‘Missing Kante and signing Coquelin – another Arsenal shambles’

Date published: Tuesday 7th March 2017 12:09

Is Francis Coquelin good enough to play for Arsenal? Our readers are split on the forum and Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are not the problems at Old Trafford.

Wot no Sanchez?

I think its a very fair team but you would question one or two. I might have put Ibra in there before Kane but its a difficult choice.

Luiz has been superb all season. Bertrand has really improved over the years but Rose has been exceptional. I might have put Sanchez instead of Lallana. Lallana has done really well but i still he can get more goals.

Sean the Sailor


Coquelin not good enough

Nothing personal against coq,but he aint a top 6 player let alone a top 4 one.let’s be honest,where would he be in the
best defensive players list in the prem lge?i wouldn’t put him in the top 8.

Kante, Matic, Dembele, Wanyama, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Carrick, Herrera and I haven’t even looked at citeh’s,are all better than him IMO.

We could have got kante when he was playing in france for less than 8m,so why wasn’t that transfer sanctioned given the fact wenger said we went for him?

Another example of the shambles at the club.coq has improved since coming back from playing at
the lower levels,but he still isn’t top draw. His purpose in the team is to shield his centre backs,win the ball back and
give it to the better players in the team.

He looks lost,tactically all over the place,and i agree with charlie nick when he said we should look to sell him,despite
giving him a new contract.he’s a back up player at best and hasn’t influenced many,if any games this season.vieira,gilberto, petit etc made impact in games even if they were not at their

There lies the problem in itself,top draw players to just a good one. We need a new defensive midfield player this summer?




Coquelin a scapegoat…

Personally, one of the things I hate to see from my fellow Gooners is when certain scapegoats are made. Coq has proved he can do a job for us although As much as I think coq has been awful of late, there is no reason to single him out. The whole team has been awful.Why no mention of Xhaka?He cost about 34m more and is arguably a worse performer.

Truth is if anyone should be singled outfit’s wenger.For continuously trying to make this coq-Xhaka partnership work.It is simply out too defensive and won’t work. I personally think it’s vital to play ramsey in there since cazorla is out who is the real one that makes the team tick.

It’s funny, just a few months ago there was discussion that we have by far the best midfield in the country. But when you do an insight truth seems far from it. If we had the best midfield, they wouldn’t be playing so poorly just because one player got injured.

The specialone


‘Does Conte read these pages?’

Well that was much easier than I expected and the team as a whole obviously new the game plan and stuck with it (so again full credit to Conte for that)

Have to agree we need to be more clinical as we could easily have scored 4 or 5 last night. A shame about the lack of a clean sheet as well and highlights the need to either kill the game off or remain fully focussed to the end. If that goal had come 5 minutes earlier then it would have been very nervy and for no real reason

I know that Hazard was given man of the match and thought he had a much more consistent game and took the goal well however, for me, there were 2 other players more deserving. I thought Kante was exceptional and worked his socks off and controlled the midfield. Not sure he got enough credit for the interception and pass that led to the goal either

The other player was Moses (yes I know…!!). I thought defensively he was outstanding. Still felt he could do better going forward but as part of the defensive unit he did nothing wrong and deserves full credit for that performance

What I did find interesting was the late changes which resulted in Zouma at the back and Dave at wingback (do you think Conte reads these pages…???). KTBFFH



‘We looked a lot better at defending the high ball…’

1905, ha,ha, yes it does seem like Conte might read the site firstly by saying “we must pay great attention” to Carroll prior to the game and then bringing Zouma on and moving Azpi to wing back for the closing stages. ????

It looked like we had worked hard on the training ground at defending the high ball which we did very well yesterday and should also be a plus going forwards because that has looked to be a bit of an Achilles heel for us.

We looked a lot better at defending the high ball than we have done and I’m not sure West Ham rushing Carroll back in after injury may have been the best decision for them and they might have been better starting him from the bench.

It will be interesting to see what Conte does defensively v United shorn of Zlatan they will probably rely on the pace of the likes of Rashford and Martial.

Will Zouma be given a start because of his pace to counter that and would it be a bad idea to start JT because of United’s likely pace up front with no Zlatan?

Whichever way Conte goes I expect him to name a very strong team v United. Cheers 999

nine nine nine


Klopp ended Chilwell interest?

I’ll grant you it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes, but many of the more reliable journalists reported that it was Klopp who put the breaks on Chilwell because he didn’t believe he (Chilwell) wanted the move enough and Klopp apparently only wanted players 100% committed to coming.

If true, I can live with Klopp putting extra vetting in place given that we need hungrier players.



A defence of Pogba

@Carrick your beef is pogba. It’s quite clear that you just can’t wait for him to make a mistake so you can have a pop at him. As for Blackburn game you were raving on about rashford running beyond the defence and scoring but when ibra did the same in the second you shut up for some reason.

Zlatan and pogba ain’the problem it’s majority of others who just aren’t good enough. Pogba as a central midfielder has created 50 chances and I’m pretty sure that’s one of the best in the league in that position.

Look at pogba’s number of passes and even dribbles the guy’s all round game is much better than any other central midfielder in the league. If majority of other players were doing as much as pogba and ibra I’m pretty sure we would be in a much better position.



Pogba stats…

Fatrooney – Care to share any stats about how many chances pogba has created and how this compares to other central midfielders on the league? Or the passes completed

Seeing as you asked…

Key Passes Per Game
Pogba – 1.9
Mata – 1.7
Mkhitaryan – 1.6
Herrera – 1.2
Carrick – 0.3

Mata – 9
Mkhitaryan – 9
Pogba – 8
Herrera – 1
Carrick – 1

Shots Per Game
Pogba – 3.2
Mkhitaryan – 1.9
Mata – 1.6
Herrera – 1.3
Carrick – 0.3

Herrera – 4
Pogba – 4
Mata – 3
Mkhitaryan – 1
Carrick – 0

Pass completion
Carrick – 90.7%
Mata – 89.4%
Herrera – 88.5%
Pogba – 85.3%
Mkhitaryan – 84.8%

Tackles Per Game
Herrera – 3.2
Pogba – 1.9
Mkhitaryan – 1.4
Carrick – 1.3
Mata – 0.7

Interceptions Per Game
Herrera – 2.8
Carrick – 2.3
Pogba – 1.2
Mkhitaryan – 0.9
Mata – 0.6

Dispossessed Per Game
Carrick – 0.1
Mata – 0.7
Herrera – 0.8
Pogba – 2.0
Mkhitaryan – 2.1

Bad Control Per Game
Carrick – 0.4
Herrera – 0.6
Mata – 0.9
Mkhitaryan – 1.4
Pogba – 2.3


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