Michael Owen makes bizarre striking admission

Date published: Tuesday 1st August 2017 3:56

Michael Owen says there are only “one or two people” in this world on his wavelength when discussing strikers.

Owen, who is currently working as a pundit at the women’s European Championships, has heaped praise on England striker and the tournament’s leading goalscorer Jodie Taylor.

Labelling the five-goal Arsenal forward a “natural goalscorer”, he revealed there are not many people he can converse with about the art of goalscoring, but 31-year-old Taylor was one of those.

“Well, listen, us strikers, I think goalkeepers and centre-forwards are probably the most unique players,” said Owen in an interview to promote McDonald’s sponsorship of Euro 2017.

“To be a goalscorer, you need to be unique. And I still can only have football conversations, the way I want to have football conversations as a centre-forward, with one or two people in this world. I just can’t explain what you think, and how you feel but she is an out-and-out hungry goal-getter.”

Owen admitted that he never really fancied getting involved in build-up play and believes Taylor, who scored a hat-trick in the 6-0 win over Scotland, is similar.

“She’s like me in that, when I watch her, she takes part in the build-up but it’s ‘because I have to, I don’t really want to’, and you do your best but it’s just not natural. She’s just naturally alert and instinctive to scoring goals, and her choices in front of goal are just perfect,” added Owen.

“I spoke to her after the Scotland game, and I told her – but she agreed – that the goalkeeper made up her mind on the lob at the end, she could have gone around but the ball was already bouncing so it would have been hard to get it, so was just an easy decision to make – to me, and to her.

“As I say, I can have that conversation with her because it’s such an instinctive thing that only real goal-grabbers, selfish people like me – when you’re on the football pitch, I might add – and she is a natural, natural goalscorer.

“You could see it. Even if she doesn’t score a goal, you can see in her movement and what she does that she’s a natural scorer.”

England’s women are into the semi-finals and will face the hosts Holland on Thursday night.

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