Man Utd should have kept trio; Arsenal star would be good fit at Liverpool

Date published: Friday 4th October 2019 2:46

Manchester United fans question their transfer decisions after their draw with AZ Alkmaar, Liverpool supporters debate Naby Keita’s future, and the Arsenal faithful wonder if Gabriel Martinelli could replace Nicolas Pepe in the starting lineup – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Being linked with one of Ousmane Dembele, Moussa Dembele and Timo Werner. Well we need all three and that’s just for starters.



Watching us play football is making me lose my passion for the sport. It’s a truly sad moment when it dawns on you that watching other teams play football gives more joy than your own.

We are rubbish from top to bottom. Completely rudderless – clueless from the boardroom to the kit man. Considering this club is the most widely supported in the world, Ed Woodward should be charged by the UN for crimes against humanity.



I watched the match last night and thought the older players pretty much blew their chance of showing they have a future at the club. Matic, Fred, Mata are either too old or, in the case of Fred, seemingly unable to cope with the pressures of playing for us. It’s been discussed to death on here but these three should have controlled the midfield last night and provided a platform for the youngsters, they were abject in their failure. The fact McT looks our best midfielder at the moment speaks volumes about the others.
Thought the young lad Williams had a good game, pleased to see Dalot get through the match as well.


It’s definitely ironic that we would be a far better team with the bite of Herrera in midfield, the 20+ goals a season of Lukaku and the plan B from the bench of Fellaini!

Absolute shambles



The worry for me is the trajectory of recent events. It’s a downward spiral unfortunately. The increasing delusional chat from Ole is a sign he’s running out of ideas. The only thing saving him is the lack of availability of managers like Pochetino or Tuchel. We need need to be sign players to go straight in to the team in January. Problem is I can’t see that happening



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I am keitas biggest supporter I think I was the first person to bring his name to the attention of this website. I know he’s had a lot of stop start injuries as well that has hampered his development but…with that said for the good of our challenge for the league if he gets another injury like the ones he’s been having is it time to consider getting another box to box midfieder in, or promoting from the reserves?

I really think we need the dynamism of Keita and hope to god he can stay injury free as a fit Keita for me is almost the difference in us securing the league title, it’s the one ingredient that’s missing from us. I really like Arsenal’s Gwenduzi (spelling lol) if Klopp had someone like him in our team our midfied would be far more dynamic.

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t given up on Naby ability wise, I still think he is awesome prospect and player but it’s more about the injuries in the same way injuries prevented us from getting the most out of Sturridge and if that is the case then maybe we need to face up and look to alternatives wether they be from reserves or at other clubs? What do you guys think?



He knew over 2yrs ago that he was joining Liverpool and he’s still having trouble with the language.
When he first arrived I know the staff were very disappointed that he couldn’t understand English. He struggled to settle.
A year and a bit after that he’s only just now starting to get to grip with the language.

That doesn’t sit well with me along with his constant injuries and going to AFCON injured and then getting further injured.

I don’t remember anyone talking about Kieta before March/April 2017 when his name was first leaked on that list alongside VVD and Ox. Even then people were saying “Who?”


Naby Keita TEAMtalk

Keita is often used on the left or the midfield 3 and even a few times he played in manes position. I don’t think our system suits.

I think there’s a proper player in there and I hope he Steps Up now and steers clear of injuries

Sean the sailor


Sean I agree with you that our system may not suit him yet. 1 thing we have to consider is that we signed him a season before we started using the current system of advanced full backs and deeper midfielders. Back then a lot onus was on the midfield to provide the creativity and diving force for the attack. In essence, we signed him to play in a different system but now the requirements in that position are different and may not be his natural game. Towards the end of last season he did get some form and did show that there is something there. In time I’m sure he’ll come good. I have belief in our fitness staff to help him get past the injuries.




So, in roll an inform Leicester and well done Brendan for turning this team around. Despite his criticisms I think he is a very good coach and at his level at Leicester.

The last team we played our visitors was late January at a swirly Anfield allowing Harry Maguire to easily equalize after Mane put us 1-0 after just three minutes.

Starting XI that day:

Alisson, Henderson, van Dijk, Matip, Robertson, Wijnaldum, Keita, Firmino, Mane, Salah and Shaqiri (his last start for us).

Leicester arrive on the back of three straight wins after losing timidly to United. Their defence is good (which is impressive considering they lost Maguire) and have conceded only 5 goals in their opening 7 matches and have the fewest number on shots on goal record out of any team. This won’t be easy and we’re up against Jamie Vardy who likes to score against us and the excellent Turkish fella Soyuncu who just doesn’t give a sh*t.

I think our run ends at the weekend and putting this down for another 1-1. We’re too open without the ball and our back line without Matip (don’t know he’ll be fit or not) looks vulnerable and Vardy will take full advantage of that.

Rob Fort Worth TX

I’m sure Rodgers will get a good welcome. I always liked him as he tried to play attacking football.

