‘Man Utd to rest stars? I’d never trust Mourinho’s cunning mind games’

Date published: Thursday 4th May 2017 4:33

Our readers discuss Philippe Coutinho’s Barcelona link, Diego Costa’s move to China and whether Jose Mourinho’s mind games means he can ever be trusted.

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Wenger is the crux of everything

Hey Andy – I think the managerial situation is the crux of everything that’s wrong myself. Squads can always be improved – even Barca or Bayern could improve their squads, although a fair bit less improvement is needed there than with us! But, if I was a player that had had even a passing interest in what’s been going on at Arsenal over the last few years, I’d see a squad going backwards, despite more and more money being spent.

Sanchez and Ozil are the two biggest names we’ve brought in since Campbell (Sol, not Joel, bless ‘im), but neither has taken us forward. There’s a long list of young players that came into the squad with lots of hype surrounding them and have failed to live up to it, despite many of them now being at their supposed peak. There’s only one common denominator – Wenger.

There was a time when you could at least point to the likes of van pur$ie and Cesc. They may well have f**ked off when bigger clubs came calling, but players still wanted to come and play for Wenger because he would always improve their careers, even if that improvement simply secured them a big money move away. Now, he takes players backwards, not forwards.

Here is one of Wenger’s latest gems: “If you don’t win the championship, the FA Cup, the Champions League, it is absolutely disastrous. But if you look back in the last three years, we won the FA Cup twice and finished second, third and fourth. We are in the FA Cup final again. Overall, I believe we are not happy because you want to win absolutely everything.”

He, along with much of the media, just don’t get it. It’s not because we haven’t won the title or CL – it’s that we’re never even in the race and the more he spends, the further backwards we go. Actually, to be fair, Wenger is an intelligent man and I’m sure he does get it, but by blaming it on lack of trophies (and the media lapping it up), he makes it sound like the problem isn’t his incompetence, but just spoiled fans being greedy.

Problem is, when it comes to players choosing their next club, Wenger no longer has the one advantage that used to give us at least a shout in the race with other clubs for their signatures. He no longer makes players better. No realistic prospect of major silverware, no career improvement and not even the best payers – what is there to attract any top players to Arsenal?

Kroenke could change all that in a stroke. There’s no guarantees, whoever comes in as our next manager, but at least there’ll be a prospect of moving forward. With things as they are, I don’t see anything that would attract good, ambitious players to us.

Al The Gooner


Recruitment a worry for Arsenal this summer

Morning Al. Superb post bud.

Recruitment has to be a huge concern this summer. Kolasinac appears to be just about a done deal. I have never seen the guy play but Shalke are currently 10th in the Bundesliga and we can pay more in wages so its’ not hard to see why he might come.

You would have to presume that if talks have taken place, he knows who is going to be in charge? Then again, maybe he isn’t that concerned? I suppose its down to the individual.

I see Wenger knocked out another ‘we almost signed him’ story last night, about Mbappe. Robert Pires said last week, that he feels we will sign him and that Wenger is the right man to manage him! Not one bit of that statement is even remotely true!

How on earth could we compete for him now? He can literally pick where he wants to go and as it stands we are not going to attract, arguably, the hottest prospect in world football to our door. One thing is for sure, Wenger is the worlds greatest at ‘almost signing players’.



Costa going to China

Just got an update from another site I use that stories in Spain claim that Costa has signed a pre agreement to go to China. It claims the Chines club is still prepared to pay 80-90M euro for Costa and that he is still unhappy with Conte for not letting him go in January

Obviously no idea as to how valid the story is but it does reference the reported meal that Costa and his agent had last week with Asian businessmen

Have to say for that money we should just take it and that eases the pain of buying Lukaku or Morata who seem now to be the 2 main names in the frame. KTBFFH



Man Utd to rest players

Mourinho has now came out publicly and stated that the EL is more important to them as a route to CL qualification.

Depending on how tonight’s match goes I can see him resting/rotating players with an eye on the home tie next week.



‘I would not trust Mourinho’

I would never, ever trust Mourinho with his cunning mind games.

He is doing this just to lull Arsenal into the false belief that United are weaker for Sunday’s game. Don’t be fooled he will go all out to win that game, regardless of the team he puts out. There is a good reason why they have been unbeaten for over 20 games.

Remember how he wrecked our title challenge at Anfield in 2014 and completely outfoxed Rodgers, he is up to his same tricks again



‘Slap a £140m price tag on Coutinho’

Slap a price tag of £140m for him and tell them to go buy someone else. TBH though, the Coutinho -> Barca link is an easy story to whip up a bit of traffic.

If we can make the CL (especially from 3rd), then I think we’ve every chance of keeping everyone. With the Rodgers season, Suarez wanted out bad and everyone knew it. it wasn’t anything to do with us going as far as we could go but more about Suarez hitting his peak years and wanting his dream move.

