Mourinho blasts ‘double standards’ with Jurgen Klopp his ‘target’

Date published: Wednesday 1st February 2017 10:31

Jose Mourinho was keen to discuss the different treatment he feels he gets from the officials compared to other Premier League managers.

Without directly referencing Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and his behaviour on the touchline in the 1-1 draw against Chelsea on Tuesday night, Mourinho believes he cannot be too critical because of the fines he receives from the FA.

Manchester United were held to a 0-0 draw against Hull and, in classic Mourinho style, he deflected the attention away from his players and onto himself.

Speaking at the press conference afterwards, he said: “You simply have to tell the truth. You will be doing a public service I think.

“Tell the truth. If that means you say Manchester United didn’t play well in the first-half, so be it.

“Don’t ask me questions I cannot answer. You know clearly I am different.

“The rules for me are different. I am different in everything. I watch my team from the hotel. I was forbidden to go to the stadium.”

“We didn’t score. You don’t score, it is not possible to win,” Mourinho added to BBC Sport.

“Their goalkeeper was good.

“We needed to score, we needed more time to play. If you played 35-40 minutes in both halves, it is a lot.

“I think Hull City tried to see where they could go, the way they could behave and tried to see what the referee would allow them to do.

“They had the feedback and were comfortable to do what they did. I am not critical of that. They are fighting against relegation and every point is gold.

“If you do not know football, you should not have a microphone in your hand.”

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