Man Utd told to ditch whole squad; unsung Liverpool hero hailed

Date published: Monday 22nd April 2019 11:16

Manchester United fans are left fuming after the disaster at Everton, while Liverpool readers praise their unsung hero after another win – all in Your Says of the Day.


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There is something rotten at the core of Utd at the minute. Attitude of some players stinks. Big clear out required in the summer, starting with Pogba and Martial. They look like they couldn’t give a flying f***.



We should have moved heaven and earth to have signed Poch and his team. Ole is looking more and more like the manager he was at Cardiff!

We have successfully made Everton look like Barcelona


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk

I just did a quick simplistic calculation what could be the reason to retain the likes of young jones Smalling?

Say jones is on £150,000 x 52 weeks 7.8 million x 4 years =31.2million over 4 years which in this modern era is f all when trying to buy a top defender so makes sense to retain the shit instead! to make matters worse they can still claw back something from a sale!



It was the end of the road after the Barcelona game. Most the squad are mentally weak and the confidence was destroyed as predicted.

This isn’t Solskjaer’s fault, he’s tried to pick a team with character here knowing they’ve probably spent the week sulking. Bringing Young on was an attempt to introduce a group leader, it shows where we are at as a club.

The club is rotten. Players hiding in agent’s pockets, Woodward hiding behind manager after manager, the owners hiding behind Woodward and picking up their pay cheques.

Not surprised to hear talk about no quick fix available in the summer. It stems from Woodward and the owners. We’re hostage to every selling club and every agent now. Richest club in the world, name on the side of every Chinese pot noodle, highest salary payers in world football, clueless in the scouting department, motivated by profits, shirt sales and how many twitter followers potential signings have.

Why would players be up for playing for this club? They’re either clueless, loyal soldiers without the ability to make it at the top elsewhere, or overpaid mercenaries who turn up when they feel like it for the big games.

The owners need to go, and there needs to be substantial clear out.


Richard Arnold Ed Woodward TEAMtalk

That was embarrassing, degea at fault for 2 goals and probably for Walcott goal as well, so slow to come out. Did not win one second ball. Rashford matic martial and Lukaku were a joke. Well they all were but ogs tactics were pathetic he worries me more now



Well gents, there you have in a nutshell why I detest this group of talentless, gutless f***tards even more than I do the players from our biggest rivals.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Lukaku, Lingard, Rashford, Martial, Matic, Pogba, Jones, Lindelof or Dalot or any of them, the only thing they have in common is that they are not fit to wear our shirt, not now or ever again.



Solskjaer looks like a little boy who lied about his height to get on the ghost train, and now he’s scared the dip is coming. He has four games left in the Premier League season to prove conclusively that the club’s hierarchy did not act too hastily in making him Mourinho’s permanent successor last month.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk

This is manager number 4 now. All proven successful managers, either at punching above their weight (Moyes), the iron Tulip who beat every top 6 team in the league regularly, one of the best managers ever (Mourinho) and now Solskjaer, who put together one of the best runs in the clubs history with his motivational style and ability to bring a connection to the clubs DNA.

We absolutely can’t turn on Solskjaer this early. He’s got Phelan by his side who was coaching the first team for years under Fergie.

What’s left that’s a common factor? Players and Board.

Where’s the director of football? They probably interviewed the world’s best and got turned down or didn’t fancy paying another salary on top of Woodward’s.



6 losses in 8, 5 shots on target in 5 hours of football, 440 minutes without a goal from open play.

Never mind though. He’s making the canteen staff smile and refusing to park in SAFs parking spot.



Regardless of what happens with Ole, the majority and core of that team and dressing room need to go. They’ve proved they don’t have what it takes to wear the shirt. If they saw of Mourinho then its f****** insanity to think that changing manager will get a different result.


What to say. Can’t say its a shock because its not a surpriise, all too often the players dont turn up and the opposition raise their game against us. I said as much in a pre-game comment to happyhurling.

