Mourinho at his venomous best and his top 15 public put downs

Date published: Wednesday 9th November 2016 12:21

Cole, Smalling & Ronaldo: All subject of Mourinho's ire

With Chris Smalling and Luke Shaw coming under fire from Jose Mourinho this weekend, we’ve compiled a list of his very best put downs of his players.


Chris Smalling & Luke Shaw – After 3-1 win at Swansea, November 2016

“Smalling doesn’t feel that he can play 100 per cent with his pain. Luke Shaw told me this morning that he was not in the condition to play so we had to build a defensive line. There is a difference between the brave that will be there at any cost and the ones that a little pain can make a difference.

“Great football people – great sportspeople – many, many times play without being 100 per cent. For the team you have to do anything – that’s my way of saying.”


Luke Shaw – After 3-1 loss at Watford, September 2016

“Today for the second goal, (Nordin) Amrabat on the right side, our left back is 25 metres distance from him, instead of five metres. But even at 25 metres, then you have to jump and go press. But no, we wait. This is a tactical but also a mental attitude.”


Eric Bailly & Daley Blind – After 2-1 loss to Manchester City, September 2016

Eric Bailly
“Even our central defenders, who were top-class until today, lost easy balls. What I told them at half-time was: ‘For some of you, it looks like you are trying to do what I told you not to do.'”

Unnamed members of Chelsea squad – After 2-1 defeat at Leicester, December 2015

“Today we made two defensive mistakes and we pay. They were goals that I cannot accept. They are goals that were studied and we have practiced for three days. I feel bad because I don’t understand how we can concede these goals.

“I know one of my best qualities is to read the opponent, and these two goals are very difficult to accept. I feel my work was betrayed.”


Unnamed members of Chelsea squad – After 2-2 draw at Newcastle, September 2015

Jose Mourinho: Manager famous for his comments

“Clearly it’s an attitude perspective of some individuals. And when you have individuals with that unstable attitude in terms of motivation, desire and commitment you will pay.”


Eden Hazard – After 3-1 defeat to Atletico Madrid, May 2014

“He’s not the kind of player ready to sacrifice himself 100 per cent for the team and his mates. I’m not happy.”


Cristiano Ronaldo – After Ronaldo appeared to tell Mourinho to “f**k himself” during 6-2 win v Malaga, June 2013

“Cristiano Ronaldo maybe thinks that he knows everything and that the coach cannot improve him anymore.

“I had a very basic problem with him: criticise him from a tactical point of view, in that moment he did not accept it very well.”


Iker Casillas – After 4-3 win over Real Valladolid, May 2013

Casillas Mourinho
“Just as Casillas can say he would prefer another coach such as [Vicente] Del Bosque or [Manuel] Pellegrini, I can say that I prefer Diego Lopez. And while I’m the coach of Madrid, Diego Lopez will play.”


Pepe – After 4-3 win over Real Valladolid and comments from the defender sympathising with Casillas, May 2013

“Pepe has a problem. And his name is Raphael Varane. That’s the whole story.

“It isn’t easy for a man aged 31 with a lot of experience behind him to be blown out of the water by a kid of 19. It’s very simple. The problem is very simple. Pepe’s life has changed.”


Pedro Leon – Ahead of a Champions League clash with Auxerre, September 2010

“You talk of Pedro Leon as if he was [Diego] Maradona or [Zinedine] Zidane, but only last month he was playing for Getafe. He will play whenever he works like I want him to, and it will be more difficult for him to play when he doesn’t.”


Mario Balotelli – After 3-1 victory over Barcelona, April 2010

Mourinho Balotelli

“I always want my fans to be with my players right to the end. But, in the end, I can understand them because they saw the same thing as me. They saw a team which was dead, exhausted after all their efforts.

“(Goran) Pandev had cramp. I couldn’t make any more changes. The team was destructed and then you see (Cristian) Chivu come on and do everything, (Dejan) Stankovic come on and do everything, and then Mario comes on with this attitude.”


Andriy Shevchenko, Shaun Wright-Phillips & Salomon Kalou – After a 2-2 draw with Fulham, December 2006

“You can find four or five players performing nothing for the team.

“Sheva is not performing, Shaun is not performing, Kalou is not performing.”


Joe Cole – After 2-0 win over Birmingham, January 2006

“I’ve told him, one more match like that and he’s out. He has to play for the team and not for the public and himself.”


Ricardo Carvalho – After the defender complained he did not start 1-0 win at Wigan, August 2005

“Ricardo Carvalho seems to have problems understanding things, maybe he should have an IQ test, or go to a mental hospital or something.”


Joe Cole – After a 1-0 win over Liverpool, when Cole scored the only goal, October 2004

“He has a lot to learn. I think he has two faces – one beautiful and one I don’t like. He must keep one and change the other one.

“When he scored the goal the game finished for him. After that I needed 11 players for my defensive organisation and I had just 10.”


Rob Conlon

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