No Rashford, no hope for Man Utd; Liverpool star ‘simply immense’

Date published: Monday 20th January 2020 2:51

Man Utd readers claim no Rashford, no hope after Anfield loss, while Liverpool fans label star ‘simply immense’ after title-defining win  – all in Your Says of the Day.

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I didn’t think the loss of Rashford would affect things too much today, but there have been a few moments 2nd half where he just might have sneaked us a goal and rescued a point.


Don’t know what you guys are expecting here: Liverpool have dropped 2 points in 22 games and have an insane record at Anfield: were you expecting us to roll up without our 3 best players (Rashford, Pogba and McTominay) and maul them or something?

The truth is that we’ve done much much better than any other club in the league has – if Martial had finished that easy chance we’d be talking about potentially taking a point where no other club has taken points for months upon months.

Some perspective is needed.

Sympathy for the Devils

Maguire James and wan bissaka. Do people really think they have been great signings?

We desperately need a director of football and get rid of fergies old boys. Phelan Carrick butt ole. Get the old school influence out of the club and start with fresh new ideas. Counter attacking football is going back to the 90s


Today’s team selection is dictated by injuries. We have one of the league’s youngest squad this season. The presence of so many young players and academy graduates in and around the starting line-up underlines that Ole’s side is still a work-in-progress, but it is also a source of pride for the club and a cause for optimism about the future.

Is there anything new being said here that hasn’t been said over the last few months?

Change needs to happen higher up. Woodward couldn’t complete the deal. Couldn’t negotiate and couldn’t agree to sign Bruno Fernandes this window. Where oh where have we witnessed this before. Well how about last season with the same player. Woodward let it be known he didn’t like the way Sporting Lisbon treated him. Well it’s time he got over himself and smelled the coffee. He wants to be identified as a businessman. A smart negotiator but he allowed himself to withdraw from the deal. Competent business people across the world go through times where they don’t enjoy dealing with certain people but their professionalism shines through where compromise is the name of the game. Can Woodward, Judge and Arnold complete the deal? Probably the smart money is it could be done but with another negotiator. In the meantime we are in the nineteenth day of the transfer window without one signing. Tic, toc,tic, toc!

theMartial Art


Why cant we play like this every game? I know we could have easy been 3 or 4 down @ some stage,but could also easy gotten a draw.


Redblood, Fred played really well second half, but who else did?
In the final third we were f****** shocking.
Defensively, we also coughed up 3 gimme’s.
We weren’t hammered but lets not be revisionist either. There’s a reason we are 30 points behind….


Zico, Fred was our best player. He did well, just because you have an issue with happy you don’t have to talk bs. He was let down by a slow Matic and awful Pereira.


Yes Scholsey,Fred was our best player,still dont rate him.
Rashford out for 2-3 months,thats a shock.
They need to loan a striker from somewhere,deals can not be negotiated with Ed.


moral-Because we are missing our best attacke mate,in Rashford.Never expected anything from this game but it wasnt a slaughter either,as I fully expected it to be.Liverpool are currently the best team in world football,and we were missing our 3 best players.


@redblood, Rashford was a huge loss as his pace and current goalscoring form attest to. Pogba is a huge loss against the fodder the league offers and thats where we miss him most – but not sure what we would have got from him today against an aggressive and zippy Pool.
If McT is 1 of our 3 best players, well then it very much explains the 30 pt gap


@moral – That’s it mate, IF McT is one of our best 3 players what does it say about the likes of DDG, Maguire, Lindelof, Martial etc etc?. Nothing against the lad at all, because I do like his character/commitment, and he has improved greatly BUT he wouldn’t have got a look in at OT in years gone by, and he certainly wouldn’t get a game for any top team in Europe now, that’s the harsh reality.




Henderson man of the match for me, he was bloody brilliant tonight, so unlucky not to get the goal. Massive win, Utd never had a chance, cant wait for the next game.


Our midfielders all excellent today

Defence done its job

Forwards could have done better

But at the end 2-0

Top of the league

Can’t really complain


Notorious, actually United had 2 clear chances which they totally messed up, they are one of our toughest opponents this season.

What a sweet victory btw, now onto a very difficult game at Wolves


Salah was defending really deep today, I lost count on how many clearances he got, he was excellent throughout the game. Bobby linked up play really well but UTD did not give us much space as we struggled to finish our chances.



We weren’t as clinical as we should have been but we won and didn’t concede. utd should have scored at least 1 though but no more than 2.. We should have scored 6.

I don’t really care though. I did before the final whistle had blown.

You can’t really say (in a literal sense) that we’ve secured the PL title but for me, we’re going to be PL champions now. City are not going to win the rest of their games and to even have a chance, they’d have to, or to at least go very close to that and also beat us.

