Man Utd told to hurry up midfielder deal; Liverpool fans react to Origi news

Date published: Thursday 11th July 2019 2:08

Manchester United readers have urged the club to get a move on in their bid to sign a midfielder, while Divock Origi’s new deal has delighted Liverpool fans. All in our forum…


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I can maybe understand playing hardball over McGuire but one could also say that if we’ve offered 75m (true?) then an addition 10m should not make that much difference IF he is regarded as critical in Ole plans.

AND I don’t get the delay over Longstaff. If we’re interested and he’s available for 25m (ish) then get him, why piss around. And if Newcastle are playing silly buggers looking for AWB type fee then simply write him off and move on.

And since you like analagies (you’re the only one here) …

It’s like the dance at the village hall with all the girls on one side and the boys on the other and nobody making a move. Then when once a couple of the big boys make their move for the most attractive girls there’s a sudden mass scramble to find a decent partner before they all go.

Mind you not a problem for us, we don’t care who we get just so long as she’s young and cheap. (how’s that for a sexist comment)



The Longstaff deal is most likely being held up by the fact they have no manger. I’d assume being a local lad he’d like to stay at Newcastle if he believes in the manager and ‘project’. Once Bruce is appointed he’ll be crawling over broken glass to get away…

Leicester seem to have spent a few quid in the transfer market, £70/80m, another couple of signings for them and the amount they’ll accept for Maguire will crystallise – replacement cost + budget shortfall.

SMS seems to be a replacement for Pogba if/when he goes.

Wish we’d get one of the deals for a midfielder over the line. Entering the season without a new CM is currently more terrifying than entering it with our current CB’s!


SMS/Donny & Milenkovic/Diaz should be snapped up as soon as possible,imho.If we get anything over the money we paid for Lindelof and he should be sold,like any other player currently playing for United,not including DDG. Shocked we havent been linked with D.Neres of Ajax-what a gem of a player!



hooked – I was reading yesterday that Newcastle has refused to sell Longstaff for any amount of money. Which seems a tad strange, if true, but I cannot believe will be any great loss for us. If true we should just move on.

Agree on SMS only coming in if Pogba leaves.

Fernandes’ agent is apparently in the country sorting out that deal (and has been for a week if reports are true! – so no idea what is happening there, but I would guess it’s minor issues being sorted out).



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And its confirmed, Origi is signing a new long term contract… He would not have done so without having been promised game-time… Great news!


Reports have been coming out for the last week that Origi would sign new deal after discussions about his role/playing time.
We know what he offers.
Could he be relied upon to step in for the front 3 for say 2/3 months during CL qualification?



Despite no additions up top (yet) we do have several permutations on offer. Shaq can play right or 10. Bobby can pretty much do anything in mid and up top. Salah can move central (4231). Not too keen on Origi up top on his own (his possession and passing percentages HAVE to improve) but he can play in Mane’s spot. Mane can play right or thru the middle. Ox can also play Mane’s spot (as he did, roughly, for Arsenal often). Brewster unproven as of yet.

Our African and Brazilian boys have played an awful lot of ball in the last year (remember too it was the damn World Cup too last year) so it’s been pretty much none stop for most of them over the past two years. That’s what I’m concerned about – burn out.

Out of the front three Mane was our most consistent performer last season as Bobby and Mo had spells of pure knackeredness but continued to be played. We can’t do that again. Origi (as much as his was the savior last season) ain’t at the level of our front three and that’s where we need to add – top quality either in the 7 or 11 positions or the 9.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Im very happy that origi signed a new contract. If he can rediscover his form of 3 seasons when he was just brilliant before that cunt everton defender broke his ankle. I thought he was our best player in that few weeks before that injury.



Yes, I would love new players but what’s the point of signing new players for the sake of signing new players just so we can marvel at how shiny and new they are? Yeah, I would love Ajax Ziyech but if it doesn’t happen then we have to trust this same manager that didn’t panic buy in his first season and still made the EL final with the same team that Brendan got sacked with.

Klopp is a ‘water into wine coach’, if he believes he can coach this same team to a PL title then I believe him too – I wish he would sign players from my wishlist but ultimately I believe him. Even though its taken Klopp 4 years to win his first trophy I have seen a lot of Liverpool managers to know that Klopp is a cut above.

How jealous must other teams be as well that we have a coach that has so much confidence in his coaching ability and doesnt panic buy and tries to make his players better first before considering purchasing outsiders.

No need to panic about fitness and all that, Klopp has a degree in sports science I bleive and has a WC team who performed expertly since 2015. Klopp has learnt from his mistakes and fine-tuned his tactics to the point where we dont get tired at the end of games or season.

If I see the front line of Ox – Brewster and Origi lining up at the start of the season then its because Klopp believes in those three and they will probably end up making us eat more humble pie.



Klopp Origi Liverpool

I don’t post much. I like reading your thoughts and opinions though guys. I thought I would share mine for once.

