No faith in Mourinho; Man Utd fans would rather see boss leave than Pogba

Date published: Tuesday 7th August 2018 1:09 - Simon Crowe

Manchester United fans are concerned about Jose Mourinho’s standing at the club and one supporter would rather see the manager leave rather than Paul Pogba, while Liverpool fans should have faith in Joe Gomez, all in our forum.


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What do Chelsea fans see in Batshuayi?

I’m shocked Chelsea fans think Batshuayi has potential. Every game I have ever seen him play tells me he’s a complete donkey. If he has potential, then for me Morata is world class. Out of the two, I know who I would stick with.


Director of Football needed at Chelsea

Maurizio Sarri Chelsea

If Higuin is old and slow, then he knows where the net is. On the other hand we have a striker who cannot put the ball in to an empty net let alone score goals for us. The reality is that we can’t compare ourselves with City, United and Spurs. All of those clubs finished ahead of us last season with the same squad vs our current squad minus Courtois and a few others. City have added Mahrez to what was already the best squad in the league, United added Fred and will soon add to the squad that finished as runners up. And Spurs have secured the futures of all of their star players. On the other hand we finished 5th last season with our current squad. And fears are growing that we may lose a few of our first teamers. So what these clubs need doesn’t compare to our needs. We have business men and women running our football transfers what a contradiction! A proper D.O.F would have listened the coach and sorted long before the transfer deadline as has been the case in our last 3 seasons.


Spurs a rival to United but not Chelsea?

How come Utd won’t consider selling Martial to Spurs and yet they will do business with Chelsea.Surely the reason they give ie not selling to a rival applies just as much to you as us.
And another thing, how come Utd expect Spurs to sell Toby to them, but we can’t have Martial as it makes us stronger and they won’t sell to a rival, WTF !!!!!!


No need to rush to get Butland

I don’t know why we are rushing to pursue Butland. I can’t see us improving that much with him in our goal. He is not the kind of keeper that Sarri ball needs. The only motivation could be that he is an English player. I don’t see any other thing. But in my opinion we are making a mistke there.

Kepa is a better keeper than Butland. Techincally good and will be an ideal player for the Sarri ball. Why on earth are we not going for him? Just say Stoke are holding for £40m which means if we can add another £20m, we can get kepa who is streets ahead of him. Think twice before going for Butland. But as usual our cluess board will fall for the English media hype of Butland. I can see another Drinkwater on the cards if Butland arrives. Just ask this question, how did we allow this situation to reach this critical point? As usual without a plan.


Gomez needs to improve his awareness of movement 

Gomez’s weak point seems to be lack of awareness of movement around him; but hopefully something that he will be able to overcome. The example that highlights it the best is the Sanchez headed goal at the Emirates last season that triggered their comeback in a game that we were coasting. Although Joe was playing at right back, the incident happened when the defence had shuffled across and he was effectively ‘defending’ in the middle of the goal. I wouldn’t say that this issue can be attributed to playing RB or CB as it’s just a general awareness/focus thing that he’s got to get sorted wherever he’s playing.


Players don’t want to play for Mourinho 

Jose Mourinho Manchester United

Nobody seems to want to play for Jose. Almost restores your faith in footballers. We think of them as just a bunch of mercenary b*stards, but clearly some have a bit of pride in the type of football they’re allowed to play. Of course, it will be someone else’s fault.


Arsenal fans need to protest now

The begining of the end for this club

Forget New manager,lack of transfers,Obscene wages we pay.If the Kronke takeover goes through it is the worst news recieved possibly ever for this club.
From what I understand,the clown is actually taking a loan to buy the Usmonov’s shares for which the any money towards repayment of the loan will be taken out from the business of Arsenal football club.As it is he’s not investing any of his own money in the running of the club,he now wants to make the club liable towards repayment of the loans.He’ll have full control of the club where he’s neither going to be obliged to show any responsibility nor accountability.He can do what he wants,no AGM,no disclosure of the club’s finances nothing.The fans will have no say whatsoever,and if we don’t do anything now we won’t be able to do anything later.Mass protests need to be carried out at this very moment,not only to stop the takeover but to actually boot Kronke out of the club.I don’t think the majority of fans actually understand the gravity of this situation,having an investor not a supporter,someone who’s ready to make the club liable for just about everything.

The offer is expected to be accepted,Usmanov I plead you not to sell.
What an absolute Joke,just one week before the season starts it’s like this club’s been hit by a storm.And I really really worry for this club’s future.
If this takeover goes through,we’d be lucky to even have a sniff at the Carabao cup let alone other trophies.



Liverpool fans need to have faith in Gomez

It never fails to astound me the lack of faith liverpool fans have in their own players.

Gomez is 21 played a few games at centreback and looked good Would prob have travelled to the World Cup with England if he’d not got injured and had been excelling in a back 3 before that injury but already people wanna write him off before his centreback journey has even really begun.


Liverpool to win the Premier League 

Mo Salah Liverpool

Premier League – 1st – since 2009, prem league winners have failed to retain title.
Champions League – Semi’s. Think City will win this (for what its worth)
FA Cup – Quarters – hope we get knocked out earlier, tbh. Cup run may get in the way.
League Cup – Winners. shorter cup run should suit us
Highest Scorer – Salah – 30+
First Sacking/Resignation – Not bothered. Wont be Klopp thats for sure.

Think we have enough to win consistently though City may be a better squad overall than us. City didn’t get competition so ran away with it. This season will be different. They have stood still (albeit at a good head start from everyone else), while we have improved. and there are good reasons why teams don’t retain the prem league over last 10 years and that is a telling stat.


Rather Jose leave than Pogba

Not only that mate but Pogba’s contract expires in 2021 with United having the option to extend. To me that means he is effectively tied to the club for the next 4 years.

Considering his talent, his marketing opportunities, and the length of his contract; Barcelona might as well have just flown to the US and spat in the Glazers’ faces instead of making such an insulting offer.

My view is that I would prefer Mourinho being shown the door than to see Pogba (and perhaps even Martial) leave. We simply cannot go about another squad rebuild at this point, it is unfeasible. I am 100% sure another manager could get a better style of play out of this squad, the question is whether that manager would be able to get better results.


No faith in Jose

The Pogba Martial debate highlights the problem & uncertaintly with Jose. Under Fergie it was abundantly clear …… no player is more important than the manager or club. The manager expected the full support of the board in his decisions with regard to players else the manager was honour bound to hand in his resignation. But today, neither board nor fans have complete faith in the manager. That is a problem in itself.




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