Man Utd paying well over the odds for top stars; Liverpool right to snub Pepe

Date published: Wednesday 14th August 2019 2:04

Marcus Rashford Mason Greenwood

Man Utd readers label the club’s wage structure ‘obscene’, while Liverpool fans are pleased they missed out on Arsenal attacker Pepe and Chelsea supporters are not happy Man City missed out on a transfer ban – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Rashford is on roughly £200k a week. Our ‘star’ players are on £400k or thereabouts (Sanchez, De Gea). If Pogba got a new deal it would be enormous. Based on our salary scale Rashford’s is about right. It’ll take him to 24 or so when he’s either moved on because he didn’t make it or he gets a truly obscene wage because he’s one of the best.


@hooked – Several of the more trusted sources (eg The Telegraph, Independent etc) reported Rashford’s contract at being worth 250k per week plus considerable bonuses, and seeing as tubby Luke got 200k per week last season I would suggest their sources are far more reliable than most mate.

It was also stated that as a result Rashford is now the highest paid English player in the league, which means he is on more than Harry Kane, so it’s time now for him to step up consistently and show he deserves it, simple as that.


Marcus Rashford TEAMtalk

We clearly pay our first team players more than anyone else would. Rashford and Shaw are, rightly or wrongly, first team players are paid accordingly. Here’s hoping they play like first teamers this season.


Only those close to the deal know the absolute exact amounts involved mate, but there are enough good sources out there that have a bloody good idea of the ballpark figures for sure, and that is bound to be well north of 200k per week. Which let’s face it is almost a ‘standard issue’ contract at OT these days!

Rashford and his agent had the club over a barrel during the summer because he was running down his deal and the club also had big problems with the wages Sanchez was on, plus the likes of Lukaku and Pogba angling to leave, so anyone thinking that Rashford and his entourage suddenly caved in for about the same as Luke Shaw got is living in cloud cuckoo land I’m afraid.

As for DDG, it would not surprise me one iota if he wasn’t ‘playing’ Woodward for the obvious mug that he is by promising to sign then BINGO come January we read that he’s signed a pre contractual agreement with PSG or Madrid.



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I think we were in for Pepe, the difference being he would currently be our 5th choice forward and he knows that. At Arsenal he is 3rd or fourth choice starter and he fancies his chances of overtaking 1 or 2 ahead of him this season to make himself a routine starter. I think he knows full well barring serious injury he has no hope of breaking into our front three.
I think this is the issue with signings this summer. We aren’t looking to replace any of our main starters, our squad average age is young bar Milner who is literally Benjamin Button. So it becomes a real problem to sign players of a level of quality we want when they know they will be struggling to break into the first team. I do think Lallana should have been moved on in the summer if there had been an option, and a younger, less held together with duct tape attacking mid should have been brought in…….so….Bruno Fernandes….anyone. But then isn’t that why we signed keita and oxlade Chamberlain…….

The Fulcrum

Well, if Pepe really thought he wasn’t better than Origi, then it’s best he went to Arsenal. I’d suggest that a 72m price would indicate he’s of a higher level but I haven’t watched him to say either way.

I’d say Fernandes is more of a Eriksen type player that pulls strings in midfield, makes killer passes, scores goals and takes accurate set pieces/corners. Kind of what many disillusioned fans think that Henderson is gonna do now that he’s back in the 8 position (we’ll see).

Naby Keita TEAMtalk

If Keita could stay fit for a few weeks, we may see what he has to offer. As for Ox, I’ve watched him for years and he’s just an ordinary player in my opinion. He runs around (fast) a lot, will score the odd goal and have the odd run of good form….but ultimately he’ll have little impact on a regular basis and then be injured. That’s how his career was at Arsenal and it’s how he’s started here. Remains to be seen if he ever breaks that pattern….I agree with you on Lallana. He had a 6 month spell where he played well for us (start of 16/17 season I think)…before and after that he’s been the epitome of mediocre. But Klopp loves a runner, even if it’s in circles, which is what our Adam specialises in. This ‘idea’ of him being our new DM brings back the nightmares I suffered with Mighty Joe Allen as DM getting trampled on a pushed out the way by all our opponents…Peace


It’s entirely possible that Pepe will be a far superior player to Origi but so far what do we know……
In terms of making impact and contributing at the highest level of the champions league….1 – 0 to Origi.
In terms of having played well in a world cup campaign…..2 – 0 to Origi.
In terms of knowing what’s expected in the premier league and making big impact when needed….3 – 0 to Origi.
Both players are 24yrs old. I doubt either of them will ever be at the upper elite level but there is plenty of scope for improvement.

