‘Mourinho is an overblown legend in his lonely hotel room’

Date published: Tuesday 6th February 2018 1:23

Manchester United readers remember Munich and discuss Jose Mourinho’s future, Chelsea fans think Antonio Conte has been found out and Liverpool supporters argue who is the club’s most important player, all in our forum…

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The legacy of Munich is that Manchester United became the biggest Club in the world with supporters in every Country, famed for the quality of the football espoused first by the Busby Babes. Matt Busby had a simple philosophy to go out, enjoy your football and entertain. It was his determination to override the Football Association and enter United into the European Cup. Sadly this resulted in the tragedy of Munich but was rewarded ten years later in that unforgettable victory over Benfica in 1968.

The memories of the Busby Babes, for those of us lucky to have been with them from the start are for the thrilling football they played which became the DNA of the Club – footbal played ‘the United way’.

They were all great players who played as a team. I have been privileged to have seen some superb footballers in 70 years a supporter but none better than Duncan Edwards. I join with Bobby Charlton who defined Duncan – ‘The best footballer I ever played with’, my definition – ‘the best footballer I have ever seen’. His loss to United and English football was indefinable.


A broken plane
A broken dream
A broken heart
A broken team
No word said
A silent vow
We loved you then
We love you now




He’s a Manchester United manager. The short of it is United have the talent, they just have a manager that bottles it big time against “Big” clubs, nothing special in that Jose, wise up sunshine or ship out.

It looks like Mourinho is an overblown legend in his lonely hotel room. He has one more transfer window to address whatever gap is remaining in the team. No United fan would tolerate those performances next season or his train leaves shortly. Simple as that



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The point I’m trying to make is that the so-called Mourinho effect is being diluted because he doesn’t have the players he wants, or more specifically, the types of players he wants.

In every club he has been successful in, he’s had specialists in every postion, one or two players who can play across midfield or across defence but for the most part, specialists. He doesn’t have that at United, either because the ‘specialists’ aren’t good enough or he hasn’t had the opportunity to upgrade the squad in the relevant areas.

We have too many players who are good but not great in two or three positions and not enough players who are great in one position.




The Conte meltdown is just priceless to watch considering the toss he’s said all season long “we can’t have another Jose Mourinho season” hahahahahaha still clinging onto number 4 but as things stand their certainly having a JM season hahahahaha

His Juventus teams won Serie A under suspicion of match fixing & in any case during a period where there was no real competition & Juventus could out-spend every other team in Serie A.

He wasn’t even that good with the Italian national team! Now he’s been found out!


Is Chelsea the worst run club in the ‘Big Six’?

What the hell goes on behind the scenes there?



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I have to laugh at the above comments.

Yes, Chelsea are struggling at the moment. However, it’s a little early to gloat lads. We’ve won more than any other English club in the last ten years and are the current Prem champions, so I guess it depends by what yardstick you measure how well a club is run.

TMA, I can’t quite work out if you talk the most outrageous sh*te because you actually believe what you are saying or just for the wind up!

Chelsea were second from bottom when Chelsea sacked him. We are still in the top four as of tonight, despite our current struggles. Six points behind Manchester United.


@ashcfc – So, it’s not just Mourinho, Scolari, Ancelotti, Villas Boas and Di Matteo that Chelsea players give up for? There is obviously something rotten within that dressing room. Fabregas, Hazard et al, who knows.

Conte hasn’t been the same since his public spat with Mourinho. Lost his head ever since Jose called him a match fixer. Heads gone. Yeah you are still in the top four but judging from the rate at which Chelsea are going down, they will soon discover oil… Chelsea made Deulofeu look like Messi and imagine what real Messi will do to Chelsea’s defence..

BTW Bakayoko needs to work on his first touch, & second & third 😉


Haha. Wouldn’t be a TMA post without a wind up attempt!



I firmly believe Firmino is our most important player. He’s becoming consistent in his finishing too and importantly for the role he’s asked to play he is not selfish in front of goal.

Salah is starting to be awarded a superstar status by supporters and to be fair for what he’s doing he deserves the adoration of the fans. But you’d worry that could spread to the team and especially the younger players could start to see him as the man to give the ball to.

The Fulcrum

If we had held out for £200 million we probably could have seen off Barcelona until the summer for Coutinho. We may have faced a Mahrez situation afterwards, but the signals are there for all to see we don’t sell easily.

If a massive bid comes in for Firmino or Salah in the summer & either or both players want to leave, how do we respond?

If we refuse those players will feel aggreived having let Coutinho leave so easily in January. The club might just have created a problematic precedent for themselves in later windows. We will have to see.



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sanj, i wouldn´t say we let Coutinho go easily, we offered him a new contract, we offered him the captaincy. We refused to sell him in the summer when it was obvious he wanted the move, we held out for the highest price possible and Coutinho even let go of his loyalty bonus to secure the move.

He wanted a new challenge, at the biggest club in the world of football, to fight for trophies every season. We will continue to lose our players if we can´t win the league, its as simple as that.

Over the past years there has been a lot of statement about Klopp buying mostly attacking players, neglecting the defense. Right now we are not experiencing an implosion because of that, we got other players to build up our gameplan from midfield than Coutinho. Of course we miss him, he was our matchwinner but we are capable of going forward without him.

We need to stop settling for 2nd rated talent, close down our first choice targets and add 4 players in the summer. Then we got ourselves a really good team, capable of pushing for honors.

In all probability we are going for a keeper this summer, a midfielder and a forward. I can also see a new rightback coming in, just in case Clyne will not make it back.



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