‘Manchester United duo are not Premier League level‘

Date published: Monday 20th February 2017 11:50

A Liverpool target is described as “not very driven”, two Manchester United players are labelled “not Premier League level” with one accused of “thinking about being a fashion designer”, all in our Your Says of the Day.

Missing top four OK if Wenger goes

There is an article that Wenger would prefer to stay at Arsenal. We are well and truly screwed if this is true. The only reason he is waiting till March/April is to see where we are most likely in April in terms of top four.

If not making top four is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, then I am OK with Arsenal not making top four.



Wenger turned into a loser?

I think it’s pretty stupid for fans to constantly keep blaming only Wenger. We all know he’s stubborn and to be honest is just not ready to accept that he’s turned into a loser.

The simple fact is that the board have the power to sack him,but on the contrary they seem to have offered him a 2 year extension.Even if wenger leaves by his own choice, there are bigger problems than people think starting with the board.

I mean I can 99% predict well do worse under this board no matter which manager we get.
And to make that happen we as fans have to make that happen, force out the board and wenger.
Because if we don’t then we don’t deserve a trophy.

PS – I’m curious to see how wenger does at another club. And no not PSG Where it’s a one sided race.He’s turned into such a loser he’d struggle to win the title with even Barcelona.

the specialone


‘Torres the biggest name Liverpool have signed in decades’

Fernando Torres: Accused Liverpool

Nine, I know about his goal record before he signed for us. Goals scored isn’t how you measure someone’s profile in the sport though and for me Fernando Torres had a huge profile ever since he was a teenager. Utd (and apparently Chelsea) had failed in a bid to sign him at least once , a year before we did and the £22m that we paid for him was considered to be a steal as previous bids were for more, it broke our transfer record too so it wasn’t small money either.

Chelsea’s bid was apparently £28m, for an 18 year old striker who was named captain of his team before he hit 20.

Now, I don’t have a great memory but where I think a lot of the hype around Torres started was from his performances in Internationals at a youth level. he seemed to be the great white hope of the new generation for Spain.

Now, although I think he had an absolutely massive profile when we signed him, it is at Liverpool that he went from “world class potential” to “world class ability”, so I understand why you might say he wasn’t a superstar etc. . I even struggle with that actual term because it’s hard to pin down in a definition when you’re talking about something that isn’t exactly localised (club/world football).

The reason I’ve gone into all this is because when Torres is arguably the biggest name that Liverpool have signed in decades, at the time of their signing. Now I think people might strongly disagree with this but signing Torres was an incredibly exciting thing for me as a fan. I also remember Litmanen, another massive name even if he wasn’t exactly at his peak.


Liverpool must beat Leicester and Burnley

Posted a tad early but I don’t give a rats.

Has to be six points from the Leicester and Burnley games as we’ve Arsenal at home and City away either side of those two and anything can happen there.

Knowing us we’re more likely to drop points against Leicester and Burnley and beat both City and Arse.

I think we’ll be full strength going into the Monday night game and the team should pick itself. You feel tho Origi and Sturridge have to play a part in those four games somewhere. Sturridge at Leicester and home to Burnley maybe?

One area I wouldn’t p*** about with and that’s the midfield triumvirate of Hendo, Wij and Lallana. They’re alright and don’t need tinkering with. Maybe Can for Lallana if he gets cream crackered.

Lovren should be back for Leicester and that’ll be a nice warm up for him before the Arsenal game the following Saturday.

Leicester are bloody awful, really bloody awful. No shape, no organisation and no passion. I feel for Ranieri as I like him. The players are paid an awful lot of money to perform and they’re not.

You feel that our front line should take care of them and create a lot of chances. BIG four games ahead and at least 9/10 points out of those to keep in that top four/pressure second.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Gotze linked again

So here we are linked again with Gotze. Haven’t followed him at BD since his move TBH. Can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed.

Then again could be just lazy journalism as usual.



We need ‘driven’ players not this guy…

I’m sick to death of this link (Gotze). It’s a quick name that media can use to draw people in and that’s it.

I just don’t see Klopp wanting to go back to a player who seems to maybe not be . . very driven. He stayed for some time as a squad player at Bayern and didn’t seem too pushed on going somewhere else for first team football. I know he did eventually go back to Dortmund but he should have been trying hard to either get into their team or leave.

He’s only got 1 goal and 1 assist in the league this season but has the same in the CL, which is something to consider. . but if he’s the type of player who is only up for the big matches, that’s the last thing we need.

TBH we need to get a few really driven characters this summer, not this guy.



United pair ‘are not Premier League level

Darmian and Lingard: Labelled not good enough


On yesterday’s performance, it’s the kind of game I expected – weaker opposition up for it big time on home turf against stronger opposition who weren’t as hungry. Thankfully class proved too much on the day and the actions of the new signings proved to be the difference.

Today I think we saw the level at which Lingard and Darmian should be – they are simply not Premier League level. Was disappointed to not see Shaw get a run out but Mourinho has handled Mhkitaryan and Martial well so I have faith in him handling the Shaw situation well too.

On the draw, it’s the worst draw we could’ve gotten, no doubts about it. I can’t see us beating them at Stamford Bridge however if we can force a replay then there’s a chance we can make it.

Would mean another fixture however, if you want to win trophies and be at the top level you have to play lots of matches (I believe Barcelona played something close to 70 matches the year after they won their first treble).

Sympathy for the Devils


Carrick poor; Darmian thinking about being a ‘fashion designer’

Decent game yesterday when Pogba and Ibra came on it was going to be all over. Carrick was poor and Smalling started very poor as well.

Darmian wow he plays like his being force to stay here maybe his thinking about his retirement in Italy as a fashion designer. Shaw must get a game mid week because although he does make mistake I don’t think he would have played any worse than darmian. Looking forward to Wednesday night football again.



‘Great management’ from Mourinho

On the game yesterday I’m delighted with how the match played out. Mourinho started with attacking pace and energy with Mkhitaryan pulling the strings. We went in at half-time 1-1 and in the 2nd half Mourinho changed things by bringing Pogba and Zlatan on and they won us the game. Great management.

My problem is when it’s 1-1 or 0-0 and it’s Pogba and Zlatan who start yet Mourinho refuses to change things and maybe take either of them off and try something different by bringing Rashford or Martial or someone else on.



Verratti debate

Marco Verratti: Linked with Chelsea

IF Verratti goes to Chelsea then they’ve got a base to win the league for the next half a decade in him, Kante, Luiz and hazard. Doesn’t matter who else plays, have those 4 players surrounded by decent players and you’re still going to challenge.

Let’s hope he joins United then ????

Sympathy for the Devils


We haven’t a ‘prayer of signing him’

I don’t think we’ve a prayer of signing him, especially if we aren’t in The Champions League, but wouldn’t it be quite the thing if our scouts could pull either their fingers out of their hoops or a rabbit out of the hat and find our own Veratti?

I think what will happen is Veratti will go to Madrid or Barcelona and we’ll buy Tonroos three years too late.


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