Not backing Klopp ‘like buying a Ferrari and getting stingy on petrol’

Date published: Wednesday 1st March 2017 11:44

Looking at the omens, “Arsene Wenger should be sacked before the Liverpool match”, while there are suggestions of a “mentality issue” at Liverpool, all in Your Says of the Day.

‘Sack Wenger before the Liverpool match’

Swansea FC sacked their coach and won the next game against Liverpool

Hull City sacked their coach and won the next game against Liverpool

Leicester City sacked their coach and won the next game against, guess who…. Liverpool.

Liverpool plays Arsenal next… Wenger should just be sacked so that we can win. Besides, no way out..

Made me chuckle but about the only we will win against them on Saturday



Wenger ‘unsackable with current board’

With the current board we have, he’s unsackable.And anyways, as much as we hate him at the moment for the time he’s managed at the club he dosen’t deserve to be sacked unless of course he’s stubborn and still thinks the job he’s doing is good enough.

What the board should be doing is hold a meeting with him this week and tell him that he either step down with dignity at the end of the season, or get sacked right away.

Instead,this bofD have offered him a 2 year extension.And people wonder who’s really to blame.

The specialone


‘Metality issue’ at Liverpool

Liverpool’s poor results v the lesser sides and their good results against the top sides suggest that there is a mentality issue at Liverpool they raise themselves v the top teams yet struggle against the lesser teams and I’m fairly certain that we will see a different Liverpool v Arsenal than the one we saw v Leicester.

Offensively particularly up to Christmas Liverpool have looked like the best side in the PL but Liverpool always look capable of conceding goals, are particularly vulnerable to crosses and overall defensively they are fragile and are on target to concede another 50 goals again in the PL this season.

Liverpool suffer from the same problems that they did under Rodgers and until Klopp sorts out their defensive issues their progress will be hampered.

nine nine nine


£100m needed for transfers at Liverpool

£100m is the minimum we need to spend. As we all know that will not happen under FSG unless we sell 80m worth of players.

Sadly money talks in the sporting world & if you aint got it you wont have success. Leicester was a 1 in a gazillion thing & won’t happen again in our great grand kids lifetime.



‘It’s like buying a Ferrari and getting stingy on petrol’

Nine, FFP won’t be a problem for us as it’s not just calculated over 1 year, it’s 2 or 3.

I’m not going to look it up now as I can’t be arsed but I think you’re allowed to make a loss of £50m over 2 years (not including expenditure related to development) and since we actually made a profit last summer and you throw in our potential ability to structure deals, the club could easily spend £100 without selling anyone and avoid FFP problems. . . the real question of course is will FSG and I doubt they will.

There is a little part of me that wants to believe that they have been planning for a big transfer window hear after saving so much money over the previous 2 but I’m expecting to see more signs that they lack ambition.

If they don’t put everything they can behind Klopp it will be such a missed opportunity. It’s like buying a Ferrari and getting stingy on petrol.



£50m of transfer sales at Anfield

And of course we’ll be offloading players also such as Lucas, Sturridge, Moreno, Sakho, the guys on loan etc.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we brought in £50mil+ in sales.



‘Klopp will probably need this summer and January’

This is actually a valid point. Under Klopp, in terms of our sales on players, we generated some great individual figures. For example, I didn’t think we’d get the type of figures we got on both Ibe and Allen. Benteke another one where we very much generated what we paid for him.

The incentive as well as the sales was these guys coming off our wage bill. Hopefully, we can sell for good rather than loan, Lucas, Sturridge, Sakho and Moreno. And on the other side of the revolving door, we have signings lined up ready to come in.

I still feel in relation to a long-term plan, Klopp will probably need this summer and January at the very least to try and develop the squad to what he wants it to be.



‘Neither Carrick, Rooney or Mata should start’

Manthistle,glad i made your day. Clasie IS a good player no matter what.

My assessments of players are quite good. I predicted Zlatan to score 20+ goals and plenty of assists,he is doing that.

Miki will be our number 10 and a revelation to our attacking game,he is doing that. Shaw is a overrated overweight defender who cant defend,seems like Mourinho agrees with me on everything above.

Now your assessments of players restricts to hilarious stats about your holy triumvirate Carrick-Rooney and Mata. I say neither of them should hold a starting place while you are going on with your ridiculous stats about them when they are playing we are winning.

How are they doing now? Seems like Mourinho agrees with my assessments rather than yours. Haha have a nice day mate!



‘United in battle with Spurs for fourth’

Now we have secured the league cup now is the time this team have to show some real metal and win this game (Bournemouth) because this team can’t keep throwing away the opportunities they have done over the last month.

For me Chelsea win the league City and Arsenal will be top 4 Fergie knew how to win the league Wenger knows how to get top 4. City just have too much quality and arragance not to make it.

Spurs are the team we are going against and for me as they’re serial poor finishers as they proved last season. They’re very mentally weak when the pressure is on as we saw in Europe not to mention their England players in Euros. The fact they finished 3rd to Arsenal in a 2 horse race v Leicester last season proved how weak they’re especially Ali.

BTW whoever said we need to give up FA CUP for top 4 needs to jog on we are not Arsenal or Spurs who got top 4 a year ago only to be in exactly the same position a year later where United didn’t qualify but won last 3 cups on offer so who’s cabinet looks shinier.

Some fans have been brainwashed the only supports who big up top 4 are the wons whos teams can’t compete for major trophies.



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