Fans point to stat that shows why Lukaku may be done at Man Utd

Date published: Thursday 8th November 2018 11:04

Manchester United fans are not pleased with Paul Pogba despite the win at Juventus, while Liverpool readers question Jurgen Klopp’s tactics – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Not a bad result considering we carried Pogba for the whole match. Hard to believe a player of that talent can be that bad! I thought Sanchez worked hard and we showed alot more movement with him and Lingard. Would still like to see Fred given a run and we desperately need a CB in Jan. These 2 CB’s scare me to death.


One big result in the season last year it was the city comeback. The real test is to take this on and build on it take risks believe and you’ll surprise yourselves and the fans.


Great win for us. Everyone played well apart from Pogba and Matic. Still think we’d be better with Fred and Herrera behind Pogba.

Sanchez looking better game after game upfront. 3 wins on the bounce without lukaku, what does that tell you?

Martial top class again. Werent some of you ready to bin him off?!

Herrera great too. He’s another one.


Congratulations lads on an excellent win. Pleased for Mourinho and that win must just get the media off his back for a while. Sick of listening to Scholes, Ferdinand, Neville and the like constantly bitching. So bloody vocal the lot of them. Even after that win they are into Mourinho about his behaviour.


I thought Martial showed what a great players he is. Now for consistency,that can be better for the whole team not just Martial.

Still thinks our fullbacks stinks the place out and something is missing in midfield.
On top of that we have no right winger so plenty of signings neeeds to be done.

This was a classy smash and grab win. Juve could have killed the game early with normal finishing so yes we were lucky.

We are better without Lukaku but i would start Rashford in the middle and Sanchez on the right. Mata and Fellaini,the Moyes signings changed the game but our best player yesterday was Martial.


A player doesn’t have to be at it for the whole 90 minutes, not many can do that. You can do nothing for 90 minutes but still produce a moment of magic in injury time which wins you the game.


Regarding the original question….where does Lukaku stand? Interesting. You’d be hoping it is stoking a bit of fire in his belly to come back and score fifteen goals before Christmas and prove everybody wrong. I hope he is. But despite his imposing frame, he seems a bit of a gentle Jonty to me. The Audley Harrison of football.

Hope I’m wrong Romelus.

Wonderfuel Gas


Seems a it rich for a team that is sitting near the top of the league to talk about tiredness but lets address it.

Klopp’s tactics are demanding for any athlete, he has us running and running, however Sean the Sailor pointed out on another thread that we’ve been outrun in 7 of the last 8 games.

I’ve noticed the lads looking a bit jaded, we got a great first 11 but Klopp has almost seemed scared to rotate too much becasue he fears results like the one we had against Red Star, yet if he doesn’t then he risks burning out his first choice. what do you guys think about this? Overreaction or is there something in it?


Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

Mwake the players are burnout. Its the culmination of 3 seasons of playing high intensity pressing football topped off with last seasons CL run and final. Dont forget our CL run last season it was one high intensity game after another. At the same time they were chasing top 4 in the league. And then comes the world cup.

Man city play a pressing game too but last season they were practically in relax cruise mode with 10 games to go. They were so far ahead in the league amd they got out of the CL early.

Maybe we’re just having a blip. A temporary lose of form. But i think its tiredness and fatigue.


I have confidence the press will come good again. Last season it took until after the spurs game before it clicked and that was with a preseason. This intense system juat needs more time to click than others, including city who press the passing routes more than the players.



With regard to Malcolm I believe he actually started and scored for Barca last night…?

Also been reading about links to Callum Wilson as well and the latest claim is that we could bid 40m in January, even though recently Sarri claimed he was happy with his squad

In terms of the striker role I am guessing that if Morata continues to score and lead the line then we might just wait for the summer to see what develops then…? KTBFFH


Dont think there’s a need for Malcom to be honest. Would he hit the ground running and be as effective as Willian? Wouldn’t he further block the progress of CHO? Wouldn’t someone like Leon Bailey or Jaden Sancho be better and younger options? On the striker front I agree that any January activity will depend on the form of Morata and Giroud. It would be interesting to see how Wilson..whom I rate…would respond to the added pressure of leading the line for a top side like Chelsea.


I believe we have to strengthen in Jan. all the top 6 teams are winning regularly and they all a massive threat to our top 4 places and you can bet they will bring in 1 or 2 quality players. The 3 areas we do need strengthening or maybe if they can promote someone or else they have to buy are a centre half to compete with Luiz, sell both Cahill and Christiansen, both our full backs are too slow and bad crossers of the ball but they do have other qualities so we can stick with them or maybe have another look at Emerson or Moses as attacking fullbacks?


Personally I would be looking for a CB to replace Luiz and start with Rudiger. I have no problems with Alonso but do feel that Dave is struggling this year and his distribution has been poor, however, I am still banking on him finding his feet as he has been such a great servant to date

I actually like both Emerson and Zappa and feel they provide great cover, are both excellent going forward but just not convinced about them defensively (which is why they play against the weaker opposition and not so much in the league). Would not go near Moses with a barge pole and expect him to leave in January


The two areas we are constantly linked with and the areas we looked to strengthen in the Summer are centre back and striker and those are the areas I think we’ll focus on either in January or the Summer.

I’m not sure we can get the right players in the January window if we can’t I would prefer we wait until the summer when the right players are more likely to be available.

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