‘Mercenary’ Mourinho is ‘setting himself up for the PSG job’

Date published: Monday 19th March 2018 11:39

Manchester United readers believe Jose Mourinho is plotting his path to PSG, while Mo Salah v Kevin De Bruyne for Player of the Year is also debated in Your Says of the Day.

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After yesterday’s post match comments it’s clear Jose isn’t interested in endearing himself to his squad. The constant undermining comments and criticism cannot be going down well with the players.

I’m with bingo in believing he is setting himself up to take over at PSG. It’s classic Jose. Next he’ll do a press conference where he’ll claim he’s not loved at OT. In the meantime he’s turning it into the Theatre of confusion.


Having listened to both interviews it was cringe worthy. Yes he made some valid points but always talked himself up. Some of the things showed the club in s very bad light also. He may have done more damage internally with club and players.


There is a very identifiable trend when it comes to the curious case of Jose Mourinho. Why is it that everywhere he goes he doesn’t stay for long? Pretty obvious answer, he always does the same thing; demand a new long term contract, start trouble by criticising almost everyone and then wait to get the sack so he can collect his millions.

Do you really think he cares about building a squad at Man U? Given how half the players he’s signed seem ill suited to his style of play you’ve got to wonder is he really that incompetent? Track record says he isn’t. He’s already started his usual nonsense, he’s just waiting for the payoff. Nothing but a mercenary.



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Anybody else think JM is making a huge boo boo agreeing to sell Martial if he wants to leave? Looking at older players, towards the end of their careers, seems futile but if he gets his £60m, who does he buy?


There are plenty of players as good as martial I don’t see anything to say wow this guy is future star. He disappears in games for long periods, unless he improves his workrate he isn’t talent will be wasted


Jose has not learned from De Bruyne, Salah, Lukaku etc. Martial is still only 21 years old. He has all the potential to go the distance. Selling a player like him could be a big mistake.

It’s time for both Woodward and Mourinhio to go. Woodward is the king of profligacy and hiring dull managers. United could have Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and they’d still play this doom and gloom football.

Look what happened at Chelsea twice, and Real Madrid the players revolted and sent him packing. If anyone think this going to end any different hasn’t being paying attention.

Mourinhio, Sanchez, Fellaini, Darmain, Smalling, Jones, Young, Valencia, Blind, Mata, Shaw, Herrera, Carrick, Ibra, should all go before Martial.

the MartialArt



I think a few months ago most people would have said Kevin De Bruyne was a shoe in for player of the season. I think Mo Salah is going to run him very close. De Bruyne has been excellent but has world class players (and Raheem Stirling) all around him. But Salah, 28 goals in a debut season is top draw. He’d get my vote.

Devon Hammer

I reckon Salah will get it. Firstly you could easily argue he deserves it but also as the vote for City players might get divided up.

Either way if de Brune, Kane, Silva or Salah got it you’d have to applaud them, they’ve all been a class above.

Wonderfuel Gas

I think De Bruyne will get it due to City’s success. Liverpool won’t win anything so that may see Salah miss out. Couldn’t say De Bruyne wouldn’t deserve it. He’s been immense and City have at least two trophies to show for it.


Salah for me, has the carried the team at times. Another reason is because it’s his first season and he has performed against the top sides.



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I’ll swim against the tide and say that the contract on offer to Wilshere is fair. He’s put in some good performances recently but how many times have we seen that with players in the final year of their contract. He’s a very good player but not a great player.

He’s not a DM so if he’s an attacking midfielder then his goal and assists returns are poor. I’ll take Ramsey over Wilshere anytime.


I agree with OttawaGunner. If he stays fit, he’ll be earning in line with the rest of the squad so essentially, if he doesn’t accept the contract, he’s turning down it down because he’ll “only” be getting £90k pw while he’s injured.

It’d be one thing if he was signing for a new club and they were offering him this contract but he’s been a professional at Arsenal for a decade now and for well over half of that, has been paid very well for not playing.

A lot of clubs would have cut their losses by now and if Jack can’t appreciate that, he can **** off as far as I’m concerned.

Al The Gooner

Might prove an unpopular opinion with many but I’m with Ottawa and Al on the Wilshere situation. It’s a very fair offer. Yes he has shown more reliability in terms of fitness but I think people have been getting carried away by the level of his performances.

Flying into tackles is all well and good but he actually needs to start having more influence on the team and the results if he wants to command a better deal.

The lad has got bags of heart and we all know he loves the club but we can’t be held to ransom on that. The club stood by him when like Al says, many others would have shipped him off years ago.

I would like to see him stay but he has to accept the offer as it is and continue to prove himself both in terms of fitness and form.


Al and Andy: Remember a certain Dutchman called Van Turdy? I don’t think that Jack Wilshere will remember that he got paid handsomely for not contributing for years.

I am also with OttawaGunner on this one, I would rather we keep Ramsey because of his return in terms of goals. But then Ramsey is not quite 200K a week good and he is also very often injured.

If Ramsey does not want to sign we should cut our losses and sell him. There are players out there who can fill in for him. Those responsible for player contracts have been dreadfully bad.



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