Oakwell West Stand – Stay or Go?

Date published: Thursday 8th August 2013 4:24

For years there has been talk of re-constructing the stand with the rest of the ground having already had face lifts but the idea has been knocked back so many times because Grove Street School is directly behind it, however now that the school is boarded up and ready for demolishing the rumours are starting to circulate again and it will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens.

In my own opinion I am a man who believes in nostalgia and history and as a Barnsley fan who’s first ever game was in 1987 stood at the bottom of the West Stand (before seats were fitted) with my father it would be a real shame to alter something which has developed real character over the years.

This week there has been a debate on forums and twitter about the state of our West Stand and I would love to hear Reds fans views on this.

Yes we need to move with the times and yes the toilets in the stand are still outside making it appear like a League Two set-up but if we change this in our current state then what good is it going to do us? Having four modern stands would make our stadium look the part and feel the part but it isn’t going to make a difference to the personnel on the pitch trying to win points every week and it is only going to cost money which we do not have. On top of this Oakwell has not been full since the Premiership years and the West stand as it is now is always half empty so by developing it and making it bigger it isn’t going to matter to attendances and will therefore make Oakwell look even emptier than it already does.

Despite my pessimistic outlook I do see why some people would want to see an old, clapped out stand which still has wooden seats getting a newer look and if the Reds do happen to make it to the big time again in my lifetime I would be the first on that bandwagon then, however for now I think we should help ourselves by concentrating solely on developing what happens on the pitch and not around it.

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