Man Utd fans turn on De Gea; Arsenal man rated most overrated ever

Date published: Thursday 25th April 2019 11:16

Manchester United supporters think David De Gea needs a break, Liverpool fans are already dissecting where the league was lost, and one Arsenal star is dubbed their most overrated player of all-time – all in Your Says of the Day.


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Time to drop De Gea

Romero needs to play. De Gea needs a break until his contract is decided, sign or go!



Fred gave the ball away again.
We are a team playing to form.
This is the level we are at – attitute, talent and contract issues abound.



That should Pereira’s last game in the shirt. One of many that aren’t good enough to even be in the squad.



The harsh truth is that City simply have better players in every single position. They’re better on the ball and they’re more mobile and inventive off it. They’re also more organized, work harder, have a winning mentality and clear leaders in the squad. We have Ashley Young as captain, some spoiled brats controlling the dressing room and a total imbecile running the club. Things will only get a lot worse before they get better.



I’d be perfectly happy to f**k De Gea off, but I’m not sure anyone would want him. Same with Rashford and Martial, they’ve been rumbled. At least we should still get some coin for Pogba and Lukaku.



Nearly another DeGea ‘moment’, there has been no keeper playing consistently worse than him in the entire country this season, that’s the complete reality of it.



We’ve played pretty well to be fair. City have much more quality than us and have punished us.

Pogba’s the only proven creative player in the team and it shows.

Rashford on the break was our game plan, once he slowed down after a knock it was over.


David de Gea Manchester United

De gea has been distracted by his contract and most probably because his Spanish brothers mata and herrera contract are not being renewed. Pogba thinking about playing for zidane. Young thinking about his retirement and rashford thinking about the extra 0s in his contract. Lingard doesn’t even think so his brain dead, lukaku dying to play for juve, sanchez making so much money his thinking about his dog in a gucci top. Woodward too busy signing up commercial clients and the glazers just drinking money out of the club. The club in crisis and things are going to get worse before it gets better, hopefully the club has a huge summer clear out.



For whatever reason, very disappointed in David De Gea. Used to be our imperial soldier – not any more. If he wants off then goodbye, can’t have those awful mistakes creeping into his game.



Rashford gave a strange interview after the game. Looked like he was going to bust in to tears. Some f**king shambles we currently have on our hands. Just need to get to the summer now.



@mike2005. I enjoyed your first post because it stoked some hope and a bit of nostalgia fuelled belief in me but the stark reality is we are dealing with a bunch of completely overpaid, undermotivated, and most importantly – leaderless constituent of players in that football team.

We showed the fight, quality, and intensity of a team that believed it should win the game for the first 30 or so minutes. Then we faded and City took over the game with their conviction and their superior quality.

After half time it was an embarrassing illustration of how far superior City in were in terms of bottle, pure footballing quality, tactical nous, and belief. For me, Solsjkaer’s inability to make a proactive or reactive tactical move in the first 15 mins of the second half showed that he is not a serial winner of games in the way that Mourinho is – he is tactically inferior. He should have made a tactical move in those minutes – substitution, formation change, even getting onto the touchline would have helped FFS! He must learn to be better at this.

That being said, I think I was always indifferent about this result. Main thing is I think we have a manager in Solskjaer who is similar to Brendan Rodgers but has big “know how” about our club and also has his legendary status as a Manchester United man. When you consider his overall management record, I think he remains a gamble but I would prefer him being given a chance (with proper backing from the board) over 4 or 5 years than the same rubbish we have seen lately. Give Ole time, space for mistakes, and money.

Europa League football next season then my old geezers.

GGMU. Always support.


Romelu Lukaku; David de Gea TEAMtalk

As an aside, I am shocked at how much De Gea has regressed this season. The man’s head is not in the game at all anymore.



Hatters – agree, and I get the feeling this is over his contract. He needs to sign up or ship out. If he is not going to sign we need to sell in the summer and let Romero have a few games.



