Man Utd star Mkhitaryan ‘cannot handle the big games’

Date published: Monday 6th November 2017 11:14

Manchester United readers have questioned some of the players after the loss at Chelsea and Antonio Conte has just earned a stay of execution at Chelsea, according to our fans’ forum…

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No surprises at Man Utd loss; Mkhitaryan’s place seriously questioned

I’m not surprised by the result, I tipped 1-0 defeat. The performance is no surprise either, it’s in line with the recent trend. Some argue Huddersfield was an anomaly, but perhaps our blistering form at the start of the season was the anomaly; fresh legs, summer weather and weak opposition.

In my view the team has far too many players who are simply not good enough to help us get where we want to be. Fans hype up our players but really are Smalling, Jones, Valencia, Young, Herrera, Fellaini, Lingard going to do it for us. If half the team are second stringers its no surprise if overall performance is less than what is needed to beat top teams.

Add to that the lack of leaders who can inspire the team and the X factor player(s) who can provide the moment of magic to make a difference. That JM looks to Fellaini to rescue us speaks volumes. Other than DDG the team had no stars, by star I mean a player who delivers consistant (ie over a period of time) high performances for the club.

Forget the title, top4 is the question. And that depends on not slipping up against the likes of Huddersfield and how Liverpool Arsenal perform. The problem is, if we make top4 will the Glazers be willing to provide the massive funds needed to clear the deadwood and take us to the next level. I fear us turning into a Liverpool or Arsenal, also-rans every season with an occassional cup here and there.


lord!! this sucks, what’s worse is, it could have been worse..all those chances they missed could have easily been another 4-0 thrashing, it was even more painful because i was watching it with 2 Chelsea fans, someone please fast forward this week


Hindsight can be a curious thing. After the match I realized a lot of truths that I had already thought about however I didn’t actually grasp how much of a fact they are.

– Lukaku is actually very very poor at winning headers when our GK, defence play long balls. Against big clubs that is probably around 80 to 90% of the type of balls we try to play. Lukaku won maybe two headers yesterday from long balls, meaning we concede possession back to our opponents practically all the time in big games, which is really unacceptable.

– Mkhitaryan cannot handle big games. I am yet to see him play above a 5/10 performance against a big team.

– When we try to pass the ball out from the back, our opponents are happy for us to play the ball to Rashford and/or Martial because they just double mark them, knowing our full backs don’t do overlaps.

I think we do actually just need to go on the offensive in big games away from home too. The fight for a 0-0 won’t work against City and will probably not work against Spurs or Arsenal either. We were lucky against Liverpool that it did (they missed quite a few chances) so maybe it’s just better to go for it and put them under pressure.

As for yesterday, no real surprises. I thought we’d get the 0-0 given our good defence so far this season and Chelsea’s issues however when I saw we were going for a 3-5-2 I was worried given that Chelsea like to flood the midfield and get Hazard, Fabregas and Bakayoko going forward.

Sympathy for the Devils

Time for Man Utd to evaluate

Time to evaluate: These last four games was very much a time for the team to stand and be counted. We didn’t deliver. 4 points in four games. Dismiss the Huddersfield game as an anomaly all you like, but for me these last four games speak a clear language about the state of our team:

We are not where we are supposed to be. It seems quite clear that especially City and to a certain extent Chelsea are simply in a stronger position than we are. And that’s not mentioning running into stronger teams in the CL.

It’s been tough being without Pogba. But if we’re that vulnerable and dependant on him, that too speaks volumes about our current state: We can very easily become unconvincing, and for me, it’s an indicator of the plethora of underperforming deadwood currently residing in our ranks.

Both JM transfer windows have added quality in my book. But we’re at least two similar transfer windows short of where we should be, and those two transfer windows should at the same time let us say farewell to Young, Smalling, Blind, Mata, Miki, Shaw (perhaps), Jones, Valencia, Herrera, Darmian, Lingaard, Carrick, Fellaini and Darmian. It’s a massive, perhaps too massive, overhaul, but I see none in that list who has the quality to help us reaching the United Standard.

