Mourinho accused of meltdown as FA crusade continues

Date published: Thursday 22nd October 2015 9:41

Jose Mourinho: Chelsea boss to continue using 'weak and naive' phrase

Jose Mourinho has been accused of being close to a ‘John Carver-esque meltdown’ as the Chelsea boss continues his crusade against the Football Association.

According to several of Thursday’s newspapers, Mourinho plans to refer to officials as “weak and naive” whenever frustrated by their displays, having seen Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger escape punishment for using the phrase.

Mourinho used it for the first time following Chelsea’s Champions League draw at Dynamo Kiev on Tuesday night, with UEFA yet to decide whether his comments constitute a breach of their rules.

Irrespective of the outcome of that probe, Mourinho believes he is on safe ground using the phrase after Premier League games, with Wenger escaping punishment for describing Mike Dean’s performance as “weak and naive” following Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge last month.

Mourinho, meanwhile, is appealing against the £50,000 fine and suspended one-match stadium ban given to him after he described referees as being “afraid” to award decisions in Chelsea’s favour.

He said last week: “I know I’m not English. I know my English is just good enough to work in this country, but it is not perfect. But the difference between ‘afraid’ and ‘weak and naive’, the difference is £50,000 and one-match stadium ban.

“We can push people in the technical area. We can, no problem. So anything in the technical area, we can push. The word ‘afraid’ is a punishment and a hard punishment. But to say the referee was ‘weak and naive’, referring to one of the top referees in this country and in Europe, we can do.”

Mourinho on verge of meltdown?

Former Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann says Mourinho’s behaviour makes it appear as though he is “begging for the sack”.

“Some of the stuff he (Mourinho) is coming out with at the moment and over recent weeks is not far from a meltdown,” Hamann told talkSPORT. “It’s John Carver-esque.

“I don’t know what’s going on with the owner and what the circumstances are, but to me at times it looks like he’s begging for the sack.

“The thing that worries me about Chelsea is that he seems to be falling out with all the players. If you want to get a reaction from a player and you put him on the bench like he did with [Eden] Hazard the other day, it’s not a problem. But you don’t bring him on in the 89th minute to humiliate him and embarrass him even further.

“And he’s done it with most of the players. [Branislav] Ivanovic has been labelled as a player who hasn’t performed this season, which may be true, but if you do it with one or two players to get a reaction that’s fair enough, but I think he has done it to most of them now.

“If you want to be successful, come Saturday, Mourinho can’t score the goals. You need your players, your main players, on board.

“If he wants to keep his job until the end of the season you’ve got to see a different Chelsea over the next few months. Can I see it? I’m not too sure, I don’t think they can. I’ll be stunned if he’s there by the end of the season.”

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