Fans tear into Arsenal over decision not to sell Alexis in summer

Date published: Tuesday 16th January 2018 11:34

Manchester United fans debate who is left out if Alexis Sanchez signs, while Liverpool’s need for one more quality addition and David Moyes’ work at West Ham are also discussed in our forum.



If we did sign Sanchez, who would you take out of today’s line up?


@scholsy, it would be lingard. He’s baged in few goals but not good enough if we want to win titles. I’d even get drop mata and get a top central midfielder alongside pogba and matic with martial and sanchez on the wings.

This way we get the best out of our best player pogba


@fatrooney, absolutely spot on. We got away with a midfield 2 last nite but a better side would have scored at least 2 against us in the first half. A top CM is required to replace Carrick/Fellaini/Herrera – all of which could go.

Valencia Bailly Jones Shaw
New CM Matic
Sanchez Lukaku Martial


A couple of cracking goals last night. Great performances from Pogba, Lukaku and Martial. Shaw doing nicely too.

Agree with those who mention signing a midfielder. Wouldn’t sell Herrera just yet though.


Good result and a good performance; bar some poor tracking of their midfielders which gave them a few chances to get back into the game, the performance was fine. We’re still not flowing fully as an attacking unit however we are creating chances at least.

Would love for Sanchez to come in and give us an option down the right flank or through the middle – he would definitely be a big update on either Mata or Lingard. If we had to get in Sanchez for the No.10 slot and Lucas Moura for right wing I’d be one happy guy.

Sympathy for the Devils



Thought I would dig up this old thread and see if any posters want to change their tune. Although prompted by a completely dominant performance against relegation fodder like Stoke, Pogba has been immense for us all season. Since this thread was created we have seen Coutinho go for 140 million, Dembele for 130 million, Mbappe for 130 million and Neymar for 200 million pounds. It was telling when Mourinho said last season that Pogba at 89 million would be cheap in the long run. He is well on his way to proving exactly that.

De Bruyne is largely recognized as the best midfielder in the league and yet Pogba has registered the same number of assists and 3 goals to De Bruyne’s 6 despite playing 10 less games than him.

His ability is just immense and I am so excited to watch United games just to see him. Having seen him live against Burnley recently, he certainly is the best midfielder Manchester United have had since Scholes, seeing a player able to hit 70 yard passes with either foot is just so impressive.

Pace, power, vision, and insane technical ability – it’s all there with Pogba and Matic has certainly helped get the best out of him. It really is such a shame that he has only been available for one game against the rest of the “top 6”. No surprise either that we won that game at the Emirates.


I don’t think if Paul Pogba was overrated for a minute. at the moment he is far from the player he looked when he rejoined United. whether that is the tactics employed or loss of form is another matter. but Pogba is a pure class, the problem is that he is still young and is in learning process.

normally midfielders peak at 27, but people are expecting a lot from him,thus putting him under a huge pressure on his shoulders. he is a classy player if United can get the best out of him. and i won’t rule out Mourinho getting the best of him.

One of the biggest criticisms of pogba is his inability to do it in big games. Until he does so, people won’t care how he performs against as you say relegation fodder.


Or one way of looking at it Hatters is that becasue United paid the £90 million for him they raised the bar of what is acceptable to pay for a player.

If the Pogba deal hadn’t gone through would Coutinho and Neymar be going for so much? I guess so over time, but the Pogba deal certainly accelerated that.

That aside he is a quality player and United are a much better team with him in the side




As I said earlier muffler_1, Sanchez will decide where he goes and he decided to go to the club who are willing to pay him £400K per week making him the highest paid player in the PL.

Plus they are willing to pay his agent the £5m bribe they insisted on to make the deal happen. All the cards are in Sanchez and his agents hand and once Citeh discovered Jesus will be back much earlier than thought Sanchez is no longer a priority and they dropped their interest.

Keeping Sanchez in the summer was a major error, all he has done is sulk since August and he has done little on the pitch apart from upset his team-mates and undermine team morale.

Of course whether they is any team morale in the first place is another issue. But when you play for DontRenewContract FC you as a player will always determine your next destination and Sanchez has done just that.

The Oracle

Oracle well then just maybe you should not say he will never go to Utd then. Because thats what you said mr know it all.

I have not said anything of the sort that Sanchez dont decide his future. I was talking about Arsenals acceptance of a bid from Utd.

He still needs an ok to leave in January although he is within his rights to say no whatever we accept in form of a bid and leave in the summer. What i do agree to is that the club is to blame for this whole mess.




The Gelson Martins rumour mill in overdrive. Is he the type of player we need? Looks very similar to what we have and I would much rather we spent the kind of money being quoted on a world class keeper.


I will be very very disappointed if we dont sign anyone else this window. We’ve just beaten the best team in the league, we sold one of our best players. We still in the CL and the fa cup. Its time to push on get 1 more quality player.




Need a vocal captain, as well Firmino played he isn’t captain material but is having an awesome season.

I’d give it to VVD, OX if he could keep up these types of performances would be a good alternative.


I agree with Bob, Razor, Sanj etc. I think we have a single natural leader in the squad and that’s VVD. Ox is doing very well and improving under Klopp and potentially could turn into a very good footballer but he’s a long way from that.

We’ve been screaming out for a leader and we finally have one in VVD. In fact, there’s been several debates on here over the past two years about who should be captain and no one could agree as we had no leaders!




West Ham now up to 25 points with Arnautovic and Lanzini firing on all cylinders. Well played David Moyes.


was saying the same over the weekend to a hammers fan hatters, he has done well and its good news for him and the club, they needed it, really thought it would be a disaster but he seems to have settled well and comes over very well in interviews as well


Surprised me – fair play to him. I think if the board keep their noses out, dont undermine him and let him get on with his job, he could be West hams manager for many years to come.



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