Man Utd star off the pace in Chelsea win; Klopp urged to drop key man

Date published: Tuesday 13th August 2019 1:53

Luke Shaw TEAMtalk

Man Utd fans slam a key man for being off the pace against Chelsea, while Jurgen Klopp is urged to drop a defender in the Super Cup – all in Your Says of the Day.

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For years United have been crying out for quality in 3 positions. Right back, centre back and right wing. This game just highlighted to me how much Ashley Young and the endless list of mediocre centre backs have been hurting this once great club. I can’t put in to words the difference that Wan-Bissaka and Maguire have made, it’s ridiculous. Keeping that back 4 and starting James could potentially be the start of finally going in the right direction. 7 British players played for utd yesterday as well. 6 academy players.


Luke Shaw really struggled, one on one he is excellent and hard to get past, but he looks constantly caught in two minds as to what he should be doing. Going forward he lacks decisiveness and always looks worried about the counter-attack, but then when he does go forward, he often does gets it wrong and is found out of position for counter attacks. I think this is a mental issue and he needs to sort himself out this season quickly.


I think Shaw is almost suffering from post traumatic stress after Mourinho. His comments during the game were pretty low-blow and not for the first time. Shaw needs to get that out of his system and build up an understanding with both Maguire and Rashford. This is a make-or-break season for Shaw, I feel because modern football places very high demands on full-backs and with the right side sorted Ole must look closely at the opposite flank.


Luke Shaw TEAMtalk

@roygbiv It’s either that or Mourinho and Van Gaal were both right about him. The excuses have been coming for a few years now, first it was the injury, then the mental block coming back from injury, then the weight issues, then his manager being tough on him, then him not putting enough effort into training, now he’s got PTSD from being not very good for a few years.

Either way he needs to take control and turn into a man this year.


Mike, that may well be true but there’s a way of talking to/about your players and the public flogging they gave him didn’t do him much good, I think. Mourinho has a Masters degree in pettiness and Van Gaal is just plain bonkers so let’s see if Ole can help Shaw reach his potential or if he’ll need to replace him next season.


Shaw looks injured,to me anyway….


The best Shaw ever was for us was when Depay was playing on the left wing. They had a good understanding and Shaw KNEW Depay had his back if he went forward. With Martial he doesn’t have that, with Rashford he does but should Rashford be a CF or a LW? With Martial on the left wing, he won’t or can’t defend so Shaw can’t go forward and is frequently caught as the one in a two on one. If he could get a supportive relationship going with a consistent partner on that wing we might see the best of him, until then, we won’t.


He stood out clearly as the weakest link for me Happy. If Chelsea had more first teamers fit or we were playing another top side I think we would have conceded a couple of times.

As others have said, maybe partnerships haven’t helped him, but it’s not like Rashford and Sanchez don’t put in a shift in front of him. He needs to be a man this season, if a player isn’t covering or he needs help, let them know quickly.

Also, from Solsjkaer’s perspective, Wolves will be targeting this at the weekend, we need to have it worked out.



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Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

I really want to win this one.
Community Shield I was non plussed, I’d prefer to win it like but wasn’t that worried, Super Cup tho I really want it.
It still holds a bit of prestige.
Lifting trophies like this keeps players happy too and sets that winning standard.

I’d be going for strongest team possible.

TAA, Gomez, VVD, Robbo
Hendo, Fab, Wij
Salah, Firmino, Mané

I wouldn’t be surprised if Klopp started Kieta as he’s been singing his praises recently.


Naby Keita TEAMtalk

I’d start Matip instead of Gomez and push us back a few yards. Really hope we are not going to keep playing so high. Worked very last year but it took ages to perfect but now we seem to playing a good few yards further up.

We have conceded a crazy amount of chances in last few games

I’d play Keita instead of winji for this one. Really want to win it aswell. Really want to win the world championship as well.

Tomorrow be a tough game but playblike we can and we will win. Chelsea will have Kante back. Giroud up top I’d say

Bobby and Salah look really sharp. Two really good attacking performances recently.

Sean the sailor

We can win our 43rd major trophy… puts us one ahead of any rival in England…

I reckon the lads are well up for this and I really doubt we will put the brakes on at any time during the match, full throttle and go for the kill.

Chelsea are a bit wounded right now after their opening day defeat and we should go for the jugular, get some major unrest going on in the camps of our rivals.



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Jorginho TEAMtalk

I know I’m guilty of bias when I’m assessing Jorginho’s performance. but yesterday’s display hasn’t improved my already unfavorable view towards him. everyone has their individual opinion about our second-half collapse yesterday. but my personal opinion is that we lost the midfield battle in the second half. in the first half, we won the midfield battle and the number of chances we have created was a testimony. but in the second half, we have lost control of the midfield battle. and that in part I feel is down to Jorginho lacking energy and stamina to press and tackle a full 90 minutes. had we had a fit Kante alongside Kovacic, I’m certain we would have dominated that midfield.


While he has good and accurate short passes and excellent ball control, for me Jorg is not Premier League quality. A one dimensional player. Too slow, no speed. Cannot tackle cannot shoot. He was useful when not marked for Sarri-ball. But probably Christensen, Luiz or Ampadu playing DM would do better than Jorg. For me Lamps first mistake was to sell Luiz. He can play CB he can play DM. Sloppy but can shoot can pass. Can score as well. If Kante cannot start yet, hope Lamps play Christensen as DM with Kovacic and Zouma + Tomori CB. We need to protect our backline against Pool



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I saw James play for Wigan at Bristol City he played in midfield that day but he’s a beast of a player and looks the real deal very comfortable on the ball very strong in the tackle bags of energy and he scored a great goal that day too.

The fact that Chelsea turned down a £25 m bid from Palace tells its own story I’m sure he will begin to figure in the team once fully fit and once he’s got a match or two under his belt and he’s capable of playing in more positions than just right full back too.

nine nine nine

wow 999 what an array of passing, strength on the ball and general skill. A beast of a player alright. Appears the next level will not be a problem based on what I see here. To be honest never seen him play before myself.

Found this highlights reel for anyone else that wants a look. Just turn down the background music as its likely to drive you insane 🙂


67, First rule of highlight reels is beware of highlight reels they only show the good bits check out Baka’s highlight reel. 🙂

Pleased to have seen Reece in the flesh his highlight reel doesn’t lie, I think he’s going to be a player as is Mount.Cheers 9’s

nine nine nine

If Rudiger returns to full fitness and we have Kante also fit, i see no reason why James can’t be deployed in the place of Azpi. mind you that Azpi has been a guaranteed starter for the last 5 years under the different managers that led Chelsea. but this time things have moved, football is moving away from the traditional right backs, and is moving towards the more attack minded right backs. something that is not Azpi’s strengths at all. at least James will have the hunger and if given the believe i see no reason why he can’t be our first choice RB.


I am excited about james too, but right now we are counting on azpi. We all know lamps will give james a chance when he is fit.



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