Neville discusses Zlatan’s Man Utd future & ‘underused’ Rashford

Date published: Thursday 16th March 2017 1:44

Gary Neville has had his say on the Manchester United futures of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcus Rashford.

Ibrahimovic has had a huge impact at Old Trafford since arriving in the summer, and with his 12 month deal set to expire in the coming months, is expected to sign a 12-month extension.

But asked whether he would hand the Swede a two-year deal, Neville told Omnisport: “I’d say yes. Because of the professionalism, the training and his commitment to the club.

“I think United needed personalities and characters after what happened in the previous few seasons. A lot of United’s success has revolved around him.

“It will be impossible for him to play every single match in that period. There has to be a dip at some point. Ultimately, it’s how Mourinho manages him over a two-year period because he wants to play every match.

“The reality is, I’m not quite sure that will be able to happen as he continues to get a little bit older.”


Neville on ‘underused’ Rashford

Neville also discussed the fate of Rashford, adding that while his playing time has been diminished in comparison to last campaign, he is now “able to learn at a more calm pace”.

“He is not getting overplayed,” said the former right-back. “He is able to learn at a more calm pace.

“The bad is that at times maybe his form hasn’t been as good as it was last season. He needs to reproduce that standard he set last season.

“There’s potentially always going to be a fall in a young player. There is going to be ups and downs and inconsistency. Maybe now, he has a chance to show what he is. He can have confidence knowing he will play.

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