Like rob, I’m concerned about how open we are this season. We are literally leaving two against two at the back At times but I fancy us to win

We are formidable at home and I expect our frontline to cause them all kinds of problems. They are a very good side and vardy is always a worry but I think we will win but concede aswell

Nidi is getting better by the season and perrira is one of the best right backs in the league. Don’t give Maddison an inch to thread any balls through. Bmvety tough game but I expect us to win

Sean the sailor


Leicester is the last of this current run of games. Napoli was a tough tough game and while we played well we didn’t come out with a result.
Leicester will be similar and have been my outside bet to break into the top 4 this season. They have no European distractions unlike Arsenal, Utd etc and Leicester have a pretty good team.
As mentioned above they have conceded the least amount of goals in the league alongside ourselves.
This game is not gonna be easy.

TAA, Matip, VVD, Robbo
Hendo, Fabinho, Milner
Salah, Firmino, Mané

Henderson looked leggy in the 2nd half, not surprising considering he’s started nearly every game so far in this great run, so I’m not 100% he’ll start this game but he has been an ever present so far for Klopp particularly in big games.
Wij has looked leggy too so I can see Milner coming in. Unfortunately I don’t think Ox or Kieta are up to speed yet to start such a tough, important game.

This match worries me.



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Mesut Ozil TEAMtalk

I’ve had it up until here for the criticism of Emery on Ozil.Truth is yes Emery does deserve criticism on not knowing his best team and tactics as there is room for improvmement,but now he’s been critcised for dropping ozil.Is this a joke?These are the same fans who Jumped on Ozil’s back for not perorfming upto the required level.The guy has a god gifted talent but is simply nowhere near consistent enough,infact remember when we had giroud how we never heard the end of How he’s not good enough to get on the end ozil’s passes.Ever since we got auba and laca the guy has been invisible.I mean what better two players to have infront of him interms of style of play?What do those fans have to say now?

Last season emery entrusted ozil for the most part,but how did he repay him?The guy hardly played a major part in us competing for the top 4 and the europa league route to the final.Infact,in the final against cheslea when we needed him the most he went anonymous.
He’s given one 350k a week performance in the past two years and that’s been against leicester.For me I very well understand sometimes you do need a player like ozil to bring balance.But i certainly wouldn’t base my team around him.I’ve watched him play live many times as well.He’s intelligent but direct as people make him out to be.Mostly looking for the easy pass,hardly trying to “make things happen”.Give him an open goal and he’ll still pass because he lacks the confidence to shoot as we’ve seen many a time.

I say emery has every right to drop him and play someone else instead.It’s no wonder,not one top club has been in for this apparent “world class talent”(only dubbed so by the Arsenal faithful).I say move him on in Jan(pay a part of wages if you have to) and get someone else instead.So many players I could suggest.

the specialone


We should’ve tried for mahrez who would’ve been a perfect replacement for oz.Ziyech would be a sutiable one too replacement.Now that we have pepe, I’m not really looking at a right sided player.I think we must go all out for James maddison in the summer.I’m sure we’ll get competetion but if we manage to get him we’ll have one hell of a creative player on our hands.

the specialone


Don’t see anyone on hear complaining about him being dropped its just taken as a given now he will be on his way at some point. My thoughts are while he is here we should use him as part of the squad even though he is not 1st choice. We are not playing well enough yet to totally exclude him. As I see it he is still our best number 10 and at the moment even on the right I don’t see him doing any worst that Pepe when he was played there although that’s not to say that is much of a positive. Home games against tough defensive opposition he is worth a place at least as part of the squad. He is not worth the money we are paying but there is nothing we can now do about it so play him as part of the squad these Europa games or Carabo cup or league games when we get injuries.




Great to watch another solid team performance. Martinelli looks great and I would start him against Bournemouth instead of Pepe. Difficult to say how good it was because they were poor but we have decent cover for most positions



Enjoyed game. Defense a little shaky on corners but did get better. AMN given opportunity to play forward but, I’m sorry, just not good enough. His days are numbered.
Martinelli in for Pepe on the Bournemouth game. I think Pepe will come right, but nowhere near what’s required of him. The step up has been too big for him and he will need time. Prem league is a tall order. He makes me mad still, but deserves a chance. Nelson too just not there yet.
Tierney, I like him. This boy can cross a ball.



Martinelli was great yesterday,but dropping pepe for him would be the most stupidest decisions a manager could make.First of all martinelli has only played in cup competetions and that’s a different ball game than performing in the premier league.Secondly,the guy is a striker not a winger.Thirdly,dropping pepe would remove all sense of confidence in him and it would create doubts you’re giving up on the 72m man.Don’t get me wrong,competition is healthy but they don’t even play for the same spot.

Right now,pepe needs time to adapt.Now I’m not one of those who beleive the guy needs a lot of time but as wenger and mourinho both said a new player needs 6 months to adapt.For me he needs that one goal from open play and he might start performing as per the expectations but let’s see.

In other areas,I thought emi martinez was good there’s no reason he shouldn’t compete with leno for no1.Mustafi yet again,3/3 clean sheets.Tierney seems to be a gem and should be starting in the PL.And yet again,the thing I noticed was if at all emery has any plans to play Xhaka it shouldn’t be right ahead of the defense.And the pairing should be torriera and xhaka with Guen slightly upfront.I’m not convinced entirely that torreira can do the job but he’s certainly our best bet for the player right ahead of the defense.

the specialone


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