Man Utd are paying for Mourinho being ‘damaged goods’

Date published: Thursday 22nd February 2018 9:34

Manchester United readers are rapidly running out of patience with Jose Mourinho, while Liverpool fans debate the weakest position in their team, all in Your Says of the Day.

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When Jose was announced as manager, I was the only member who was against it, and still am to this day. I took a lot of stick along the way (Hatters), but I knew it would turn out like it has.

My initial point was regarding his success, I appreciate and admire what he has done in the past. But the first thing I said that, if you look at 95% of the teams he has taken over, they always had a really good foundation, the core of the team was built.

All he had to do was fine tune the team, add a few signings. This is why I knew he would struggle at United, the foundations weren’t laid, the squad wasn’t great, and Jose doesn’t really build teams from scratch. When I made these points, the replies were all the same – Jose gets instant success.

Another point, I felt that he was damaged goods, if anyone followed his time at Real. I felt the treatment in Spain depleted him, he really did have it bad from the press.

I said straight away that the Lukaku signing wasn’t a good signing, I said he has the touch of a donkey and everything else people are now accusing him of, the response was – But look at his stats.

You can dig up my old threads, I said it all.


I think a lot of people were sceptical and I wasn’t over the moon when he was appointed but at the same time I realized he was probably the only realistic and available candidate to take on this huge job.

Moyes and LVG left an almighty mess but while Jose has cleaned some of that up he’s also created a lot of his own. He looks outdated and spent and his signings haven’t worked out like they should have.

The football is regressing and nobody seems to be enjoying themselves. A lot of players aren’t good enough to play here while others don’t seem interested and I put Jose in that category as well.


Good point about his outdated tactics, saw how really outdated they were, when we played Spurs and City.



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Another poor performance, there really is no chonesion or proper attacking mentality at the club; our midfield is poor despite Pogba and Matic being in there and our full backs look like they’ve run out of steam. Thankfully we held on to a 0-0 which should see us over the line at Old Trafford however, if we don’t improve, we can kiss goodbye any hope of a trophy and even Top Four.

Sympathy for the Devils

And they tell me I’m blind for not seeing the progress!

Then when we splutter through into the next round the statistician fans will be euphoric talking about how we’ve gone further than recent seasons so must be on the right track.

As for job done, I can’t decide who has the advantage. Is being at home better than having the away goal advantage?


Valencia was awful, how did Darmian get on the bench ahead of Shaw and why can’t we play the same system we had at the start of the season but use Sanchez instead of Mikhi?

Why is it so hard for us to cross a decent ball into the box. Why do our corners not get past the first man and why do they all look like they have never played with each other before?

This has to be down to the manager. Would Laurent Blanc or Luis Enrique do any better?


think most on here need to get real and understand that OVER HALF OF OUR SQUAD isn’t good enough. Yes we have spent tons of money but the frugality of the Glazers and SAF since 2007 truly damaged us.

Last night we played with a midfield 3 and Pogba played in his PREFFERED position and we still were s***. Is it the manager? Partly. But he doesn’t have players good enough to truly call us a team capable of challenging the European giants. And the argument of money spent truly baffles when we all know the dross he inherited.

Jose has let himself down by not being ruthless enough. Valencia, Smalling, Jones, Darmian, Mata, Young, Blind should all had left OT by now. How Valencia is given the Manchester United armband is truly baffling. I would instead play Pogba in a Midfield 2 against Chelsea and have Martial, Alexis and Rashford behind Lukaku.

Mata has had enough chances to show us he is simply stinking the place out and isn’t what we need.

If we don’t get a RB, CB, CM and another #10 in the summer then we will be in serious trouble…..

O.T Fax Machine

Mourinho is smiling and saying this and saying that. The match was very boring, the tactics were as the last couple of months terrible.

The one light point what Mourinho should be having that we have the best goalie in the world, otherwise Mourinho where would your tactics then be!!

DDG saved United so so many times already. At the beginning of the match you could already see how this will be turning out, at half time I turned off the tv, cause I wouldn’t miss anything anyway.




If that dire performance of Utd at Seville was anything to go by then the only problem I foresee is beating De Gea. He was outrageously good tonight and that one handed save in particular was from another planet. I’d love for us to come flying out the blocks and attack them…with either Morata or Giroud leading the line.


On the plus side, Herrera will be injured. Mourinho has to find another player to man mark Hazard. getting the ball to Willian and Hazard in an advanced area could be the key to unlocking them. play Morata in the first hour and replace him after the hour mark. swap Fabregas for Luiz or Drinkwater. then we will be fine. my team for that match is 3-4-2-1. Courtois, Azpi-Christensen-Rudiger, Moses – Luiz/Drinkwater – Kante – Alonso, Willian – Hazard, Morata.

We gonna spank Mourinhos’s butt. Can’t wait for it.


ManU this season are nothing but workmanlike but do have the players capable of changing games – and that includes DeGea. Totally agree that it is good news that Herarra will be missing as he has stifled Hazard in most recent games, which effectively blunts our attack

Following the great performance on Tuesday we should be nothing but more confident in our play and should go to OT with high aspirations of taking points – and I would not rule out all 3

For me, Hazard has to play out wide as he has not proved to be an effective no.9 but is much more dangerous when allowed to roam, drift and create

I have to be honest and say that if we do not come away with a something I will be very disappointed as I see this as a great opportunity to make up ground on one of our title challengers. KTBFFH



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When Klopp handed Mignolet a new contract in the Jan after he arrived I called it madness as it was clear Migs wasn’t up to the job. He still had several years left on his contract yet we extended it regardless.

Many on here, despite criticising Mignolet frequently, defended the decision. Here we are just over 2yrs later and it’s looking like Mignolet is not gonna play another game for us.

There’s now reports coming out from trusted sources that we’ve cooled our interest in Allison and we’re gonna stick with Karius. If this is true then this is also madness.

Now, the weakest position we have in the team is keeper. The situation needs solved asap.


Ive seen very little of Alisson so while I know he is very highly rated I dont want to champion a player I know very little of. That said Id be excited to see any real statement made in this position.

The worry is that Karius performs well til the end of the season. Well enough to stop us looking for a new number one, but then falls away next season, pushing the issue on another year.

Id love to see Karius go on to become the real deal and stay put for the next 12yrs but after so many years of no confidence in our keeper I dont think its worth the risk.

The Fulcrum

I’m not championing a particular keeper, although I do really like Allison, I’m championing for a decision to properly address the keeper position once and for all.


We’ve no choice but to give Karius the rest of the season and see how he does. He has looked more confident recently and has actually pulled of a few great saves in the last two games.

You have to remember he was highly rated in Germany only behind Neuer. I’m not saying he will be another De Gea who was a bag of balls in his first season here, but let’s see how it pans out the rest of the year.

Not like we have any other option, apart from Ward maybe because I think Simon is dust.


Karius has also had some seriously dodgy moments this season and even made mistakes a few games ago no different to Migs.

I’m surprised by Klopp on this if we don’t get another keeper in, if there’s one criticism I have of Klopp it is showing too much faith in particular players.

He needs to get more ruthless and get a top keeper in, if Karius is that good, he should be able to handle the pressure and fight for the number 1 jersey with his performances rather than reputation.



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