Everybody is going on about De Gea and some of the goals he has let in. People seem to forget that from day 1, and even during the seasons he was brilliant. His near post has always been his weak spot, from day 1 he has let sh*t goals in at his near post, he seems confused as to either go for it with his hands or use his feet.



OK but De Gea is a professional footballer, after 8 years or so as our number 1 he’s still getting beaten by the same thing, long range near post shots. His distribution and command of area haven’t improved either. He’s an unbelievable reaction shot stopper, probably the best ever however his game has weaknesses that should be worked on.
Also think Romero should be the number 1 until De Gea’s contract is agreed or he leaves, the distraction seems to be a problem



Arsenal problems massively exposed at Wolves

Well Leno should be critisised for that performance but so should the whole team because they are all a disgrace tonight.

As I said we can only hope for other teams to help because we surely cant be bothered.



Hahaha Not having a field day but I told you last week that there are much much bigger problems than Mustafi at the club and he didn’t even start today and it was proved so as I did mention after the palace game.

You know,I don’t even think we played so poorly,just the defending us pure and utter shambles,laughable.Our central defenders couldn’t be experienced enough and yet it was pure shambles.
First goal wasn’t even a free kick and while i am mentioning that stuart attwell has got to be the worst referee in the PL,and it really did seem he has it in for Arsenal.
Second goal,utter shambles by our most experienced defender.We conceded a ditto goal against palace with benteke scoring and now again we fail to hold the line.What the hell kind of tactics are those on set pieces where two games in a row we’ve managed to play them Onside from setpieces,shambles.
Third goal,Leno purely at fault.I told you he’s an expensive almunia i just can’t see him at the club in the long term.Get rid of his asap.Because even he is a good stopper he dosen’t have various elements to become a top gk.

Other woeful performances from AMN who is just a terrible defender.There are times when he’s left the last defender and his decision making not to close down is awful.
And the worst on the pitch,let’s not forget Ozil.The most overrated player to ever play for this club,by far.What does he actually do?He’s the most ineffective player we have.
There are players that actually use to make things happen with the ball like cazorla and then there’s Ozil who does nothing but simply pass sideways.How many times does he actually open up defences?The most overpaid player we’ve ever had.

the specialone

I don’t think any Arsenal fan has said its only Mustafi that is the problem at the back. Its all defenders and Bould who is not good enough everybody knows this.

That being said I dont think you Tso should be on a high horse about Leno or the defence when you defended Mustafi for years and still believe he is a suitable backup. Leno has not been here a year yet and with the worst defence out of top 6 and even the teams below us have a better defence, no keeper would succeed here if he was absolute top top class.

I do agree that our defensive problems runs deep and are in huge need of a rebuild which we all know wont happen. I actually dont think we will manage to find a buyer on any of them even if we gave them away.



Muffler – After the Palace game,95% of the gooners(everywhere in genral) were having a field day taking the mick out of Mustafi and making it seem he is solely responsible for the defeat and what not.To be honest I’m dissapointed in them.As supporters of the club you’re suppose to get behind your players.If they’re still not good enough you blame the management and anything other than the player.But Mustafi has constantly been criticised and abused on Social media and now his confidence is zero.It dosen’t help.They tried to do the same with Xhaka last season until they started realising what he does for the team.It’s not done.The worst part is the players that actually deserve most blame always seem to escape it as they’re fan favourites.

As for leno,please everyone stop with this high horse thing.I never said I want a trophy or anything for being right about it,it’s pathetic.All I try to get is a a point across.It dosen’t matter how good or bad leno has been this season(well either how everyone would agree he’s leaned towards the latter),there are simply put some elements he lacks to be a top goalkeeper.Those elements come from within,like leadership/Communication/command.He literally has neither of those which is why I feel the sooner we get rid of him the better.