If we can make that step up this season I will certainly feel that there is a lot more potential to be had from this project and I think the players will feel the same way. If some of them don’t then that’s ok because many many other top players will and we can sell at a premium and hopefully buy well with the money.

Personally, I think Coutinho stays if we make the CL. if we’re to be worried then we should be worried about who comes in for Mane. . . but again with him, I think the same.



Tell Barca Coutinho is not for sale

Coutinho has just signed a new contract with us. We can simply tell Barca. that the player will not be sold at any price.

Keeping our best players is more important than signing new star players. We should give a new 5 years contract to Mane in this summer (Yes, he still has 3 years contract) to ensure that we won’t lose any of our best players.

Although Mignolet is improving, we are still being linked with tons of GKs. It makes me think that maybe Karius will leave in summer. A youngster like Karius will not be happy sitting on the bench. If Real Mardid really signs De Gea, K.Narvas probably will want to leave and he is the GK who can really compete with Mignolet.

Football Scouser


‘Coutinho agent interested in Barca’

Barca have indeed been in contact with the club regarding Coutinho and are interested in him.
Further contact is expected.

That doesn’t mean he will go but his agent is interested in the move.
I’d imagine a lot will come down to CL qualification plus the players desire to move.



Mane missing is huge

Philippe Coutinho: Linked with a summer switch to Real Madrid

Football scouser, I can’t remember the last time we had an easy game and just coasted through it. Mane missing has really disrupted us going forward but what’s impressive now, is that we are finding other ways to win games. 3 absolutely huge away wins were we only conceded one goal.

Home form is concerning at the moment but Sunday is all about being patient. Keep it tight. Don’t get frustrated if still 0-0 with 60 mins gone.

Monday was the most relaxed I’ve been watching a game in a while until the last 5 mins! You kind of just get that feeling that we will see it through. I’m concerned about Sunday. It’s a really tough game but the prize is huge and I expect us to be really up for it.

Sean the Sailor

‘Is Kane better than Zlatan?’

Fatrooney cmon mate the Spurs players have better form and are better prepared tactically.

Here’s a question

Is Kane better than Zlatan
Is Ali better than Mkhitarian
Is Erikson better than Ali
Is Dembele better than Pogba
Is Wanyama better than Herrera
Is Lloris better than De Gea
Is Vertongan better than Bailly
Is Walker better than Valencia attacking yes but not defensively

Auderwield and Rose are the only 2 Spurs players better than what we have only thing I see is players who are the top of their game due to the way the manager deploys them.

I take your point about Spurs improving when they went out of Europe but they didn’t spend anywhere near the amount of money on their squad that we did and as you pointed out we have a lot of players at the same level so why didn’t Jose rotate his team more often to preserve their energy at the business end of the season as being in charge of a club this big your expected to be in this position year in year out.

Maybe if he subbed Zlatan who is 35 when we were leading games comfortable he may not of broke down the way he did. Maybe if he played Martial and Rashford when resting or subbing Zlatan earlier in season they would be sharper in front of goal now like they were last season when they had the full backing of LVG.

Mac no need to explain mate I agree with most things you say it’s the other hypercritical lot (apologies lads) who are giving Jose a pass because of his name and not his current status.



Spurs ‘not suited to Europe’

#ika they play a style of football that is not suited for Europe and are very naive in European games. This is why I rate jose because he adapts well to each opposition.

They find it difficult to play against possession teams and it will take them few more seasons and classy European players to adapt to that.

the succesful teams in europe play with 3 in middle and retain possession spurs don’t as Alli is further up. The more they are exposed to european nights the better they will get and dont underestimate the wembley factor. Our record under fergie in europe wasn’t that great but we dominated the English league. After 2001 he realised he needed 3 in middle hence why veron was bought.

As for fellaini over dembele only a lunatic would prefer that. Well martinez certainly is one. Don’t tell me you agree with martinez?



Poch the difference for Spurs

Fatrooney I hear what your saying but your totally disregarding my points.

I am trying to point out that Spurs team let’s say on paper player for player is not a better team or squad than ours.

What set Spurs apart from us is that they have a manager who knows and trust his players more and also plays to their strengths.

Spurs players are playing out of their skin at the moment but have all shown they can’t play in different environments ie International where all of them have been disappointing so that shows me their players are not better just in a better environment that allow them to express themselves and I think you and others are missing that point.

As for the Spurs squad learning in Europe like we had to, I think that is slightly different at 1st we were hindered by the Foreign rule meaning we could never play our best team once that we reached the semis in 1997 and won the CL in 1999 Fergie had to change to a 5 man midfield because he thought we were sussed out based on the defeats to Real and Bayern Munich 2000 and 2001 respectively even though both teams won the CL after beating us.

Also Spurs team won’t get the chance to learn because Levi will soon be cashing in on the likes of Ali Erikson and Auderwield.

Like I said Jose can be successful with us but he will buy his way to success but he can’t be using this lame excuse this time next season.


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