I’m very happy Origi has signed a new deal. In the 5 or 6 games of last season, we saw what he is about when his confidence is high. He can be a massive player for us moving forward. As far as transfers go, I’m not worried. The squad will be/is being thinned, and we will add replacements. I think we will get 1 big signing as well(probably in the front 5). Lots of players now coming back from international tournaments, so I think the action will pick up over the next few weeks. And yes, I do agree with those who say we need to strengthen in certain areas.

Klopp has not made many(if any) bad signings so far. I love they way he and the whole club conduct business now.

It’s going to be a cracking season ahead. Can’t bloody wait 🙂



Ginger, to be honest I see that I could have expressed that clearer lol. To set the record straight, you’re right 99%.9 of users on this forum have reasonable realistic views about our spending strategy. However, within the larger social forums (twitter, Reddit, facebook, RAWK) I constantly stumble on what I perceive as unnecessary fatalism about The Age of House Klopp flopping without new blood! I know we may still yet sign new talent, but I also feel strongly that Jurgen really rates himself good enough to stick with this team! He’s already one of the greatest Liverpool managers if he does retire I want him to win at least one PL trophy!



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WTF is going on at our club! Its just another embarrassing moment to add to the current s*** show! He is not one to kick off so not sure why he is doing this. Personally I would keep him as he is still one of the better defenders which is not saying that much but at the same time he has been a good servant playing for years with an injury so if he really wants to go we should let him go.


Im sure he wants to return to France and is trying to force the issue. Its all player power at our club anyway as the have the uppger hand against the men in charge.

If a player does this let him rot for the last year i would not care one bit to loose a bit a money to prove a point. Its not like will get that much for him anyway with one year left.

I like LK and i did not expect this from him. Now he can f off for all i care any player who does this dont deserve any support.



Whatever the situation here,A CAPTAIN of the club cannot in anyway refuse to travel in terms of proffessional ethics.But again he was never captain material,he was a disgrace to the legendary captains we’ve have at out club.I said all along he never communicated with or motivated players.He was just a silent man who was a good defender.But I stop at that.Not world class.ok maybe had two very good season.Certainly not a legend of the club.I despise any fan who will defend him on this occasion.

If something was promised by the club and they’re refusing to live upto their end of the deal.Then you simply stop performing to the best of the abilities because you had a gentleman’s agreement with this club but you don’t refuse to play as a captain of the club espescially.

Personally,i’ve wanted him gone since last season.He’s become old and injury prone.Can give one match in three in terms of fitness for when he is available.But Arsenal is screwed because we don’t have much funds to other top cb’s.

Sums up this joke of a club!

the specialone

Laurent Koscielny Unai Emery TEAMtalk

Yes a ridiculous situation. Would like to hear his side of the story ONLY because the only info we have is a statement from the club (unless I’m mistaken). For sure, he cannot continue playing for this club after this and all we have done by releasing this statement is put an extra 10m on any price of a defender we try to buy because we are now another defender down.



According to Ornstein he has asked to be released from his contract. Now why would we accept that just because some french clubs dont want to buy him. He must be completly retarded if this is true.



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Only saw the highlight. 1-1 is not a good result as we still had Bats, Pedro, Azpi, Drinkwater, Bakayoko on the pitch. But this is our first match in the pre-season. It’s a good opportunity for FL to see as many players as possible to start to prune the team later on. We won’t win with all youth only, Frank Lampard has to find the right balance between youth and experienced players. I think we need goalscorer (hopefully Tammy) and also creative players to create opportunities. I think between Drinkwater, Bakayoko and Jorginho: at least one or two of them must leave.


Frank Lampard TEAMtalk

Absolutely meaningless as far as score goes. All about bonding and fitness.



Of the younger players think for now only Abraham and Mount and maybe Reece and Tomori can expect enough opportunities, not counting those that played last season. From what I seen through various channels Billy Gilmour is the best prospect going forward though that also changes often.



The pre season games are purely about fitness and player assesment by Frank and no one from Frank down should be worrying too much about the results,

Neither team selected bore any resemblance to our likely starting eleven v United and two completely different teams played in each half last night.

There were some encouraging performances by a number of the young players and what Frank is looking at is who is going to be good enough for his first team squad not just from the young players but from the returning loanees too.

nine nine nine

David Luiz Reece James Chelsea

I would expect senior players like Luiz, Kepa, Barkley, Kanté to take part in our next pre-season match Saturday. I do think some pruning will be needed. We need players but we cannot keep as many players as we have during this pre-season. Agree with blueowner about youngsters who would likely make the squad, plus Ampadu and CHO. And other than youngsters, FL has to ship Piazon out (too long he’s been with us and he’s not able to make the team). Probably Kenedy must go too. Am not sure about Zouma if Azpi plays CB. I think Azpi will come back to RB as we have enough stock in CB: Luiz,Rudiger,Christensen,Zouma. My feeling is FL will retain Zouma, not selling him. But let’s see.



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