Either ways,I would not feel satisfied if we finish in the top 4 this way.We have major problems,thinking of the long term the last we thing we need is for the fans to start thinking everything is jolly well at the club,it’s not.Apparently,we’ve been given a 45m budget for the summer.what the hell do you get in that much in today’s market.The way this club is run is unacceptable.Kronke is taking the life of this club.I despise him.Sadly there will always be tourists to fill up the stadium but until he’s gone I’ll never be happy and have any confidence in this team again.

the specialone

Defence a concern for Chelsea

David Luiz; Kepa TEAMtalk

Think we can all agree that this season we have not been as solid at the back as a team chasing the EPL, or even a top 6 spot, would expect to be

I do think that we have moved to zonal marking and for the majority, if not all, of our defenders I expect this to be something new for them especially as I think we have made this switch midway through the season…? We also have to accept that the defence is not getting the protection it had previously with Kante being used in a more advanced role which for me, remains an issue

And yet I believe that we still have the 4th best defensive record in the league and if you removed the 6 from City and the 4 from Bournemouth which simply are not acceptable, then we would of course be better

Do not agree that we do not have the quality but rather that we do not have the consistency. Luiz can always make mistakes or get caught out. Dave has had a mare this season. Alonso was used for a lot of the season and while he is solid WB he is not a FB

We will have other options for next season depending on who is the manager and whether the transfer ban is upheld so not all doom and gloom but if it is Sarri still in charge then I have to hope/expect that he will have learnt from his first season in the EPL and see where improvements need to be made. KTBFFH



I don’t see if the transfer ban takes place why we should worry. We have enough quality young players in Abraham, Tomori, Reece, Mason and Morata is banging in the goals for AM and Bakoyoko has been ACs best player, just to mention a few. Not saying we should bring them all in but they would be the same as new quality signings plus keep our best experienced players and imo it’s enough for one season.



Top four race back in Chelsea’s hands

Marcos Alonso, David Luiz, Willian TEAMtalk

well, well again we are in control of 4th place. Win the last three games and it is ours, but can we? Arsenal still have Leicester and Burnley away as two of their last three matches so could conceivably drop more points. United at Old Trafford will decide which team drops out of the running between us and United I think as they are three points behind us but finish up with Huddersfield away and Cardiff Home but we have an 8 goal advantage in goal difference. Arsenal will be hoping for us and United to draw. Still it is going to go down to the last day I think with three teams battling for 4th. We still have Watford at home and Leicester away and we will be struggling to get the full six points out of those. It may well come down to the best of the worst falling into 4th place.



Amazingly it’s back in our hands again. 😊

nine nine nine


How many times have we said this season “we must win the next game” and then cocked up our opportunity.
I hope we are working hard on defending set plays this week and shooting from distance.
I am astonished we are still in with a shout of top 4 and perhaps that shows the poor quality outside of the top 2.
I want to see the manager mix up his tactics where necessary but i wont be holding my breath!



Liverpool to sell Grujic for €40m?

If we managed to get that much for him then you’ve got to say that he was a successful signing. True it would only be in terms of the profit but that enables us to be more competitive in the market.



I hope we convince him to stay, I’ve always been a fan of him and it comes as no surprise to me that he is valued that highly. He is perfect for us when Milner leaves but quite honestly I don’t see him competing for as much game time as he does in Germany at Anfield. Or not until Milner leaves…



I think as he left the UK to work elsewhere he would need a new work permit and he would likely fail that so won’t be playing for Liverpool anytime soon.

He only got one originally because Klopp said he would be a regular starter which never happened, and doesn’t have enough caps.



Never understood why he didn’t get more of a chance with us, a complete enigma. We got this far without him and if we can get 30m to go towards a new Klopp pick off the top shelf then why not



I like Grujic but at 23 he’s at a major crossroad now and needs consistency. 74 appearances in 6 years and injuries a major contributor to that. Would have liked him to stay in the PL with Cardiff but don’t blame him with nutjob Warnock there. He’s got the skillset; he just needs to show he can put a couple of seasons together.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Big balls… 40 million pounds is nothing to us, we don’t need the money from the sale.

We are going to break the commercial record for the biggest sponsorship ever in the history of football.

More than 750 million pounds are on the way in, why would we need to sell one of our best prospects to raise money for another player?


