Pogba, Sanchez called atrocious as United fans seek money back

Date published: Tuesday 6th March 2018 10:37

Manchester United fans hit out at Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez after the late win over Crystal Palace, while Liverpool readers discuss the merits of resting players against Porto, all in out forum…


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First time in a long time that we’ve shown a bit of fight when the chips were down. Bringing on grandad mata changes the game. Did more than Sanchez did all match.

Lukaku took his goal well but we need to stop firing the ball into his feet because he can’t control it. Sanchez lost the ball more times than I can remember and it’s surely costing us. Great finish by Matic. Another great save from De Gea.

We need a Roy Keane type player that will give Rashford an earful for doing that stupid free-kick all the time. Apart from the assist Valencia was poor and lingard looked a lot better out there. Pogba anonymous.

Need to show the same fight on Saturday.


I promise, any manger who can get this team to play good football, will turn them into serial winners. This team has so much potential and are not close to fulfilling it because of Mourinho’s poor management. He is a tactician, but he doesn’t really make players play better!


The lesson from today is simple:

Get the ball. Go forward. Try to score.

Stop this rubbish defending and over analytical tactical rubbish Jose. We looked like a semi decent team when we were forced to attack.

Here Jose was, throwing his toys out the cot- but he has done it time and time again. We look on good form and then we have a fixture against a fairly big team and set up defensively. (Think Liverpool start of season. Or every time we had a CL game.)

We go on and look utterly woeful, lose all form and take weeks, if not months to recover. We haven’t gotten out of this rubbish defensive form since I don’t know when. It’s been like this for months now. First time we attack in like half a year and we score three goals in 30 minutes.

Learn the lesson Jose. Or take a hike.


After playing like a bunch of drunk pub players in the first half it was absolutely magnificent to see us fight back so brilliantly in the second half. 17 shots in the second half and 3 goals – Mourinho should seriously consider changing his default tactics because we were so much better when he went to plan B.

I must give Mourinho top marks for the substitutions he made after Hodgson had surprised us with the 2 strikers up front. He really seemed to enjoy himself on the touchline out there today, he was so animated and passionate throughout – great to see.

Our performance was so error strewn in the first half – especially from Sanchez and Pogba who were so wasteful in possession and playing too narrow.

In any case, that was a magnificent comeback win. Our second in a row after the Chelsea comeback. As we all know, comeback wins are the best for team morale. GGMU!!



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Forget Scott McT and Rashford I couldn’t believe how frustrating Sanchez and Pogba were today at least Sanchez had the guts to run around and win back the ball but Pogba, wow, I don’t know how a world class midfielder by his side will help him make a simple pass..Pogba is way over his head and needs to come back to earth before its too late.



Maybe SAF was right about Pogba. Also, maybe we should have left him at Juve. The guy must think he’s done enough and won enough to stroll around the pitch and put in lazy effort after lazy effort. Is there anybody out there who would give us our money back because if he cannot graft for us he might as well do one.


Sanchez and Pogba were atrocious tonight, there is something wrong with these 2 players.


Pogba was rubbish in the second half but, to be fair, he was much better in the second half – he was disguising passes and making quick turns and dribbles much better than he did in the first half. He’s still not a good enough level for the talent we know he has though; he’s nowhere near the form of the beginning of the season for example.

Sanchez hasn’t found his place in the team and is doing the same mistakes that most of our players are doing which is bogging up the central areas and not playing with any width.

If Mourinho wants a good attacking team that’s effective and includes Sanchez then he needs to play at No.10 with Rashford or Martial at left wing, whoever out on the right wing and Matic and Pogba behind him; he’s got the defensive ability to do what Mata and Mhkitaryan couldn’t do at the No.10 role so it may just work.

Sympathy for the Devils

I just can’t believe how often Sanchez loses the ball. Don’t remember that happening to him when he was at Arsenal. I thought he had this amazing ability to cling onto the ball, to dribble past people, low centre of gravity so he’s really strong on the ball and difficult to knock off it. I haven’t seen any of those things from him yet. None.

