Man Utd urged to sign Burnley centre-back; Arsenal are mid-table club

Date published: Friday 14th June 2019 2:01

Sarri departure delights Chelsea supporters, Man Utd readers pick out a surprise centre-back choice and Arsenal fans debate the state of the club – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Sarri to finally leave for Juventus

Seems like Marina has twisted Juve’s arm according to reports with £7m compensation agreed freeing up Sarri to join Juve.

Frank now 1/20 on with SkyBet to be the next Chelsea Manager

nine nine nine


20’s on well that’s it then – no longer a secret at those odds. We may as well announce it to the football world here right now. Geez I hope it works out well for him. Surely the players will respect him highly and that is a good start. Now surround him with the right people and support him to the hilt. No outlandish expectations.


Sensibly the compensation fee has now been resolved, we all know Lampard has very little managerial experience but his appointment is meant to lift the club in more ways than one so yes it’s a gamble most of us including Roman are prepared to accept. Hazard leaving and the ban and the injuries has cast a bit of gloom in the air and this appointment will help to turn it around, we all know Lampards in for a tough ride but that’s the decision and I definitely back it even if he battles for result



If and when Frank Lampard is unveiled as manager, I’ll be delighted we have one of our own back in charge.

However, im separating Frank Lampard the player entirely from his managerial career. If Frank isnt good enough for Chelsea I hope he acknowledges that and walks away before he’s sacked.

The last manager we appointed with a similar amount of experience was AVB.

But given the bookies odds… It looks like Frank Lampard will be deemed our new messiah to lead us from the wastelands of also-rans to champions. Whoever takes the reigns has a massive job to do.

Still cant believe CFC are in the position they are in tbh… its absolutely head banngingly frustrating.


Exactly why letting Sarri go to Juventus is a mind altering decision from the board and fans should hang their heads in shame… The club should have come out and defended him against the fans, but the fans and players knew better than sarri – as revealed by the dumb left back we have masquerading as a defender at the club. Alonso needs to be ditched this window or sent to train with the under 16 who could teach him how to defend.

I wouldn’t consider OGS’s appointment a success… an I’m assuming your comment is tongue in cheek. 🙂

I said in a post a week or so again, it doesn’t matter who comes in, they have 38 league games to see if they continue. Realistically, if we’re not challenging for top four after 20 games the manager position wobbles above a trap door. It doesn’t matter if its one of our own or a new man or a fat Spanish waiter, 20 games be competitive or piss off is our approach to managers. And when we get a good one, we either piss them off or allow them to leave or sack them.



What do Liverpool need this summer?

I’d like to see a creative midfielder, someone who can play in anywhere in the front 3, centre back it Lovren goes and a back up left back

Sean the sailor

I don’t for one second believe we will only bring in a backup left back and keeper.
The Club now frequently puts out disinformation to aid its transfer dealings. Just look at recent summers for example.
I fully expect 2/3 players brought in to challenge for the first team.



Keep Alexander-Arnold where he is

According to CIES we have the 13th most valuable player and first +100m right back. Why would anyone want to move him from RB makes no sense


I don’t get this clamour for moving TAA to midfield.
He’s quickly turning into one of the best attacking right backs in world football providing assist after assist from that position for us. He could easily progress into THE worlds leading right back soon.
He turns 21 later this year and apart from a handful of games he played toward the end of last season at midfield (?) he’s never played there. He didn’t do too well there either.
We keep seeking for world class players in each position, well we have one in TAA…at right back.



Mwake not dismissing your views and understand you’re thinking about TAA in midfield because you perhaps consider that Chelsea, Spurs or Roma have a better midfield than Liverpool’s, but that’s where I disagree with most Liverpool fans because I’ve been lauding our midfield for about one and a half year now.
Many fans would point out that VVD was instrumental in our CL and PL campaign and I can’t claim otherwise but if we consider VVD’S performance in Dutch colours we notice that they conceded three goals against Germany at home whereas Bayern couldn’t score against us over two legs and had to rely on an OG, and the Dutch lost against Portugal a few days ago.
That’s where we can see the true worth of Hendo, Gini, Fabinho and Milner as they are important for the team to keep clean sheets. Strangely enough Gini wears both shirts and it confirms that Liverpool as a team is more than the sum of its parts. I would leave TAA where he is like Ginger says.



United to target Burnley centre back

Give me J.Tarkowski ahead of Smalling,Jones,Bailly and Rojo,anytime…..



Tarkowski, if he’s the best we can get we might as well not bother! Fold the club up and find a new team!


‘Point is I don’t see why you lot spend so much time and energy discussing all these players but I guess it’s each to their own.’ Otherwise, I’d have to do some work or study, this is first class procrastination and ranting about politics is mentally tiring! 🙂

RedBlood – You’re right Tarkowski is an improvement on those you mention but not enough to make his signing worth it especially as it would block Tuanzebe, I’d rather see how he got on than sign someone average. Or, we could just play Fred the Red instead of any of those you mention and see an improvement!

Rakatic rumours are surely just his agent trying to drum up business.



Arsenal are a mid table club

Xhaka is a mid table player at best and thats what we are now….

NO other top team would have him in the squad or 11….

we can do so much better bu8t we wont and we dont have the cash anyway

TSO your last few posts are the same as ever, you have the audacity to attack Arsenal fans about Emry or certain players YOU like.

its OPINION and yours is in the minority (doesnt make it wrong) but would mind ever so much if the rest of us arsenal fans have an opinion about OUR club and players?



Granit Xhaka; Mesut Ozil TEAMtalk

I don’t want to get too much into the Xhaka leadership argument,I’ve said my piece and to be honest it’s not the most important thing right now.In short,I do think that footballing ability or a lack of has little to do with what a player can offer on the pitch.Xhaka switching on and off,he’s made way less mistakes than before.And for me in the current crop of players i can’t think of anyone else to take the armband,as I’ve said the swiss manager also thinks so I’m certainly no talking gaga.

SteveO – I get it people don’t like to see things repeated on again,but I’m not the only one.There are old posters who constantly come back and blame the likes of xhaka and mustafi as though they’re are only problem and as soon as they leave we will magically become superior.So i find that boring as well,and I’ll find every reason to counter that.As for the things,a 40m budget.I or anyone else should not have much to discuss about that.I know I’m repeating myself but only because a lot of empashsis should be placed on the fact that a club of Arsenal’s stature should not have a 40m budget.Even if We were to subjectively accept and discuss it,I’ve really run out of options on who I think we could get for that much.Remember,Ramsey a pivotal player has left and to replace a player of his quality would eat up all of that budget to say the least.And selling other players to supplement the club’s transfer budget,is something this club has been the worst at.We certainly can’t afford to sell the good players,as that would weaken up one way or the currently Arsenal are stuck and apart from the owner pumping in his own funds there seems to be no hope for the club,at all.



I agree with you there £40m is a laughable budget for a club like Arsenal.

We can debate players we have and want to get rid but fact is many players we have would not get anywhere near another top club. But then again we are a midtable team more than a top club so having that standard of players is something we have to get used to. Because I dont see us changing under the current regime.



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