Moreno: I’ve suffered ‘same kind of pain’ as Shaw

Date published: Friday 18th September 2015 11:45 - Matthew Briggs

Hector Moreno: Celebrates his equaliser against Manchester United

Hector Moreno says he has felt¬†“the same kind of pain” as Manchester United’s Luke Shaw suffered when breaking his leg on Tuesday.

Shaw underwent surgery in the immediate aftermath of sustaining the injury during Manchester United’s 2-1 Champions League defeat at the Philips Stadion. The England left-back is due to go under the knife again before returning to Manchester over the weekend.

Moreno scored PSV’s equaliser and was named Man of the Match – an award that reportedly angered United.

Luke Shaw: Lies in agony after breaking his leg

The Mexico defender, who missed five and a half months after fracturing his tibia during the 2014 World Cup, admitted to having mixed feelings after the victory, insisting it was tough to focus on the game after seeing Shaw in agony.

“It was really difficult because I had the same kind of pain, I had the same kind of problem,” he told Eindhoven Dagblad.

“I never meant to hurt him, I just meant to get the ball, it was hard to continue but I had to play. My team needed me, the whole supporters were there for us and we needed to win.”

Moreno says his conscience is clear and he had no intention of hurting Shaw.

“I slept, I don’t know how to say, with a feeling of being happy because we won but still sad. I don’t know how to explain my feelings after what happened with Luke Shaw. I was OK with myself because I know myself I never tried to hurt anybody, I never tried to even make the foul, you know.

“It was an accident, but there’s a lot of consequence, he’s out a long time now, he’s been through an operation and I just hope and I pray for him and his family they are OK right now.”

Shaw injury pain

The PSV centre-half was asked if he realised upon impact how severely Shaw was injured.

“No, no, I got the ball,” he said. “I look back to see the ball where it went, it was above the goal, he was lying on the pitch, he was in a lot of pain and then I thought something was wrong, that something really bad had happened.

“When they dive or something they don’t show so much pain, I saw his pain and then I knew that something wrong was happening and I felt bad, straightaway. It was difficult to continue the game, because I had that pain myself one year ago and I also feel know how difficult it is for the family, for everyone concerned.

“That’s why I just want to send my strength. I can’t do anything else right now, you know, I just say I pray to god every game before the match that nothing happens to me or my colleagues, this kind of situation.

Despite reports in The Sun on Friday that he had visited Shaw in hospital, Moreno says he will give his stricken opponent some space before getting in touch.

“Not yet but I will try to make contact. Right now I would like to let him be calm and be easy with family, it’s a difficult time but when I can I will try to make contact with him.”

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