

I always thought he would need three summer transfer windows Mike given how far back we’d fallen and several terrible transfer windows. I also think he needs to trim lots of the fat from the club….you can’t have 22 Neymars in a squad but there are too many players who aren’t good enough on the fringes of the first team and too often you see them occupying six or seven starting places. They’re on big wages though and shifting them isn’t easy but I do think he could have tried harder and now many of them look like their contracts are going to be up all at once. Bad business planning if you ask me.

Over this coming winter window and then the summer one if we can bring in a left back, centre midfielder, a quality number ten and a natural right sided player I reckon we are right back up there and in the mix.

Wonderfuel Gas

‘United have four players who could play for a top team’

The only player from Fergie’s time who should be a regular starter in a top team is De Gea. Jones, Smalling, Valencia and Young can be squad players but not first teamers. Likewise, the likes of Evans, Chicharito and maybe even Welbeck could’ve been squad players but we got rid of them on the cheap. We traded Kagawa for Mata and made a loss on it.

The players that were signed between Moyes and LVG (bar maybe Martial and the lucky emergence of Rashford) were quite simply not good enough to be first team players for a team of where United want to be (we had Di Maria too but we stupidly sold him after one season).

Since then the players who can be first team players for a top team are Pogba, Matic, Bailly and Lukaku. That means that, at this point in time, we have 5 to 7 top players who should be the level we expect our club to be at. Of those, I’d say only De Gea, Pogba, Bailly and Matic are the ones who perform well week in week out – Lukaku, Martial and Rashford are all pretty hit and miss in matches. To continue on this, both Martial and Rashford are sort of playing out of position in most matches or play a style which doesn’t suit us / has become predictable (cutting in from the wings and attacking through the centre).

Therefore we need to do the following to get the team up to scratch:

– Sign players for positions we quite simply do not have quality in (Right Back, Left Back, natural right-footed right winger)
– Upgrade on the positions which simply aren’t top quality (CB partner near Bailly if Lindelof doesn’t develop / Jones doesn’t stay fit, CM/AM partner near Pogba and Matic if Mhkitaryan can’t be consistent, a natural left-footed left winger to be a different threat to the cutting-in style of Martial and Rashford and a striker with pace and dribbling skills to be a different attacking threat to the fox-in-the-box style of players Lukaku and Ibrahimovic are)

The sad truth is that United have been a joke since Fergie left in terms of selecting the right players / manager to sign, who to retain and who to let go, scouting youth players amongst other things. Thankfully Mourinho is amending quite a bit of the issues however the downside of that is that he might not be here long-term and his style of football is not going to be something we enjoy seeing as fans.

Sympathy for the Devils

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