The Fulcrum

Ah, it was on the transfer window thread, where I asked people who they think the club should have signed, from the players that moved this summer.
My bad.

On this topic, I posted something similar, I said nobody who moved would have made a big difference.

You replied and mentioned Pepe, I took that to mean you believe we should have signed him.

Anyway, thanks for clearing that up. So you don’t think Klopp should have gone for Pepe. Fair enough. Me neither.

j c


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Frank Lampard Chelsea

Man City have been fined £315k by FIFA for breaking the same rules that we were banned for?

As always the devil is in the detail but on the positive side it might help us overturn the transfer ban in the January window?

nine nine nine

Maybe, but punishments should increase exponentially for repeated offences and while I am not sure if they have done this be for, we have havent we?


As I’m said in my original post “the devil will be in the detail” . Reading between the lines it would appear that City might have been treated differently because they admitted to wrong doings whilst Chelsea have always claimed their innocence of wrong doings.

“Chelsea contended that the majority of the cases involved short-term trialists at their academy, who did not go on to sign. They argued there is no law against trying out under-18 international players; that it is common practice across Europe and, as such, they believed these cases ought not to have been included in the final judgment. In others that led to them making signings, the club maintained they fully complied with Fifa’s rules.” The Guardian

Fifa had turned down a request from Chelsea to freeze the ban while it considered the club’s appeal, this has never happened before and previously such bans against other top European Clubs have been frozen until an appeal to the Court of Arbitration in Sport has been heard.

Put simply you don’t hang a man if he’s been found guilty of Murder before his Appeal has been heard.

nine nine nine

“The disciplinary committee took into account the fact that Manchester City FC accepted its responsibility and sanctioned the club with a fine of CHF 370,000.” Chelsea were sanctioned by Fifa in February for breaching rules in relation to 29 youth players, and were fined £460,000 in addition to their transfer ban.

That sucks.


Oh it gets better I was just driving and listening to Talksports who had some expert on, on all this on and apparently a new rule was introduced a month ago that allowed a Club to plead guilty and recommend their own punishment which City did and FIFA took into account in City’s punishment you simply couldn’t make this up!

The expert reckons based on all this Chelsea’s ban is almost certainly going to be overturned by CAS but even if that happens that won’t give us back the Summer transfer window.

Good point CM all the Club’s seemed the same punishment no matter how many players were involved although even here Chelsea were treated unfairly because the Spanish Clubs were allowed to appeal and have their punishment held in abeyance until the result of that appeal was known.

There’s something very wrong with all this imo.

nine nine nine


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Kieran Tierney TEAMtalk

Tierny came in to Arsenal and impressed the team by setting a new standing jump record previously held by Auba!

not much of a thing but least shows he can defend headers at corners!

slow news day!


Looking forward to seeing Tierny but think it will be a learning curve for him. At Celtic he is playing against s**** every week, your team having 80% possession and your mistakes not being punished will be very different at Arsenal. He will need time to adjust. So I am keen to see how he copes. I had heard people who watch Scottish football say he is great going forward but not a great defender and another guy say the opposite. One thing the Scottish players all have is great attitude and no doubt he will work his nuts off for the team. Thought Monreal played well Saturday would keep him for one more year and I would sell Hulk as we could probably get good money for him but pointless keeping 3 left backs.
TSO as sad as it may seem it is about expectation and ours were low so hence what they did was if not great, then you can have your good! We keep winning and we will all be happy!



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