Man Utd urged to sign Aubameyang; perfect van Dijk partner picked out

Date published: Thursday 4th July 2019 2:19

Manchester United readers want the club to move for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, while Liverpool fans have picked out Virgil van Dijk’s perfect partner – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Aubameyang as back up to Rashford I suppose, he scored a few goals in an absolutely shite Arsenal team last season. He obviously wants out of the sinking ship that is the gunners (why did he even go there?!). Reckon he’d be a decent option although he’s getting on a bit and does miss a lot of chances. If we could get him the service he could score a few goals for us from the bench I reckon. Wouldn’t quite be the RVP impact but I’m sure he’d be very keen to get away from the spent force that is Arsenal Football Club.



Happy…Auba as back up for the Rash? you are joking! the fella was joint golden boot winner in an awful team, he is several levels above the Rash, IF you were to get him he would be a VAST improvement on ALL your strikers!

Why would he jump form one sinking ship to another anyway?


Joking aside Auba would be a good buy, an instant lift up the table whilst weakening an opponent.

Martial, Rashford and Pogba score goals, but none of them enough or consistently.

I’d spend money on Maguire, he’s at the right age to build a defence around, supports bringing back a British core and has the right character. Nothing is more important than that right now. He also chips in with a few goals which is critical for us.

Not sure who the midfielder is, happy to give Longstaff a chance, but if Pogba leaves I’d take Fernandes for the goals and assists.



@steveosnakeeye. You took the bait mate hahaha!

I think we need to sign one top class CB and 2 CM (one of which must be a top class player). I don’t think our budget will allow for a RW and I also suspect we will get width from Dalot and James (basically we will have to make do without a signing here) – let’s also not forget that Wan Bissaka is a far better dribbler and crosser than Ashley Young.



Arsenal a spent force & sinking ship,who finished ahead of us in the league & reached the EL final??? Hehehe!
But no,Auba is closing on 31, so far too old.Sell the viruses and investe the money on young,hungry,determinded to win things,not like fat Luke,JLingz,Rashaldo,the disease that is Pogba…



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I stand by what I stated, if we bought Koulibaly our defense would improve, we would gain another 5 clean sheets or so, that’s five draws turned into a win because we did not concede a goal. City would stand no change against us, none would in Europe. It would also make sense financially considering the wage structure of the club, buying a player in his peak allows us to put him into the same class as our highest earners. Would you honestly take De Ligt over Koulibaly, I remember when I saw his charts the first time. It was when we were said to be overpaying for Van Dijk as Koulibaly had better numbers. Our defense with Koulibaly would be better than the one that played for AC-Milan back in the day, or at least comparable… With De Ligt it might turn out that way…


You are assuming those extra 5 clean sheets come in games consequential to the result. 97 points would have won us the title every season bar the last 2


I did my math on Van Dijk and it was fairly accurate, Koulibaly is the only centerback that rivals him in Europe. With him in the team we would drop do to somewhere around 10-15 goals conceded a season in the league. Alison would shatter the record for clean sheets and the team would win the title… 97% certainty of that happening with Koulibaly on board.


Bingo in my honest opinion I would be very disappointed to spend that kind of Money on a cb. Let’s look at last season, we had the best def in the league, last year we invested £150m in def/keeper, why would we spend that kind of money in that position? It doesn’t make sense to me. If Lovren does leave then maybe a cb will come in but I just don’t understand why you would invest the kind of money koulibaly would cost. Lb cover only for me in def and then I’m looking for more options in midfield/front three.


Koulibaly is a fantastic player.
We were showing interest in him around the time of VVD.
He’d improve our defence, no doubt, but we’ll not be spending £100mil on a 28yr old central defender.


Kalidou Koulibaly TEAMtalk

It makes sense because he would improve the lineup, it’s not that many players out there that would do that… Similar to the offense, there are only a handful of players that can improve the lineup.


IMHO we would have won the EPL title had Gomez been fit for most of last season.


kopite I think the point was the defence was solid all season regardless of who played CB & we needed to turn one or two of the draws in to wins which was more of a creative problem.


I agree AK.
Another forward to backup/rotate with our usual front 3 would be my main target this summer to help us improve and cope with the increased demands of xtra games.
Plus our entire front 3 are still playing for their countries at the min.




Great appointmrnt imo as long as everyone from Abramovich down shows patience. Frank and Jody will feel the love at the Bridge for sure.

nine nine nine

Yeeeees -at last.
Welcome back Super Franky Lampard.
So excited to have one of our own back in charge.
Listen to all the media twats now say its too early for him!!!
Cant wait for the season to start now!

Ive already booked my flights for his first game at the Bridge – so excited its gonna be such an atmosphere no matter the result at Man U. Imagine if we win that one!!
Good luck Frank we are all with you!!


Excellent, articulate first interview. He says everything we’ve all been wanting to hear!


At last the world’s worst kept secret is out and official. Good luck FL.


welcome back Tubs 🙂



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LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 02: Alexandre Lacazette of Arsenal (obscured) celebrates with his teammates after scoring his team's first goal during the UEFA Europa League Semi Final First Leg match between Arsenal and Valencia at Emirates Stadium on May 02, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

This Youth model we have already tried out and it has failed for more than a decade in the Emirates era.In terms of success that is.

Yes,wenger did unearth some good talents but that was many years ago.But what was even the use,for all the chances we gave and developed them when the time came to sell we couldn’t or sold them undervalued.
fun fact – Our first trophy came after we actually broke our transfer record for “then” useful Mesut ozil.Then sanchez and so on.because we spent money,we won three FA cups in a row.

Today?this club literally lives on past reputation.Any young talent this club seems to purchase,and Fans think he’s the next big thing but it’s far from the truth.
You look at AMN,He’s had a terrible season at RB and got majorly exposed in the final but people were too bust throwing insults at Mustafi who was on the bench.
Then we have holding and chambers,who are in a similar category.For what it’s worth our best young talent at the club is Eddie Nkethiah who’s hardly put a foot wrong.If we really want to give someone a chance it should be him before any martinelli.

I have to say though things don’t look good.If spuds finished above us without spending anything,what will happen now that they’ve finally started spending and broken their transfer record.They are our closest competetion financially.

Oh,how the mighty have fallen.

Won’t be too long before Everton and wolves start finishing Above Arsenal.I genuinely feel that way with the way things are going.One thing for sure,no matter how this transfer window goes,we have no chance to make CL again for next season.No chance.This is not being pessimistic,it’s being realistic.

the specialone

Ozil Mkhitaryan Arsenal

Nobody is arguing about us beeing successful with youth development. We are saying that if we dont have anything to spend it makes sense. Will it be a success probably not given they way other teams spend and the history we have. But if we are not spending should we stop signing youth? To not sign anything will just be giving up in total.

Ozil and Sanchez was good players back then but Ozil is surely not that now he is a spent force sitting pretty with a high salary.

Dont bring up Mustafi again he is and forever will be useless regardless if other players that we have are as well. Its like comparing degrees of s**t it makes no sense.



Muffler – Honest question…Do you genuinely believe in modern football,where competetion is tougher than ever before,we should even try to give youth a chance?.You have oil rich clubs spending insane amounts of money,which inturn forces those below them to do their best to match upto them by spending money.You’ve come to a point where even everton,leicester and wolves are spending money and showing ambition.So do you really think these youth signings would be even remotely successful in challenging the rivals?You have Gurdiola in man city who can’t afford to give Phil foden who’s probably the best young talent in the league a regular place in the team,because he knows what it takes.You’re talking about probably the best coach in developing young players here.

the specialone


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