Nose bleed time for Rovers

Date published: Friday 6th May 2011 1:46

Does the season have to end?

It’s nose bleed time for us Tranmere fans (as we sit in the lofty heights of 15th position), literally, as I will explain. Myself and my dad were at the recent 4-0 drubbing of Exeter City at Prenton Park. We’re not used to celebrating so many goals so I don’t know what came over me? The third goal was scored by Enoch Showunmi and I jumped up to hug my dad in celebration. I must have got the hug all wrong as I seemed to clothes line him in the nose!

Funny things happen to you when you see your team winning and playing so well, clearly. Fortunately, my dad took it on the chin (or nose in this case) with good grace and didn’t club me one back! He was more concerned with the rest of the game and how well we were playing. Indeed, we scored another goal to make it four-nil, and I decided to refine my celebrations somewhat so as not to cause any more damage.

He’s OK, nothing was broken, it was just a little sore for a short while, so we can laugh about it now. It makes up for him jumping up and smacking me in the face (by accident, of course) when celebrating Chris Malkin’s infamous goal at Wembley Stadium almost 20 years ago. He may have forgotten, but I sure haven’t!


It’s been a fantastic last few weeks for Tranmere Rovers. Unfortunately, the season finishes on Saturday just as we’re looking like hitting some excellent form.

The last six matches have brought about 13 points, with four wins, a draw and a defeat. We’ve seen some excellent performances, some great goals and have beaten three of the top eight sides in that run, in Bournemouth, Exeter City and Leyton Orient.

At the same time as enjoying this recent run of form, it is so frustrating that we haven’t played as well as this earlier in the campaign. If we had, we would be sitting considerably higher in the standings.

I firmly believe the players are very capable, and we should not really have been fighting against relegation for the most part of the season.

But as it is, we are where we are, 15th, with one game to play. There’s a small chance we can finish in the top half which would be fantastic considering all the big clubs in this division. Well done Rovers.

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