‘Dybala more like it, but Man Utd need more than him’

Date published: Friday 29th December 2017 1:29

Manchester United need more than just Dybala according to one reader, while Arsenal’s win over Palace is put under the microscope in Your Says of the Day.


Arsenal performance raises questions

I still don’t get why anyone is concerned about how much money we get for Sanchez but if they really are concerned about our finances, then keeping him will be worth more than any fee we’ll get now.

Personally, I couldn’t give a toss how much we have sitting in the bank and would much rather hold on to the little wizard for as long as we can – he was unquestionably the difference last night and even when he plays poorly, he’s still usually the best player we have on the pitch. There is something very wrong in this squad at the moment and we need to hang on to every advantage we can.

Can’t work out Mustafi. He was excellent too last night and not just the goal he scored, but other times he’s so error-prone he looks like he’s never played professional football before.

Jack is getting better by the game and I’m really looking forward to Rambo coming back and seeing the two together (and Xhaka dropped hopefully).

End of the day, I’m just grateful when we get three points these days but we have Chelski coming up about 37 times next month and we’re going to have to get a LOT better. 65% to 35% possession against Palace and yet an equal number of shots – how does that work Arsene?

Al the Gooner

Regarding Sanchez he divides the opinion for sure and it seems only half the team celebrated his goals. He is our best player no doubt but for me and what i have seen he has not been on form until now and is it a coincendence that a transfer window is opening and he suddenly decides to appear? No not to me so you all have to excuse me for not jumping of joy for him anymore. All the sign right now point to him caring only for himself and thats probably why half the team did not celebrated and that can never be good if the team is divided like that. It also means that Wenger has lost the dressing room. He is not staying we all know that and niether is Ozil regardless of the leaked stories from his agent of his love for Arsenal thats just PR. All we are being fed is BS and frankly Im tired of it. All you saying Sanchez will get us to CL and without him we will siffer so? All it gets us is the same sh*t again so whats the point? Him staying or leaving wont make a difference in the big picture of things. Thats why he should be benched and I stand by that.



Dybala not enough

Linked heavily with Dybala this morning. Now that’s more like it. But we’ll need more than him. Goretzka would be great but he’s injured at the moment I think, so not sure whether that would be wise. Not sure why the scousers would want him with Naby Keita on his way in the summer, unless Coutinho’s off in January. 75 million is way too much for VVD but at least they know what they want and they’re not fucking around about getting them it seems. We need a fuck off enforcer in midfield, a playmaker, right back and winger. Not sure Dybala is any of those but he’s a talent. I’d make do with Shaw at left back until the summer given we’re not going to win anything this season. We need young players who are quick, dynamic, hungry, aggressive and ambitious.



Loftus-Cheek disappointing

Watched the Palace game last night to see how well RLC was progressing based on all the positive feedback he has been getting

Completely disappointed in him and his display and looks as though nothing has changed in his attitude from his time here. In his defence we was asked to play a more wide role than the central midfielder I expected but he had no impact on the game whatsoever and was no surprise when he got substituted

I appreciate it was only a single game and against tough opposition but based on the reports I expected more. Based on what I saw last night I do not see him coming back to Chelsea and getting into the first team squad…? KTBFFH



What’s next for Liverpool?

Image: LFC.com

I wouldnt be surprised ginger. With klopp its always long term. Hes willing to wait one season to get his no 1 midfield target in keita. January to get his priority cb. i have a feeling that he has a plan in place. Hes putting all his pieces in the team bit by bit. Next position ( im speculating) is maybe hendo’s position. That holding midfielder.



Hazard not elite?

I don’t think hazard cares about being up there with Ronaldo and Messi and nor do i think he will leave in the summer. But we have to match his ambition and get some real quality players to play with


Eden hazards father has confirmed his son has rejected a new contract offer. Wow. Thats huge. We are in serious trouble



Transfer market out of control

75m for VVD, wow! Yes he is a very good player and will know doubt help shore up the mickey mousers defence, but it just highlights once again what an over inflated transfer market we have. Something needs to be done sooner rather than later (although I know not what) before it gets out of control….if it already isn’t!



Previewing Leicester

Interesting game this and see it as a ‘could go either way’ fixture.

Historically, games between us and Leicester have always been tight. Bar the 4-1 stuffing we laid out last season our match ups have been mostly decided by the odd goal, 1-0, 2-1 and a plethora of 1-1’s and 2-2’s. I remember Martin O’Neill always having consistent success against us and remember vividly the year before I came out to the States his team easily picking up three points with a 2-0 win at Anfield.

Six wins, three draws and three losses at home in the Premier League against Saturday’s opponents.

Leicester have slipped up recently with no wins in their last four games so we catch ’em in a dodgy patch.

Expect changes again tomorrow with maybe Gomez coming back in as well as Mane starting (he needs too). Lallana getting a game start nod wouldn’t surprise me either.

Be another close game I think so 2-1 for us it is with Vardy scoring for them (as usual).

Rob Fort Worth TX

Leicester are no pushovers.
Mahrez and Vardy playing very well at the min. Can see them playing the counter attack but our home defence has been very good this season.
Few games in tight succession so may need to rotate.
Moreno and Hendo obviously out.



Time to give up on Benteke

Having put in another lacklustre performance it is time to get rid of Benteke. The man is clearly not good enough and we need someone who can score goals !! he cant even make the right runs to get into any sort of position to score. There aren’t many strikers out there for sale and it seems like we will have to pay silly money but if we are to have any chance of surviving we need a striker desperately !!!! Surely it is time for Sako to play from the start until we get someone!!!



Wilson in hot water?

Whilst it was not actually diving –
surly Callum Wilson should be facing retrospective action for cheating in the Bournemouth West ham game. He can be clearly seen telling the referee that the ball never touched him for the late Bournemouth equalizer where clearly it did.
Is that not the same as cheating?



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