Its strange. Players downed tools for JM then picked them up when Ole came. Hence him praising them. Now they seem to have downed them again. I’m sure there is something going on behind the scenes. Ole alludes to this when he says players need a reality check.

You’d think the players knew the importance of this game. It was the decider as to whether we play in the CL next season. And they dont care, maybe because half of them want to leave.

Fair play to Ole, his post match comments were spoot on and apologised to the fans saying they are the only ones wearing the badge who can hold their heads up. AND unlike JM, Ole accepts blame along with the players.

What bothers me is not the average players or the oldies who are clearly past sell by date but where are our stars. The players on or looking for big wages who should be the ones to turn games around, show leadership and passion.

Clear them all out !!

PS – with Valencia leaving we be looking for a new captain and not one of them is up to the task.



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Job done, stunning goal from Wijnaldum against a tough opponent.

Over to United now, who need a response from today’s hammering, but the good thing is that they still have a chance of Top 4 – let’s just hope they turn up for once


BELGRADE, SERBIA - NOVEMBER 06: Joel Matip (R) of Liverpool reacts during the Group C match of the UEFA Champions League between Red Star Belgrade and Liverpool at Rajko Mitic Stadium on November 06, 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia. (Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images)

Although we should have wrapped the game up with those two misses in the 1 st half it was actually a comfortable win in the end.
TAA got a bit of a run around !st half. Salah still struggles to keep the ball under control, & the unsung Matip MOM.



Strange to see that f****** Warnock having a go about the decisions it was not so much a penalty for Salah more a sustained assault, I sincerely hope that today’s result turns out to be the nail in theiir coffin as regards premiership survival, the sooner that geriatric hypocrite pisses off to where he belongs the better for football. Shame to see the mancs lose too I wonder how it will affect their performance midweek.

YNWA RIP the 96

Scouser in exile


I’ve more hope in City’s other matches than I do in Utd, in terms of them dropping points. Still, there are a multitude of little interesting things in play for the Utd game that you could be forgiven for thinking that they might drop points there.

Utd are awful right now though, so I’ve more hope in Burnley and Leicester. Let’s see how City deal with the pressure on the night though.



Even last year a draw at Manchester derby would have been a logical result but today it will be a miracle if Utd does not lose from City!! They are awful!!



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Forget about utd getting a result at OT..they are absolutely s****… 😂😂



reds, they’re saving themselves for Wednesday…lol. Seriously tho, even if Utd were playing well I would still have expected City to get something at OT (like they have done frequently in recent seasons).

Rob Fort Worth TX

They’ll probably be a reaction of sorts on Wednesday but I don’t think it’ll be enough. Man Utd too all over the show and their momentum now well and truly dead and buried.



We can only win our remaining games. Do this and we’ve got a chance.



They turn up against us so I expect them to turn up against City. OT will be a cauldron on Wednesday night. Lets hope Utd can take something from City. Arsenal losing today gives them additional incentive for 4th so it will be game on for sure.

Professional performance from us to grab the points against Cardiff. Perfect time for Gini to score away from home. Regardless of the result on Wednesday night, we need more of the same against Huddersfield. This race goes to the wire. Come on the Redmen Ynwa 🙂


CARDIFF, WALES - APRIL 21: James Milner of Liverpool celebrates after scoring his team's second goal with teammate Jordan Henderson during the Premier League match between Cardiff City and Liverpool FC at Cardiff City Stadium on April 21, 2019 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

It was over months ago, just a draw at City or beating EFC or Man U was all that was needed. Madness. Man U are truely awful and won’t get anything, its City’s sadly unless Burnley can do something (!!) but we could maybe win the Champions League without injuries and if Messi and our sold players dont turn up. Selling our best players such as Sterling, Suarez and Coutinho is the reason why we remain trophyless, stupidity beyond belief. Just hope the best player summer sale is not on again this year as well as bad excuses about not buying certain players. Expect Mane or Salah to go, cheers FSG great job your doing (apart from teh most important thing of winning anything).



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