Memphis again accused of chasing fame by Gullit

Date published: Sunday 28th February 2016 11:21 - Mark Holmes

Memphis Depay: Manchester United man criticised by Ruud Gullit

Memphis Depay has again been accused by Ruud Gullit of wanting to be famous and a style icon just as much as he does a good footballer.

Gullit said in January that Memphis “should concentrate fully on football” and “stay low-key in his personal life”, but the Netherlands legend still believes the Manchester United winger is focusing too much on his life off the pitch.

“What I see with Memphis is a boy who wants two things at the same time,” Gullit told the Sunday Mirror.

“He wants to become a really good footballer, but at the same time he wants to be a global superstar and a style icon.

“I think to myself, ‘boy oh boy, do it in the right order. You have to perform, perform and perform again.’

“Once Memphis has won a lot of trophies then I don’t care if he wants to be as crazy as Dennis Rodman – or even crazier.

“My question to him is: how do you want to be remembered in life?

“As an odd character with a hat and a Rolls Royce? Or as a footballer?

“Yes, I had a moustache, but I was driving around in a small Vauxhall, then I had a small Lancia and finally an Audi 80.

“And by that time I was a player at AC Milan.

“For me money or superstar status was never a motivation as a player.

“So for Memphis I hope that the penny drops now.

“I hope he does not put his image first but his game.”

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