‘The real person driving Arsenal into the ground is…’

Date published: Wednesday 2nd August 2017 1:01

With Neymar seemingly going to PSG, a Man Utd fan asks whether they can compete for the world’s best players and the real person driving Arsenal into the ground is revealed in our forum…

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‘The real person driving Arsenal into the ground is…’

So let me get this straight,we finished 6th last season and knowing that wenger still spent less than all the teams that finished above us(bar tottenham probably because they’re moving into the new stadium).

Honestly,I don’t expect anymore signings because it’s wenger we’re talking about here.It’s an absolute disgrace.

Not to mention the signings he’s made have not really worthy to set the fanbase alight.

This is ridiculous,how could the BOD have done this, why the hell did they have the need to offer him a 2 year contract extension, unacceptable.

The real person driving Arsenal to the ground is none other than stan kronke.

Apart from his obvious lack of interest in the club’s performances,he’s the one responsible for keeping wenger for another 2 seasons.Nothing and I mean nothing will change until silent stan is forced out.

The specialone


‘Arsenal need the owner out’

I’m starting to wonder if this club enjoys the constant farce that seems to surround it? We are the topic of so many jokes for other clubs/fans.

We already knew we had an idiot for an owner, who has no interest in winning anything anyway but his latest move of starting a ‘bloodsport’ tv station really does take the biscuit!

I know some people are not animal lovers and possibly won’t care but why do we need to be associated with someone like this. A man who is promoting the hunting and killing of endangered animals. Like our club doesn’t attract enough negative press!

Honestly, we are 2 weeks away from the season starting and my interest levels and excitement for this club have never been lower.

We need the owner out and we need the manager out but we know that neither of those things are happening any time soon. In the meantime the least they could try and do is make us competitive on the pitch.



‘I’m really really worried about where we might finish’

Sorry just to correct myself we finished fifth, the fact that I wrote wrongly just proves how irrelevant those two positions are.

I have to say,I’m really really worried about where we might finish.I’m pretty certain it won’t be top four.Find it absolutely disgraceful how weak we are compared to other teams.

Our owner has to go it’s as simple as that.Stan kronke needs to get out of the club.That should be the first and foremost step.

And we need that.Because no matter who comes in I guess he’ll have have a tad bit of sense in him to realize wenger is nowhere near doing a good enough job, on the other hands is lowering our ambitions season after season.

the specialone


Verratti to Barca?

Well folks if the Neymar deal goes through, then any targets lined up are now going to cost a considerable lot more.
Bet none of the big clubs seen this coming, probs start some sort of auction now, PSG are bound to need to recoup what this is going to cost them, would imagine Veratti is going the other way.



Transfer market forever changing

BP, PSG has been firm on the fact that Veratti is not for sale and he is part of their project.

Lukaku and Walker’s deal already change the market respectively, hence why Monaco demanded for more money for Mendy and Swansea asking Everton to pay 50 God knows millions for Sigurdson, I am just hoping they get every penny of that from them as that will go a long way in pacifying me for the way they treated us concerning Lukaku.

Sandro for 70m? That’s too expensive iMO but if that is what the market is going for, as far as it doesn’t have any effect on the sustainability of th club.

I see Drinkwater is said to be Conte’s target even from last season?? goodluck on that front If that’s what he wants, If there is anyone that can get the best out of any player, it’s Conte.

And Candreva at 30? We will be going against our principle but again if Conte thinks that will help the team mount a proper challenge for EPL and CL, then it’s ok imo.


Chelsea team for Community Shield

The best team we could field right now would be

Rudiger luiz cahill
Azpi kante cesc alonso
Pedro morata willian

We really are struggling to put team out here



Bats deserves a start

Doubt if Morata will start the game from reading in between the lines his fitness is in question, I also think Bats deserves a start and if its not going then bring on Morata in the 2nd half not in Courtois







No balance for Moreno

It’s much too simplistic to say that “Moreno can’t defend” as he’e got all of the attributes to make him a very good defender as he’s got as much pace and commitment as anyone around. The issue with him is that he hasn’t got the balance right as to when to dive in and when to “stand up” i.e. anything which is 50:50 or even 40:60 against and he will think that he’s going to win it.

What this means is that he will be winning some encounters that other full backs wouldn’t win, but will also inevitably lose more encounters – and due to his position on the pitch, these are more noticeable than someone who stands off but still allows a cross to come in – but hasn’t got rinsed. In summary, he’s guilty of gambling a bit too much.

So, whether you conclude that he is too “hard-wired” to change his game or whether he’s still young enough to be coached into having a better awareness of where the rest of the defence are operating around him and hence improve his decision making. After these pre-season games, I’m beginning to believe that Klopp wants to keep him as he’s got something that you can’t coach = pace. I don’t think he would have played last night (and the minutes he’s been involved in other pre-season games) if he wasn’t in Klopp’s plans – but I could be wrong. Clearly Robertson will play tonight though as there’s only a 24 hour break in between games.