I think we need to sign another high quality attacking player though because the lads up top still look like they need a rest.

Anyway, condemn me for saying it but it’s all but done now.


I don’t rate this Utd team, but half expected us to drop points, because how much longer can we keep this winning streak going?

It’s incredible, 21 wins 1 draw, never seen anything like it.

The fact we’re disappointed it was only 2-0 says a lot, really.
Good way to finish the game too.

The consistency of this team is unbelievable.

j c

Shame that Henderson only turns up against the ‘easy’ teams.

…..and for the avoidance of doubt, no, I wasn’t categorising today’s game as an easy one. Jordan was absolutely immense again.

Red Herring

Alisson now has more assists than Jesse Lingard in this season’s Premier League.




1-0 Newcastle. Last minute. We did not play bad but it was not enough. When our 2 of 3 shots on goal came from Kante, it should tell something. For me there’s no confidence to shoot or even to cross the ball. We had to try. Newcastle’s goal, St-Maximin just tried to whip it into the penalty box and that’s it. We did not really try that, we were waiting too much for the perfect opportunity, perfect moment. Anyway this kind of lost is just very hard to take. We completely dominated the game, they scored from their 1st corner.

Only Kante tried to shoot. Willian did but it seems that he lost confidence later on after he missed that golden chance. And seriously Kepa should have done better with the goal. He is really hesitant everytime there’s a cross. So yeah we did not win today and we failed to distance ourselves from the teams below us. Next 4 matches will be very difficult, we have to expect for the worst


The story of our season really totally dominate but can’t create any clear cut chances and then can’t defend the cross again.

No creativity little to no threat up front and really poor ability to when defending the high ball we need a dominant centre back, some more creativity and a better offensive alternative to Tammy.

I think it’s really touch and go whether we ultimately make the CL if we can’t bring some quality into the areas we need it in January which currently looks really difficult.

nine nine nine


I have another theory. Maybe it’s not creativity that we are missing. We had 10 corners compared to Newcastle 1. We dominated the match. And yet they scored as an indirect result of that only corner.

I think we are missing shots from distance. At least Kante tried to shoot. But nobody else. We are missing good header from set-pieces. 10 corners resulted in no goal. We are missing good direct free kicks. We had 2, Mount was pretty good but the 2nd one Mount and James tried a combination that did not work at all. In the past those were our sources of goals. Drogba, Terry, Ivanovic headers, Lamps free-kicks and shots from outside the box. We don’t have these qualities in this current team. We just need to develop them. We need to be able to score from half chances. I think Jorginho had some good position to shoot but he did not do it.


Will be interesting to see if Abraham goes all the way moving forward and does become the striker we hope for. Again in this match, at times he looked gangly and uncoordinated.

I think for these young guys this season has been a big step up and they are struggling a bit now however the experience will be invaluable as we move into next season and beyond. Players like Timori, Mount, Abraham, James and Hudson-Odoi have been fast tracked and, to an extent, over exposed but it is all good for the future. A few strategic additions and we’ll be fine.

We do though need a quality leader out there. JT has never been replaced, or even close to it, in that respect. A natural born leader is an essential component that we are missing. Especially defensively organising our defence. Our keeper still has a lot to learn too.


Been a while since I posted – yesterday was yet another frustrating day not least watching Franks press conference. It was clear to me he knows we will struggle to make top 4 without reinforcements which he seemed resigned to not getting. Our club will not overspend to get players to us in a difficult market in January and Frank’s comments that “we cant practice finishing any more than we do” tells me he knows he is reaching the ceiling of the players current abilities and that new blood is essential.
Letting goals in as we do towards the end of matches shows we are perhaps not just physically weak but also mentally which we can understand from young players. Perhaps this is where Frank needs to learn that in the last 10 minutes if we still havent won it he needs to make changes to make sure we dont lose it!
When a team dont want to attack us even when they are playing at home then why dont we play 2 up front and make sure we are also set up not to get hit on the counter. Giroud may not score but will create space and chaos in defence that would then help our other attacking forwards. We have in Giroud someone excellent with his head and a brilliant crosser of the ball in James -play them together for once!!
Another spoiled weekend 🙁


This squad should still be good enough to beat all these lower league teams we lost too, it’s unacceptable there’s no reason I can think off why we losing regularly to these sides. At least a draw against these teams would have given us 7 extra points and in a comfortable top 4 position. Now we have to do it the hard way. I can’t really pin point the reasons as it’s cracks all over the field from the keeper to upfront. Thankfully other teams near to us also dropping points but one can’t count on that for too long. Realistically we have to look at a top 6 position which means no CL and a financial killer.



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