I asked the question last year “Is Sanchez THAT good”? And got a pasting on here for it. But he has all the qualities i hate in a player, falling over hands up in the air with every tackle against him. He was trying 30 yard one two’s yesterday and it looked really amateurish. We need him to stand up and be counted now in these final weeks of the season because, so far, he’s made us a much worse team since he’s arrived. Simple as that!


Sanchez was having an absolute stinker last night, he couldn’t do a single thing right but he was still right in the game until the very end….demanding the ball, giving it away, falling on his arse, getting stuck in…..I like the lad, you can see a fighter in him but you couldn’t say the same about bambi, lolloping round the midfield without a care in the world and his intricate new haircut glistening in the floodlights.

The problem I am seeing with Sanchez is Mourinho hasn’t worked out how and where to use him yet but something tells me we’ll work it out and he’ll be a star for us.




The big problem when you have a 5-goal advantage is motivating yourself to play at the highest level in the 2nd leg. That is why I believe some rotation (3 or 4 players) could be the solution as the new players should have more hunger than the regulars since they want to stake their claim for a place in the team e.g. Lallana, Milner, Gomez, Ings

The best way to approach this game, rotation or not, is to finish off Porto in the first half. And ideally not play our top players for a full game, to keep them in even better shape for Saturday


Really hope klopp and the team are not taking this second leg as being over like we all seem to be! Porto on their day can really cause an upset. Lets just focus on beating them and then we can think about the s*** for a full 3 days after.


If we’re not gonna rest/rotate players for a game that we are 5 up in and playing at home when are we gonna rest players?
Not to mention we are to play Utd a few days later.

I’m confident that the likes of Moreno, Matip, Lallana etc will be playing this game


Rest Salah Robbo and Hendo.
Solanke to start – he and Ings need goals
Woodburn to get 30 mins off bench ?

A lot depends who he will play v Utd so maybe Lovren to be kept back also.


It’s a rare opportunity to rest players at this stage of the season. There’s no need to risk injuries when it’s completely unnecessary. Our focus should be our game against Manure. Mane, Salah and Firmino should all be rested. Without the FA cup as well some fringe players should be given some minutes. Surely we have enough to see out a 5-0 lead at Anfield without those 3.



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Actually the title of this topic should be “FSG IN”, and I’ve always been behind them 100% – despite all the childish, unwarranted and undeserved criticism they get from some quarters


You can tell us so IF they spend in the summer because right now they are in major profit from transfers, as they have been for the last three years. Like I’ve said all along I’ll praise them when they deserve it. Big step forward with VVD, big step back not replacing Couts.


the club can’t make a profit of transfer if its losing money elsewhere, its literally impossible.

You should keep in mind that they put 95 million into the infrastructure of the club in the last fiscal year.


I don’t discount that mate. Very welcome but still no success on the pitch. The way it’s going the trophy cabinet we have won’t need extending anytime soon.




Palace put in a decent performance tonight and pushed United all the way. Confidence wise losing a 2 nil lead won’t help Palace but they are fighting for their lives and I would expect Conte to rest a few with Barca in mind.

Very tough game following the disappointment at the Etihad and taking into account the above.

We desperstely need a win to keep our very faint CL hopes alive.

nine nine nine

Massive game. even more important than the Barca game. if we win this game. all the fuss about the City game will be forgotten. i think our next few games until Spurs are winnable. Give Giroud a run and prepare him for the Barca game. we definitely need him. he will hold up the ball and bring the likes of Hazard and Willian in to the game.

my team for Palace is 3-4-3. Courtois, Azpi-Christensen-Rudiger, Moses-Kante/Drinkwater-Fabregas-Alonso, Willian – Giroud – Hazard.


Will not even try and guess what we are likely to produce Saturday and whom he selects
It just has to be better a lot of focus has gone on what happened Sunday gone but let’s be honest it’s been awful since Xmas have we only beaten west Brom in the league in the new year stand to be corrected
At least we won’t have to worry about Zaha who seems to play like pele against us.



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