The season could well see Moreno and Robertson competing for the LB berth and Milner as the utility bench player who could come on to help close out games in a variety of positions.

The other good aspect about Moreno is that he appears to be a really good presence around the team. His attitude was fantastic last season considering that he spent so much of it sitting on the bench and he’s so obviously best mates with Firmino and, quite importantly at the moment, Coutinho.

Red Herring


Keep Moreno

Ginger, I would definitely keep Moreno as backup to Robertson. We are in 4 competitions so it is a no-brainer that we need 2 left-backs to cope in all of them.

Even though I have called for Moreno to be sold in the past, I will always support a player who can turn his career around. With increased competition from Robertson, Moreno has no option but to raise his game, especially defensively, and I think he will, as long as he is willing to learn from Klopp.

And it is the ideal situation for Liverpool to have two good left-backs – start Moreno in FA Cup and League Cup, and start Robertson in Premiership and CL.

Red Herring – totally agree with you on Moreno. He is a solid professional and I believe he can improve on his defending. I have a feeling that the competition from Robertson will bring out the best in him



I’d be surprised if he’s at Anfield on Sept 1′

We are actively trying to sell Moreno.
He is currently up for sale.

Despite Milner having to play every league game at left back without a break Klopp still didn’t see fit to start him.
The lad can’t defend.
I’ve no malice against him, he try’s his best but he cannot defend.

He’s a failed winger who’s been moved to full back and isn’t very good at it.
He’s very fast with a decent shot but he’s nowhere near LFC standard for a fullback.
I’ll be extremely surprised if hes still at Anfield come Sept 1st.



‘Take a chance on Angel Gomes’

Playing for a relegation-level side and being close to the most skillful is one thing; playing for Manchester United and having to win games week in week out is a completely different matter mentally.

I remember Cleverley being a revelation for Watford when he was out on loan and I’m sure some of you can mention a couple of players who did wonders at the likes of Sunderland down the years however very few of these sort of players end up handling the pressures at the club afterwards.

In my opnion, Pereira can be a good squad player for us but it is simply too early to say – to be honest I’d prefer if Mourinho took a chance on Angel Gomes instead; that lad is a true talent and can be a star player in only a few years time if given a chance to develop.

Sympathy for the Devils


Pereira competing with Herrera

I’m with OT on thus. Perriera will look comfortable in a 3 man midfield alongside matic and pogba. There are not many players who can replace pogba but I feel perreira will be competing with herrera for a place this season.

I don’t actually see herrera starting many games, jose will go with matic alongside pogba with miki just ahead. He did the same with chelsea when cesc and matic were in centre and oscar just ahead.

Only in big games I see herrera coming in to make a 3 man midfield



Can Man Utd compete for the world’s best players?

It looks all but confirmed that Neymar is leaving Barcelona for PSG. One of the world’s best players has decided to leave one of the world’s best teams to play for a team who, no matter how much money they spend, compete in an inferior league. Not an environment for a player to show he can be the world’s very best player.

Without question, money has to be the key factor in Neymar’s decision to seemingly take a step down in his career. My question to everyone is how do they feel about Man Utd not financially competing for his signature? The money is obscene.

A £200m transfer fee and reportedly 500k a week in wages. Makes Griezmann at £89m look like a bargain. But, in saying that, Real Madrid and Barcelona already pay their star men parity wages as what PSG are offering Neymar because their players are the elite.

To take another look at it, Ibrahimovic and Ashley Young’s wages combined come up to 500k, so while it’s ludicrous, it is conceivable. £200m seems crazy, however, is that simply the market and we’re witnessing a transfer taking place of one of the world’s elite.

I mean, if Sigurdsson is worth £50m, Keita is worth £80m, Coutinho is worth £90m, Mbappe £130m, then is the reality that £200m for a player of Neymar’s ilk actually in line with the current prices being quoted?

And if so, shouldn’t Man Utd be able to operate at the very highest level of the market?

I bring this up because, last month, reports came out that Neymar was looking for Man Utd to make a bid.

Apparently Ronaldo had advised him that if he was to leave Barcelona, only Man Utd would do as a destination. However, Man Utd balked at the prices. Everyone ignored the news as simply tabloid talk because the truth is that it’s inconceivable one of the best players would choose to leave Barcelona or Real Madrid for any Premier League team.

Persuading any contracted player, let alone an elite, to leave would be the hardest part, however, now I wonder if there was some merit to the claims and if there was some truth to it, should Man United have fought for his signature or are the club right to say it’s too much.

And if the club are right, does that mean we can’t compete for the world’s elite players when they become available and then, what does that mean for Man Utd’s competitive position within the transfer market?



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