Liverpool fans already picking apart where the league was lost

Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

Well, as was predicted by many, it was a straightforward win for city. Although you could argue it was another couple of mistakes by de gea. Imagine if that was mignolet…

City now on a 11 game winning run and deep done, can’t see them dropping anymore points.

For me it was the Everton away game and the Leicester home game, where we should have won. It will be hard to take if we lose by one point.

If city get to 98 points and 100 from the previous season, the standard is out of this world.

I can’t see any team being able to match them for the next few seasons, unless we win it this season.

I just hope it was the Mahrez penalty miss which costs them!!!

We must win something this season, I want the league badly but would more than settle for the champions league and Number 6.



Whatever happens in the next few games, it’s way too early to be posting something like this.

j c


The title was lost when we drew against Leicester and West Ham. The away games against Everton and Utd cost us as well. City had more quality players than us and very few injuries. We tried but for onve more time we did not manage to take the title. 2002, 2009, 2014, 2019….




Where the league was lost?

Such a poor question

In an exceptional season another team looks like they may be better then us. Hats off to them. As Klopp said looking back at specific games is stupid but what we still have is three games which we still have to win just in case man city f**k up. I would be more p*ssed if we drop points know & give city an easy ride in the next few games. lets keep the pressure up take it to the last day of the season.



Stupid post. The league is not lost, not yet. And it’s over 38 games so signalling out one particular game is ridiculous.

If, and it’s still a big if, City win their final 3 games, then I believe their 2nd half of season will be P19 W18 L1. It wont be a question of where we lost the title, it would be how they won it.



If you don’t win the title you shouldn’t be over-hard on yourself. Your points accumulation would have won the league in most PL seasons, problem is you’re up against a team with great financial backing, and obviously a good team in general.



If we start thinking in isolation and concentrate on these two games, then we dismiss the 70 points players had toiled to amass when we played these two teams. Such a tally isn’t attained by dallying on the pitch and it’s normal that there were going to be draws somewhere even at Anfield.



Still 3 games to go but i just cannot see city losing or even drawing the next 3 games.



Ain’t over til it’s over!

The Fulcrum

Nothing changing at Man Utd…

With our so-called “big players” leaving this summer, the entire transfer kitty will be spent on replacing them – leaving us staring into another season of Young, Jones, Smalling and co at the back. Ed Woodward will go all sentimental and re-sign any ex-United player available. He’ll obviously want Ronaldo but will have to settle for Cleverly, Welbeck, Evans and whoever was the milkman at Old Trafford back in ‘87.

A plethora of bad decisions this past decade has left us as a mid-table team at best that’s only in with a slight chance of a CL due to a false dawn a few months ago and some ginormous f**k-ups from Arsenal and Chelsea.



Roy Keane said we needed 2 CBs and 2 full backs last night and never got chance to move on to midfield and up front. But realistically, if Pogba, Herrera and Mata are off and even the diehards on here are beginning to realise that Matic, McTominay, Pereira, Fred and Lingard aren’t good enough, then how many midfielders do we need to bring in? And anyone happy with our up front choice of Lukaku, Martial, Rashford and Sanchez, who haven’t been able to score in open play for 500 minutes? It truly is frightening.

But don’t worry, looks like Darren Fletcher’s on his way back to give old Ole some much needed advice. Maybe he’ll get a few games too eh?



That’s not changed in a couple of seasons. The defence has needed work since Mourinho joined. Van Gaal signed Darmian and Shaw as fb’s and they haven’t worked out and need replacing. Mourinho tried to sign 2 younger CB’s to develop and take over from Smalling and Jones, this hasn’t worked either so we’re left needing to reconstruct the defence again.
Maybe if there was a world class defence then the rest of the team could focus on their jobs. At the moment we have to set up negatively against all the good sides because the defence is not good enough to cope. That makes it much harder for the attacking players as they have no support. Yes changes need to be made in midfield and attack but nothing is as urgent as the defence.



That midfield is sh*te hooked. Every team in the land walks through it. Can’t dominate, can’t keep possession, doesn’t protect the back four and doesn’t create much. I could turn your argument round and say if we had a powerful, athletic, dynamic, creative midfield…



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