I’m still unsure what I think is the right solution, but considering how tall an order such an exodus would be in terms of finances and team cohesion, the “bank on young players and aim for top 4 not top 1 for the next 3-4 years”-approach proposed by @macguffin become increasingly appealing.


Needless to say I agree 100% with your post. Consider Bakayoko & Matic. We signed a 29 year old for 40m and Chelsea used the money to sign 23 year old Bakayoko. Matic will decline and probably end up like a Carrick holding his place till he’s 34-36. Given transfer funds are probably limited, by the time we sign the other players we need Matic will need replacing. Had we had Bakayoko instead, he would be in his prime and at his peak as the final pieces of the jigsaw arrived.

There’s no guarantee a player will make the grade so we have to clear out those who don’t look like making it after a couple of years so as to recoup the money and replace with somebody who may make it. The Depay signing and exit being a good example.

Problem is, once we sign players and if they don’t perform as hoped, we keep them in the army of second stringers for 8 years or more. It ends up with half the team fielded being second stringers. Darmian, Rojo, Blind, Fellaini, Shaw etc. will no doubt end up spending 8 years at the club before they are moved on.


Conte silences his critics – for now

Well that performance has silenced the critics for a while but like many have said – the media simply move on to the next Chelsea “crisis” – David Luiz

To be fair, Luiz has been suspect for a few games and maybe needed the rest but a bold move by Conte nonetheless. Paid of in dividends as well as Christensen was solid at the back

Kante made all the difference and allowed Bakayoko to play his more natural game. Just got to find him some shooting boots now…!! KTBFFH


Unfortunately the media are giving the Luiz situation more attention than our impressive performance, but I guess that is inevitable. My only hope is that Conte hasn’t sent Luiz any texts!


Were Arsenal that bad or City just that good?

We did not get Slaughtered as some of you were hopeing, We played ok today. Not great but not really bad.

We were poor in the last third with our final ball when we did have chances but no one is going to city and totally turn them over they are the best team in the league at the moment so no other manager or team can compete with them at the moment. So let’s not delude ourselves and blame the team or the manager we can’t compete with the money or squad they have at the moment.


Refs are awlays s*** mate!!!!It’s our job to make sure they aren’t and try and do everything to make sure to win decisions and get them in our favour!!!But I guess Arsenal fans are too straightforward to want to see our players put pressure on the ref after every decision like chelsea.And while chelsea win PL titles every other year,it’s us fans who come on and whinge about refs decisions not favouring us!!!

the specialone

Steve2bath – not great but not really bad…??? It doesn’t matter whatever way you look at we played poorly. 3-1 away when it could easily and should have been 6-1, that’s getting slautered and lucky.

It’s been said time and time again our results win lose or draw flatter us. When we lose it should have been by more, when we win we should have drawn, and when we draw we are lucky to get a point. The players and more notably the manager should get slated.

Today yet again we saw that ozil and xhaka just need dropping and sold in jan! Coq should have been shipped off over a year ago. We have 1 capable centre back in the whole squad, Koscielny and even he is a sick note these days.

To go to city with one recognised cb (kos), a player who makes mistakes week in week out (xhaka), a player whose goes missing constantly (ozil) they should reword that saying ‘lord Lucan’ to ‘mesut ozil’ the amount he goes missing!

That’s all just criminal.

I don’t expect us to win, but nevertheless playing the right players in the right positions would have given us a better chance of nicking a draw!

I have no enjoyment out of watching or going to games anymore. It’s just depressing, boring, watching us play s*** week in week out, win lose or draw it’s a drab affair.


Clever Pep; City don’t have to play offside

Pep has been really clever this season and they may as well just give them the trophy now. Buying a defence was smart, but the cleverest thing he did was to opt out of the offside law for the season.


Happy to come away without more of a tonking! Well played City…Mark if only the old fool would dodder off, I think he wants to be the first manager to leave a club feet first!!


Scary thing about city is they werent even at their best yesterday. Lacazette on the bench tho, you must be pretty cheesed off with that.


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