‘Great poacher’ Chicharito will ‘net plenty for West Ham’

Date published: Friday 21st July 2017 9:03

Manchester City fans mull over their friendly defeat to Manchester United, plus is Javier Hernandez really worth £15m?

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Only a friendly

City were fine in the first half and ought to have had a penalty before they scored. A moment of madness by our goalie let in. Besides that I thought Edersen did okay. The weakness at left back was obvious and cost us the second goal. I thought Walker was superb and Nasri played well in the second half. Jesus looked out of sorts. The boy Foden had a great game, hopefully Pep will play him for more than 5 minutes in a game. I also thought Tosin was okay. The game against Madrid will be a better pointer, but do we need a couple of left backs. Amazing that we have NO juniors in that role.


Beating a dead horse here but we need a LB, how don’t we have any kids that can fill in? I know it’s a friendly but I’m worried this season we’ll be transitioning which nobody likes. We seem under prepared. Ideally for pre-season you want to gel your best team and best fringe players and know your eleven for the start of the season. We’re just giving every player on the roster a run out. I’m still waiting to fathom this master plan of Guardiola’s but I’m confused tbh. Foden was amazing, shame he won’t ever be given his chance. I remember the pre-season a few seasons back where we thrashed AC Milan 5-1 and went on to win the league that season, we seem miles away from that at the moment.



Arsenal On Tour 

I honestly stopped reading a single word after you (Hulk) claimed that 99% of the people on here though Lucas Perez was a pointless signing.Much to the contrary it was.I’ll give you suggestion though,Why don’t you go back to my thread of questioning the Perez signing exactly a year ago.

Go on son, read all the comments. If I remember correctly I was the only one unhappy, many people actually liked the fact we signed him and told me to give him a chance!Just like they are telling me now to give Lacazette a chance. And look how that turned out.Maybe do some proper research before mouthing nonsense and making statements like that.

The specialone


Chelsea’s squad

Hey guys here is what our 25 man squad situation looks like currently:

Current squad (16 players):
(HG) = Home Grown

GK Courtois
GK Caballero
GK Eduardo

WB Moses (HG)
WB Alonso

CB Cahill (HG)
CB Luiz
CB Azpilicueta
CB Rudiger

CM Fabregas (HG)
CM Kante
CM Bakayoko

AM Hazard
AM Pedro
AM Willian

ST Morata
ST Batshuayi

Potential squad fillers taken on tour:

CB Christensen (HG)
CB Kalas (HG)
WB Kenedy
CM Pasalic
CM Baker (HG)
AM Musonda (HG)
AM Boga (HG)
ST Remy

Excluding posible out goings:

CB Zouma
CM Matic
ST Costa


Morata, Michy and probably Remy plus Hazard could in an emergency be used as a striker. We will have spent circa £140m assuming the purchase of Morata goes through and I suspect we will now be looking to strengthen in other areas?

Given the dearth of strikers who is there to sign anyway assuming money is no object which I’m not sure it is.

nine nine nine

Personally, I couldn’t really care less if Morata or Lukaku scores the most goals, where the team finishes at the end of the season is the main thing.

Blue Lion


What’s missing for Liverpool?

Why is michael owen even at the club? cannot stand the chap. says all the wrong things all the time. Picks his best 5 and has 4 utd players in. He calls utd us. Tony barrets 1st job should be to get rid of Owen

i really dont believe a 3rd bid will do anything. Its simply not about money. Even if keita kicks up a fuss, i cant see himletting him go.Saurez wanted to leave and we didnt budge. I just cannot see this happening and we need to move on.

Sean the Sailor

Name any teams that have won titles without a top frontman. I can’t think of one. Maybe Firmino will come through backed by Salah and Mane but the signs aren’t good, he just doesn’t look like an out and out goal scorer. People are correct the problem areas remain defence and central mid but just because Mane chipped in with goals last season doesn’t mean both he and Salah will fill their boots this. What happens if one of Mane, Salah or Coutinho gets injured? Last season we lost both Couts and Mane at the same time. Who can we rely on to step in if that happens again? No one stepped up last season when it happened which is why we went from title hopefuls to managing to scrape into top four. We need a decent striker because as things stand we don’t have one we can depend on yet.


Overall, if we don’t get any extra ‘marquee players’ I will be happy and I’m trying to be more in line with Notorious Bingos positive outlook (page 11?) Let’s remember the season when Saurez left, we went panic shopping and bought players that weren’t good enough for the club and overpaid on some others. I think Klopp really values the integrity of the unit and whilst he will be secretly disappointed that we couldn’t get deals done I think he is a positive person and will look at the unit and use that to galvanize the team.

The players will also be conscious that they can’t rest on their laurels and if some of our ‘marginal players’ are able to raise their levels including the likes of Lovren, Mingnolet, Milner etc etc then we can destroy teams. Klopp is a big lover of pre season so I expect players to get drilled with tactics and expectations. Klopp will have them ready!



Chicharito a bargain?

I reckon Chicha wants to play as a starter at this stage of his career and that’s something we simply cannot offer him. He would basically come in and hinder the chances for Rashford.

Chicha was the closest thing to Ole Gunnar Solkjaer we have had since and would have been so useful coming off the bench in those games last year at Old Trafford when we threw the kitchen sink at teams and somehow couldn’t score.

My feeling is that his time has passed, though. We should be looking to Rashford and Martial instead of re-signing players that came and left. Still a great goal poacher though, he will score many for West Ham.


If he’s sold for 15m then it’s because that’s what he’s worth. It’s a free market, the market decides value. There are many clubs, managers, scouts throughout all the leagues. Are you suggesting, they are all wrong, they are all fools and you alone are able to decide player’s valuations.

As for guarantee of first team football, that comes automatic as a result his capability and a club’s aspirations. If a player can guarantee top performances then a top club can guarantee his place.


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