Neville, Carragher expect shock decision after hammering Man City ban

Date published: Monday 17th February 2020 9:29


Sky Sports’ outspoken pundit duo Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have unloaded on UEFA’s recent two-year ban imposed on Man City, with Neville describing UEFA as “a hopeless organisation”

The Citizens were handed the ban and a £30m fine for serious breaches of the Financial Fair Play rules between the years of 2012-16.

With the decision not final after the club revealed their intentions to appeal through the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Neville believes the ban will be overturned after labelling UEFA a “a hopeless organisation”.

Speaking on Monday Night Football, Neville said: “If owners sign up to contracts or allow contracts to be signed under their ownership, they should have money in place to fulfil those contracts and I think Man City’s owners have got that.

“I think City will beat UEFA. UEFA, I have no faith in them whatsoever. I think essentially they are a hopeless organisation who will just apply what would be erratic disciplinary sanctions for different things and I think City will beat them in the courts.

“I think it will get stuck in the courts for some time, but I think City will win in the end.”

Carragher, meanwhile, questioned the curious timing of the decision given the return to focus of the Champions League this month.

The former Liverpool defender said: “I can’t believe they are in the competition now. What would happen if City win this competition this season?

“They are the favourites for it, one of the best teams in Europe and it would make a mockery of the competition.


“UEFA will be desperate for Man City to get beat by Real Madrid, absolutely desperate. Can you imagine people from UEFA having to give the cup in Istanbul to a Man City player.

“The first question Pep would get asked after the game is it a fake win? They will be asked questions about the merits of the club and competition. They are in the competition now and if they win it, it will almost be tainted.

“It is the biggest thing any club team can win, but the things that will be thrown at Pep Guardiola five minutes later in a press conference and at his players will be should they be in the competition?

“I think for UEFA, they should have either took Man City out of the competition right now or left this decision until the end of the season.”

Meanwhile, former long-time Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger recently gave his thoughts on City’s situation but was not in a sympathetic mood.


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