Next two Man Utd starters to be shipped out; Liverpool XI for Arsenal test

Date published: Tuesday 20th August 2019 1:51

McTominay Lingard TEAMtalk

Manchester United fans discuss last night’s 1-1 draw with Wolves, while Liverpool fans talk about the line-up for Arsenal, all in our Your Says of the Day.


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Wolves didn’t threaten United

Bedwetters out in full force after a better result than last season, who’d have thought?! I didn’t think Wolves really threatened us apart from their offside goal!!

Shame we fu**ed up the penalty because we should have won that game. If we go and beat Palace now at the weekend it will be a good start to the season. 7 points from the first 3 games isn’t what many people were predicting. Saw this earlier too;

Wolves since being promoted:
Drew 1-1 vs City
Drew 1-1 vs Utd
Drew 1-1 vs Arsenal
Won 2-1 vs Chelsea
Won 3-1 vs Spurs
Won 2-1 vs Liverpool
Drew 1-1 vs Chelsea
Won 2-1 vs Utd
Won 2-1 vs Utd
Won 3-1 vs Arsenal
FA Cup semi-final
Secured EL football
Drew 1-1 vs Man Utd

So forgive me for not over reacting!



Next two United players to be replaced are…

We need to continue investing and buying better quality than what we have in the first 11, one by one – next to be replaced must be Jesse Lingard and Scott McTominay.



I too thought we played some really good football,especially in the 1st half and should have won the game.Much improved compared to last season when we lost both games away to them,and would probably have drawn or even lost the one against Chelsea.Give James time,lads.



Bedwetters need to go and rest that brain cell… Fact is United were the better side for three quarters of the game. You need to be a complete idiot not to see that. Only a worldy from Neves and a superb penalty save prevented what should have been an easy victory for United. My only concern was Solskjaer’s substitutions were far too late and Scott McTominay needs to toughen up.

He was also a bit wasteful in possession second half. He’s only 22 so will improve with experience. I hate to say to all you bedwetters but United are well and truly on the way to be a force again.

theMartial Art


The match was 6th against 7th from last season. Not quite sure how much of an improvement some were expecting over the course of the summer but we’ve gone from being beaten quite easily, twice at their place late last season to being a penalty miss away from winning a game we were in control of for large periods.

Aside from the sequence that led to their goal, including the freekick/header off the post, I don’t remember De Gea having anything much to do again. Wolves haven’t lost at home since the first week of January so they are no pushovers.
Chelsea and Wolves away in the first two games of the season is a tough start and we’ve come away with 4 points. Our 2 strikers have scored twice each, the defence has looked much improved from last season. There are still areas to work on, however, overall it’s a solid start to a long season.



Bruno Fernandes would have hindered the growth of Lingard even though Lingard has 1 assist and 0 goal in 2019. I am happy Ole didn’t see him fit because he looses the ball easily. All Lingard needs to start firing again is hugs and calling him “JLingz” at Carrington. Palace next.



Lingard has a ‘free pass’

Jesse Lingard TEAMtalk

Lingard is an odd one, he clearly isnt as good as he and the club think but seems to get a free pass?

also he is in an increasing amount of TV adverts all of which are more annoying because of him!

especially when the one he is calling everyne “Bro” every 2 seconds….!



I find it a bit strange to now hear what a good side Wolves are after the game and how a draw is a decent result, when all I saw on here beforehand was a host of ‘experts’ predicting we would win by 3 or even 5 goals, funny that!😂

Look, I’m not denying that Wolves are tidy little, well coached side who don’t lose too many home games, but they are not my concern. It’s our fundamental lack of progress year after year that is the problem, with the same old suspects still here showing absolutely no signs of improvement.

I read this morning that Jesse Lingard has not scored a single PL goal since Ole’s first match in charge against mighty Cardiff some 8 months and 14 games ago, and yet he still gets picked every week, and he’s far from being the only one who has palpably and consistently failed to step up to the plate. That’s what is going to be our undoing as the season unfolds and far tougher tests than Wolves come along, simple as that.




Blacky – I think we need to view it with a degree of sensibility don’t we? What are you calling our fundamental lack of progress year after year? Beating Chelsea 4-0? Or drawing away to Wolves? If you just calm down for a second and agree that all of our issues aren’t going to be fixed in 1 window/1 season then you can see the following;

1) Ole has got a group of players out of the club already, Fellaini, Herrera (As much as i liked him it’s fair to say he didn’t fit into the new vision of the club) Valencia and Lukaku. It’s looking likely that Sanchez and maybe Rojo will be added to this list before the window shuts for European clubs.

2) Younger, more exciting, talent has come in with AWB, James and Maguire (I’ll ignore your comment on him looking average last night coz it’s not true). With some exciting youth coming through in Greenwood, Gomes, Garner and Chong. Which, most importantly, has meant the likes of Smalling, Jones, Matic (your fave!) etc are nowhere near the team.

3) Our fitness levels and the way we approach games is better. As Neville said last night, it’s not boring slow football that we’ve witnessed over the past few years is it? It’s a quick, high energy game which has clear benefits to Martial and Rashford as they’ve both scored 2 in 2.

It’s going to take a few more windows but i believe the club have agreed to keep Ole in the role for 3 years and let him rebuild the first team from back to front. It’s an initial lower of expectation, it’s not quick fixes like with Jose with a view to winning the league, it’s a more considered and long-term approach to getting us back to where we need to be. The problem we have, as fans, is we still expect to win every game coz that’s in our DNA but we’re just not that club at the moment.
But we will be again…




Liverpool starting XI v Arsenal

Top of the table clash.
While Arsenal have a formidable front line, their defence still looks very shakey. My fear for us would be playing the high line and the likes of Aubameyang exploiting it. I do however believe we can win this without a lot of fuss.
Mané is on fire already seemingly, the front 3 all actually look on their game already, I’d be starting all three.
Fabinho come back in for me probably with Hendo and Gini.

A starting XI something like…
TAA, Gomez, VVD, Robbo
Hendo, Fabinho, Gini
Salah, Firmino, Mané



Keita injured again

Ginger, it’s got to point now with Keita as it did with Lallana that I will always consider them ‘unavailable’ and when they are actually available it’s a bonus to the squad. It’s a good way of keeping the stress levels down. Expected the expected and then when the unexpected occurs, great.

I took Klopp’s comments about having two new signings in Ox and Keita with a massive, hill sized pinch of salt. It’s why we needed a new attacking mid because we just bloody knew.

Rob Fort Worth TX

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