Milner tipped to replace Robertson; Liverpool struggle to lure £60m striker

Date published: Friday 10th May 2019 2:27

Luka Jovic TEAMtalk

Liverpool fans debate Sunday’s final-day clash with Wolves and discuss whether they will sign a new striker this summer, according to Your Says of the Day.


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Crunch time for Liverpool

Ok lads. This is it. Last game of the PL season. All 3pm kickoffs. Had u asked me a week ago i would have said brighton had no chance against city. After these CL semis this week, i ask should we dare to dream?

No need for any major surgery to the lineup. Lads should be on a high and we will need to be at our very best to put wolves away. Then we have a couple weeks recuperation until the final.

Line up for me:

Robbo (milner if robbo out)

Any updates on robbo and bobby?



Milner to replace Robertson


I think Milner will come in for Robbo; I very much doubt he’ll be ready/risked. Lovren may also come in for Joel.

Other than that the line-up looks good.

Last time we played Wolves at Anfield in the PL was 8 years ago when an OG and a Suarez strike was enough to prevail in a 2-1 win. Starting XI that day: Reina, Enrique, Carragher, Kelly, Skrtel, Henderson, Downing, Lucas, Adam, Suarez and Carroll (yes, Andy Carroll – he was fit!).

Wolves can’t get any higher or lower than 7th (great season for them) and I think we’ll win this 2-0 or 3-1. City will win theirs too, unfortunately. Terrific season.

Rob Forth Worth TX


This is a must win game for Liverpool, because if City slip up, we have to take advantage of it. But we must not underestimate Wolves, as they are a top team of the highest quality.

As for the starting lineup, only changes to be Salah, Wijnaldum and maybe Lovren. A possible sub appearance for Brewster also?

Hope Brighton are inspired by the CL games earlier this week, but will they be motivated to get a result? All will be revealed on Sunday



Brewster to replace Sturridge

Paul Joyce who is extremely reliable with Liverpool news has revealing that Klopp doesn’t intend to replace Sturridge this summer.
He will instead promote Brewster from within.
Whether that means he’ll be 2nd choice or not remains to be seen.



I know people are euphoric at the moment about Lord Origi – 1st of his name – I think its still a good idea that we look at striker options too. Watching Luka Jovic scoring gain tonight against Chelsea, 27 goals this season in total and only 21 years old, definitely one to watch.



Honestly think most people on here are being unrealistic with their expectations. It’s not that we can or cannot afford a player, or that we are attractive enough as a club, is about what we need and what we offer. Jovic I would imagine would cost 60m+, can you honestly see us paying that (plus agent fees, signing on etc) for a back-up and would he come to Liverpool to only play when Firmino needs a rest?

I can see someone like Brandt come if he excepts his position as a squad player that can cover multiple positions. He did turn us down a couple of years ago because of his fear of playing time, although his game has developed so he no longer is just a left sided midfielder, he can play centrally also. For the striker positon it looks like Brewster will be the man and from what I have read he is very highly thought of at Melwood.



threeps, actually it is Origi, not Brewster who will be our first choice backup striker.

Brewster, no matter how talented he is, has just recovered from a long-term injury, and could be like Gomez, missing almost whole seasons cause of injury.

As for signing another striker, such as Werner or Jovic, why not, as Sturridge is on his way out, and we will have enough games to keep all strikers busy, despite the competition.

And who wouldn’t want to come to Liverpool to play for Klopp?



As posted on previous page, Paul Joyce who is extremely reliable with Liverpool news, has reported that Klopp will not be signing anyone to replace Sturridge but will instead promote Brewster.
Where he fits into the hierarchy of strikers will be Klopps decision.
We could keep Origi, promote Brewster and maybe buy a wide attacker and that would be our cover for the front 3.



Despite what Paul Joyce says, I think we will sign another striker or flexible, hard-working attacker in the mould of Salah or Mane – Ziyech being one example. And possibly not even a big name, but a young upcoming star.

I have my doubts about Brewster, not with his talent but his injury record, and that is too big a risk to take for a player who has never even played in the league



Jovic won’t fancy sitting on Liverpool bench

Brewster is highly rated and will be promoted. Sturridge is on his way out so that’s a straight one in one out. We will likely keep Origi although his stock is probably pretty high at the moment and I think there’s still progress needed with a new contract so maybe he will be sold. But if he isn’t, why do we need another striker?

Look at City, they have Aguero and Jesus. Aguero is the main man and plays whenever available, a bit like Firmino. Jesus is reported to be unhappy with his lack of playing time and has asked to leave. Why? Because a player of his reputation should be playing all the time and in the big matches, not just domestic cups and when Aguero is unavailable.

Someone like Jovic would face the same situation here. Why come here to play second fiddle when you are good enough to be the main man at Juve, Madrid, Barca, Munich etc?

So I disagree, we will not have enough games to keep all the strikers busy, well not the ones that are being mentioned on here.

What we need is depth at LW, GK (if Mignolet goes), both full back (maybe even a first team RB if TAA moves to midfield) and a CB if either Matip or more likely Lovren leave. Some of these could be filled from the U23s.



threeps, totally disagree, especially about game time not being enough.

I think we will sign another striker/attacker, and as I said in my previous post it doesn’t need to be an established name either. Thus, backup to our front 3 will be Origi, Brewster and a new player.

As for City, the reason they are challenging in every competition, is because they have high quality backup, especially in attack. That is the situation we must aim for at Liverpool if we want to consistently win the PL and CL.

As for Jesus, if he really is unhappy, what is he still doing there after all these years?



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